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Falling Crude Prices Put Producers Between a Rock and a Hard Place
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Oil’s slide below $50 (U.S.) a barrel is the latest turn for a bear market that looks to be settling in for an extended stay. In the oil patch, hope springs eternal that prices will rebound and the cyclical industry can begin...

The Big Four Economic Indicators - Trending Sideways
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Personal Income (excluding Transfer Receipts) in June rose 0.47% and is up 3.9% year-over-year. When we adjust for inflation using the BEA's PCE Price Index, Real Personal Income (excluding Transfer Receipts) rose 0.24%.

Three Strikes Against the Canadian Dollar
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The Canadian dollar is the worst performing major currency over the past month. It has lost nearly 4.5% against the US dollar. That brings its year-to-date loss to almost 12%. There have been two main sources...

Wash, Rinse, Repeat
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If you want something really clean, the process is pretty simple. Basically, you wash, rinse, and repeat. That's all well and good for your hair, your car, or your dog. When it comes to the capital markets, it kind of makes a mess.

IMF Reiterates Greece Disqualified for Bailout, Participation Depends on Debt Relief and Reforms
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Once again the IMF is back in the news in regards to Greece. The IMF staff told the board of directors Greece Disqualified from New IMF Program. Yet, Germany insists IMF be a part of the program.

China’s Stock Markets and Revisiting 2011 Predictions
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I plan to post a new entry very soon but before doing so I wanted to say a few things about the stock markets, which continue to be insane (but not unexpectedly so) and then repost a blog entry that is nearly five years old.

Energy Sector Weighs on Market as Selloff Continues
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The Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) reports today spotlight the pain in the oil patch as industry players brace themselves for a ‘lower-for-longer’ oil price environment. The comparisons to the same period last year...

The Job You Want, the Pay You Deserve, and the Education You Can Afford
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If you’re a young person considering a college education, one of the first things you should do is properly position yourself to land a well-paying job after graduating. A liberal arts or sociology degree is not what it used to be, and graduates with this type of degree...

Chinese Farmer Loses Life Savings
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Given the remarkable increase in the number of stock trading accounts and soaring margin debt in China over the last year or two, stories such as the one below about a farmer losing his life savings...

US Economy Sees Substantial Increase After Weak QI, Though Still Below Average
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The Advance Estimate for Q2 GDP, to one decimal, came in at 2.3 percent, a substantial increase from the 0.6 percent of Q1, which is an upward revision from -0.2 percent prior to today's annual revisions.