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The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped From America's Grasp
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The story of energy is the story of human expansion. From the days when we roamed the African savanna, we tamed first fire and then other forms of energy, using them as tools to control our environment and improve our lives. The control of energy has always been at the heart of the human story.

GDP Numbers Bear Out Fed Decision
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The strong GDP report and a flood of Q3 earnings results provide the backdrop for today’s trading action. Stocks aren’t expected to do much in today’s session either, but the market’s overall reaction to Wednesday’s Fed announcement has largely been constructive.

Europe: Building a Banking Union
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The recent stress tests by the European Central Bank offered few surprises and did not cause any significant political or financial reactions in the Continent. However, these tests were only the beginning of a complex process to build a banking union in the European Union.

New American Dream: Rented Housing and Public Transit
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One of the most useful strategies for rebuilding financial strength and savings in households is the choice to avoid or pay down debt while renting and taking public transit...

Greenspan: Price of Gold Will Rise
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Any doubts about why I own gold as an investment were dispelled last Saturday when I met the maestro himself: former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan. It’s not because Greenspan said he thinks the price of gold will rise — I don’t need his investment advice...

Why China’s Slowdown Is Taking a Heavy Toll on Canada
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If beaten up Canadian investors are looking to assign blame for the bruising suffered by their portfolios of late, they could do worse than point an accusatory finger at China. The resource super-cycle that drove valuations...

How Well Does the CPI Measure Individuals’ Health Care Burden?
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Medical costs rose at an official rate of 1.7% year on year this past September, but the average increase in medical expenses individuals actually paid could easily be far larger. Most importantly, the CPI, as a pure price index...

Headwinds for the U.S. and U.K. Economies
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Economies in the U.K. and U.S. are bright spots in the developed world, but not quite bright enough to instill confidence. If there has been one trend across the developed world that has taken hold in the last six months, it is this...

Great Graphic: Slowing of World Trade Growth and Globalization
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The growth of trade slowed dramatically in the second half of 2010 to the end of 2011. The pace of growth has steadied around 2% over the last three years.

Get Ready for Shift in Fed Policy
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A slew of largely positive earnings reports and Fed anticipation provide the backdrop for today’s market action. Stocks are holding steady on a positive note despite the Durable Goods report that came in weaker than expected.