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Gold & Silver Prices Erase 2015 Gains as Dollar Surges
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Gold and silver prices sank lunchtime Friday in London after new U.S. jobs data beat Wall Street forecasts with the strongest annual run of net hiring since the Tech Stock Bubble peaked in March 2000.

The Global Problem: Monetary Policy Can't Fix an Economy's Structural Problems
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When we look back from 2025, it will be painfully obvious that central bank policies exacerbated the systemic crises that brought down the global financialization machine.

Washington Post: President Obama Is Lying About the Keystone Pipeline
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I will preface this article with my standard disclaimer on the Keystone XL Pipeline project: I have no vested interest in the pipeline either way. My interest is in fostering honest debate and discussion on energy policy...

An Update on Brazil’s Flagging Economy
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Brazil's economic uncertainty continues to worsen. While growth projections for all the BRICS have been lowered, for the first time in years Brazil's economy is now expected to contract in 2015.

Corporate Buybacks at Record Levels
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There are a number of ways that companies can boost earnings per share (EPS) to show earnings growth. The most obvious is by actually growing the business. Increasing top line revenue will translate into...

What Is Putin’s Next Move?
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The third cease fire in Ukraine had a rocky start, but yesterday the German foreign minister noted that tensions have calmed. The top NATO military commander, U.S. Air Force General Breedlove agreed earlier...

The Psychology of a Sideways Trend
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A fascinating study is the psychology that accompanies a prolonged sideways market trend. It also holds insights into what the future likely holds for stock prices. When equities get stuck in a sideways trend for several months...

ADP Stronger, but Still Weak
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This morning’s ADP (ADP) jobs report is in line with the recent trend of weakening economic momentum — the data is still strong, but it is nevertheless a tad bit on the weak side. The ADP read came in slightly...

Could Oil Prices Plummet a Second Time?
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Are oil prices heading for a double dip? The surge in shale production has produced a temporary glut in supplies causing oil prices to experience a massive bust. After tanking to a low of $44 per barrel in January...

The Eurozone: On the Road to Recovery With a Lingering Risk
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Back in September the idea that the Eurozone's economy could potentially undergo a recovery (see post) was met with some skepticism. And yet here we are. The EuroStoxx50 index is up 14% for the year while...