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Here Comes a “Godzilla” El Niño
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For first worlders, weather is often just an annoyance or a pleasure; Californians have started to become more attuned to the weather’s economic influence during the ongoing drought. However, weather influences...

Is China Dumping US Treasuries?
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US 10-year Treasury yields have risen 30 bp since Monday's low water mark. There are a number of reports that try to link the backing up in US yields to purported sales by China. The Chinese sales, in turn, are linked...

America’s Ballooning Student Debt: Lessons Learned From Chile
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Public discontent over for-profit university financing schemes in the United States could present serious sociopolitical and economic challenges. The 2011 student protests in Chile serve as a sobering example of...

Stoeferle: Illusion of Omnipotent Central Banker Biggest Bubble We've Ever Seen
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“This illusion of the omnipotent central banker is one of the biggest bubbles that we’ve seen,” says Ronald Stoeferle, Managing Director at Incrementum AG. He sees huge differences between the Fed of the past and the current leadership under Janet Yellen...

US Stays Solid Amid Global Quakes
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The crazy volatility of recent days isn’t over yet, but the major indexes appear on track to sustain the rebound from Wednesday. The overnight action out of China was favorable, with government intervention giving...

Dudley Puts the Kibosh on September
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Monday's action on Wall Street was too much for the Fed. That day, Atlanta Federal Reserve President Dennis Lockhart pulled back his previous dedication to a September rate hike earlier, reverting to only an expectation that rates rise...

How China's Currency Policies Will Change the World
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The recent fluctuations in China's currency typify the best and worst of a globalized world, where developments in one place can instantly change the political and financial calculations of governments in others.

A Winter of Discontent for Russia
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Winters are the stuff of legend in Russia and – despite a fair bit of warming – winter 2015/16 is shaping up to be one of the harshest, and most formative, in recent memory. After a brief period of respite – and muted...

The Future of the Internet Is at Risk
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The unprecedented growth of the Internet provides a serious risk to individuals, businesses, and governments, alike. In order to secure the future of the Internet, the world need to start thinking differently. The Internet of...

When the Story Breaks
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Back in my portfolio manager days, I was a really good short seller. I say that as a factual observation, not a brag, as it’s not a skill set that’s driven by some great intellectual or character virtue. On the contrary...