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Latin America: The Clouds May Be Clearing
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The iShares S&P Latin America 40 Index ETF (ILF) broke out higher from 2 months of sideways price congestion, which suggests that its larger 2014 advance has resumed and targets at least an additional 4% rise to 41.60 that will remain valid above 39.05.

Gold Is the Money of Kings, Debt the Money of Slaves
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Former Senator Alan Simpson recently spoke with Financial Sense Newshour to give an “inside look” at Washington politics and the difficulty of implementing entitlement and tax reform. With U.S. debt levels steadily climbing, Simpson notes that eventually "debt is the money of slaves."

Is It Time to Ignore the Fed?
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All eyes are on the Fed. When will it begin to raise interest rates? Some say next summer. Others think sooner, in the first quarter of next year. A few Fed governors insist that will be too late, that the Fed needs to act before year-end.

Small Cap Relative Strength
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The Russell 2000 Index has had a good month so far in August 2014, rebounding more strongly than the NYSE-dominated indices. But that seeming strength just within August conceals what happened before in July 2014, when the Russell 2000 had a pretty bad month.

What Is the Bond Market Telling Us?
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Interest rate levels have been confounding many professional investors around the globe. U.S. government benchmark 10-year interest rates began 2014 near 3.00 percent, but they have been sliding back to about 2.40 percent recently.

In Iraq, the United States and Iran Align Against the Islamic State
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Since June, a great deal of international focus has been on Iraq, where the transnational jihadist movement Islamic State took over large swaths of the country's Sunni-majority areas and declared the re-establishment of the caliphate.

Deflation’s Final Curtain Call (Part 2)
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As the 60-year cycle enters its final few weeks of descent, a few conclusions can be made. We can also make some projections as to what the foreseeable future might hold based on the upcoming bottom of this important economic cycle.

Philly Fed Business Outlook: Highest Six-Month Outlook in 22 Years
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The Philly Fed's Business Outlook Survey is a monthly report for the Third Federal Reserve District, covers eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware. The latest gauge of General Activity came in at 28.0, an increase from last month's 23.9.

Deutsche Bank: Ignoring Food Price Pressures Could Be a Mistake
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Economists and central bankers tend to be less focused on what consumers pay at the grocery store because food and energy prices have historically been more volatile — remember, it's just "noise".

Dropping Oil Prices Threaten Moscow’s Budget
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Oil and gas are at the heart of the Russian economy and are largely responsible for keeping Moscow’s government budget in balance. But the recent decline in the price of oil from the North Sea and Texas has now spread to Urals crude, giving President Vladimir Putin one more economic headache.