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PIMCO Reduces U.S. Exposure Amid Rich Valuations, Removal of Accommodation
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FS Staff – Long a member of the bullish camp, PIMCO’s outlook recently shifted and they are now warning of stretched valuations and downside risks. As they write in Preparing for Pivot Points, "Investors have enjoyed economic stability and positive...

How Planned Fed Rate Increases Impact the National Debt & Deficits
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By Daniel Amerman – The United States national debt is currently about $20 trillion, and the federal government is paying some of the lowest interest rates in history on that debt. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates four times...

US Sanctions Chinese, Russian Companies Aiding N. Korea
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By Oil Price – As tensions rise over North Korea, the US Treasury this morning said it was slapping new sanctions on Chinese and Russian entities conducting oil, coal and banking business with Pyongyang, and propping up the country’s...

The Chinese Economy's Fatal Flaws
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By Mises Institute – Dr. Per Bylund’s recently published article poignantly states one of the core problems in the Chinese economy and it's the state-manipulated Keynesian foundation. I do agree with his opinion. And if we dig deeper into...

Short-Term Improvement, Long-Term Concerns
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By Matthew Kerkhoff – Most averages are creeping higher today, but the last couple of weeks of volatile price action has caused some significant damage to the charts. In particular, there are concerns developing in the S&P, the small...

Patience Is Still Advised
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FS Staff – From our vantage point, the current correction is not the beginning of a major bear market but a necessary and long overdue pullback that likely has further to go. Similarly, given the record number of months without as much as a 3-5% correction...

Deep Subprime Auto Loan Delinquencies Reach 2007 Levels: The Next Big Short?
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Subprime auto delinquencies have staked up so much that we are back at 2007 milestone levels. There’s a section of the auto-loan market — known in industry parlance as deep subprime — where delinquency rates have ticked up to...

Underfunded Pensions Could Spark Wave of ‘Precedent Setting’ Reforms
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ValueWalk – Underfunded pensions plans are possibly one of the most significant headwinds facing companies and public-sector bodies today. Despite record high stock markets and a bond bull market that has lasted for many decades...

Where Oil Prices Are Headed
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By Alex Barrow – Oil has been in my “too hard” bucket the last six months. I couldn’t identify any catalyst that could drive it out of its trading range. I mostly expected it to chop around which has turned out to be the case.

Current AI Recession Forecast: June 2019
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FS Staff – Earlier this year, FS Insider discussed a new machine-learning "forecasting engine" developed by San-Diego-based Intensity Corporation used for economic and revenue forecasting, large-scale investing, supply chain optimization, and a wide...