Financial Sense

Reflections on France
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Having lived in France (where I was OECD’s Director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs in Paris) for some 28 years, I try to touch base there once a year. I have recently returned from three weeks visiting Paris and...

Is Gold Really Manipulated? Or, Are You Being Manipulated?
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The most common complaint I now hear as to why many are fearful of investing in precious metals is that they feel they have been “manipulated to go down.” While many investors have been scared into believing this...

Greece’s Referendum
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This coming Sunday Greece will hold its referendum. The question to be asked is not, as the foreign press initially reported it, about leaving the euro. It is about accepting or rejecting the troika’s bail-out terms.

Japan’s Yen Has Only Begun to Fall
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The economic outlook for Japan is not pretty. The country, once the poster child for technological advancement and export strength, has been struggling in both areas. Take a look at some of the technical analysis below which...

Greece Deal, ADP Cheer Markets
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Markets appear in a cheery mood on renewed hopes of a Greek deal following fresh proposals from the Greek government. The Greek headlines dominate while a strong ADP (ADP) jobs report this morning adds to...

Now’s Really Not the Time for a Liquidity Crisis
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Liquidity risk in the global bond markets is peaking at the worst possible time. It’s not simply an inconvenience for Greek bank customers emptying ATMs; a number of other trends have been building for a while that have bond investors worried.

Deadlines Come and Go, Markets Endure
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Greece has formally fallen into arrears with the IMF, and the second aid package has expired. The markets have taken it in stride. The euro was briefly pushed below $1.1100 but snapped back quickly amid reports that Greece is...

NYSE Margin Debt: A 1.6% Decline From Last Month's Record High
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The New York Stock Exchange publishes end-of-month data for margin debt on the NYXdata website, where we can also find historical data back to 1959. Let's examine the numbers and study the relationship between...

Current Oil Price Slump Far From Over
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The oil price collapse of 2014-2015 began one year ago this month (Figure 1). The world crossed a boundary in which prices are not only lower now but will probably remain lower for some time. It represents a phase...

A Look at Greek Contagion Risk
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Talks between Greece and its creditors broke down over the weekend and Greece’s banks and stock market were closed Monday and will likely remain closed all week. A brief overview of the Greek situation is provided...