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The Surprising Consequences of the Global Frenzy for Positive Yield
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As the dollar soars, so does the real yield on bonds denominated in dollars. As central banks rush to depreciate their currencies and push yields into negative territory, what's becoming scarce globally is real yield in...

Apple Boosts Earnings Picture Though Overall Trend Still Negative
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The Fed meeting and a barrage of earnings reports provide the backdrop for today’s trading action. Stocks were down big on Tuesday in response to weak earnings reports from a host of blue-chip operators.

While We Wait for Yet Another FOMC Statement...
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The FOMC will reveal the outcome of this week's meeting later today. I think Calculated Risk hits the high points - "patient" is in, "considerable time" is completely out. Beyond this, we will be looking for clues on how the Fed...

SWIFT and Yuan-Internationalization
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The media has pounced on a report from SWIFT, the international messaging platform for financial transactions, which showed a rise in the use of the Chinese yuan to record levels. According to SWIFT, the use of the yuan...

The Swiss Franc Will Collapse
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The Swiss yield curve looks like nothing so much as a sinking ship. All but the 20- and 30-year bonds are now below the water line. Look at how much it’s submerged in just one week. The top line (yellow) is January 16...

December Durable Goods: A Major Disappointment
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The January Advance Report on December Durable Goods released on today by the Census Bureau was a major disappointment. Here is the Bureau's summary on new orders...

U.S. Shale Boom May Come to Abrupt End
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U.S tight oil production from shale plays will fall more quickly than most assume. Why? High decline rates from shale reservoirs is given. The more interesting reasons are the compounding effects of pad drilling on...

Self-Driving “Fully Automated” Vehicles on German Autobahn
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People will not give up their cars. But who needs truck drivers? And who needs taxi drivers? I suspect trucking will be the first industry to go mostly driverless.

Blood (and Snow) on the Street
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This is a busy week for earnings reporting and today has been a busy day for disappointing earnings guidance. The latter factor more than anything else is the main reason why the S&P futures are trading 1.1% below...

94% of Leading Economic Indicators Showing Positive Growth for the U.S.
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There are many opinions and forecasts on this matter, but the best way to objectively answer this question is by closely tracking a wide range of leading economic indicators (LEIs). Take, for example, the Conference Board’s Leading Economic Index, which often provides...