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How Much Further Can Gold Fall?
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For readers seeking to understand what is going on, we are providing a comprehensive view on the gold market. We take all perspectives into account: price and chart patterns, the technical picture, sentiment...

The Counter-Intuitive Rise of the U.S. Dollar
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As things get dicier globally, assets in periphery nations typically get dumped as mobile capital flees risk and migrates to lower risk core nations and currencies.

Ukraine on the Brink
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A number of economists now believe that given the worsening economic crisis in Ukraine, the country's public debt problem is simply unsustainable and default is becoming increasingly likely.

G7 GDP Growth Before and After Crisis
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This Great Graphic was on Reuters. It shows cumulative GDP growth for G7 countries over two five-year periods. The first covers the five-year period through the end of 2007. The second period covers the most recent five-year period.

Can the Economy Withstand Another Housing Breakdown?
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With the three fascinations of the week, the Fed’s FOMC statement, the separation vote in Scotland, and the Alibaba IPO, now history, will investors re-focus on the economy? Given what the Fed actually said in its statement, and some recent economic reports, it might be a good idea.

Martin Armstrong: Capital Herding Into the U.S., Likely to Push Dollar, Stocks Higher Into Next Year
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With mounting geopolitical tension, lack of opportunities overseas, and the relative attractiveness of U.S. markets, foreign investors are bidding up the price of U.S. stocks and the dollar, which is putting increasing pressure on gold, oil, and commodities, says Martin Armstrong.

What Is the VIX Fear Index Telling Us Now?
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When you get down to brass tacks, asset prices are governed by supply and demand. In the markets, the conviction of buyers relative to the conviction of sellers also plays a major role.

The Days of BABA Are Upon Us
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The start of trading for shares of Alibaba and the retail availability of the new iPhones are today’s big developments. And the Scotland news is finally behind us, with Scots deciding to retain their 300-year old union with England.

Jim Bianco on Gold, Oil, and Why the Market Doesn't Care About Geopolitical Events
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Between Ukraine and ISIS, 2014 has been a year marked by geopolitical tension. Yet, contrary to intuition, market volatility has continued to trend downward along with the price of gold and oil, while stocks continue to hit new all-time highs. Why?

Companies' Stock Buybacks at Biggest Pace Since 2007
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Companies bought back the most shares in 2007, right before the crash, and the least shares at the most opportune time in 2009. In practice, insiders buy low and sell high, and pocket cash from options all the way up. Insider activity is exactly the opposite of how companies treat shareholders.