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Q4 GDP Advance Estimate at 2.6% Disappoints Expectations
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The Advance Estimate for Q4 GDP, to one decimal, came in at 2.6 percent, a decline from 5.0 percent in Q3. Today's number disappointed mainstream economists' estimates, which were for a a smaller decline.

Weakening Currencies Put Developing Countries’ Debt at Risk
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Debts issued in foreign currencies, some of which are not counted in official statistics, are a rising risk to developing economies as the U.K. and U.S. get closer to raising rates. With the Swiss National Bank abandoning...

Dollar Is Wandering Off Track
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It is widely believed among economists and currency analysts that currency values follow the relative interest rates. We are told, “Money goes where it is treated best”, and so the currency which offers the best...

Gold Falls on Deflation Concerns
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Gold prices fell near 2-week lows for U.S. and U.K. investors on Thursday and slid almost 2% against the Euro as Western stock markets recovered earlier losses following news of deflation in German consumer prices.

The Raging “Currency Wars” Across Europe
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The theater of the absurd became even more bizarre on Jan 22nd, when the European Central bank (ECB), desperate to extract the Euro-zone’s economy from the quagmire of deflation and stagnation, decided...

Asset Price Deflation Coming Up?
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When inflation alarmists want to convince everyone the dollar is about to become worthless, they post this chart of the CPI. Inflationists claim that is a trend to oblivion. And actually it is. But it's a slow trend towards...

Greece’s Fight Against “Fiscal Waterboarding” Will Halt Economic Recovery
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We are about to witness a historic showdown between the major euro area institutions and Greece. Greece's newly appointed finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, a staunch bailout critic, will lead the negotiations on debt haircuts.

Will Draghi’s QE work?
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The ECB finally launched a larger-than-expected QE programme last week, despite German opposition and Greek elections. President Mario Draghi hopes that it will revive the eurozone and rebut deflation. Several questions are...

Exploring the Clash Within Civilizations
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The Charlie Hebdo attack and its aftermath in the streets and in the press tempt one to dust off Samuel Huntington's 1996 book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. Despite the criticisms...

Is a Major Bear Market in Stocks Ahead? Important Signs to Watch
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In the past I have argued that signs of an impending bear market were not present based on leading economic data, lack of financial stress, and corporate profit levels. Recently, however, one of these measures has begun to move in a troubling direction...