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Stock Market Drivers: Corporate Buybacks, Monetary Policy, and Large Institutions
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Monetary policy, stock buybacks, and the ongoing shift by global institutions into equities reflect some of the major drivers in today’s market. Recently, the world's largest public pension fund announced they would double their allocation to stocks due to the growing needs...

Favorable Sentiment for a 4th Quarter Rally
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In today's report we display and discuss the latest investor sentiment data according to surveys of futures traders, brokerage and advisory firms, and active Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), plus the latest money market asset flows.

U.S. Regulators Easing Mortgage Credit Requirements
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Last week, Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) director Mel Watt announced two measures designed to spur U.S. mortgage lending, as the U.S. housing market continues to lag.

Gold Prices Sink 3% to 4-Year Low
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Gold prices sank as London trade began Friday, dropping 3% and falling the 2013 crash low of $1180 per ounce to set new 4-year lows as the Dollar rose — and world stock markets leaped — following a surprise boost to Tokyo's QE program by the Bank of Japan.

Meet “OSHbot” Lowes New Store Helper; Goodbye Retail Associates, Hello Robots
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The future of shopping has arrived, and it's not human. Not only do robots cost less than humans, they don't complain, they speak multiple languages, and most importantly, by scanning aisles they know where every item is in the store and can take you straight to it.

Investors Intelligence: Initiation of Strong New Uptrend
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Investors Intelligence has been publishing their survey of investment advisors and newsletter writers since 1963. The initial presumption was that when all of the smart guys started leaning one way, then that was the way to lean.

Gold Prices in the Post-QE World
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Lacking a distinctive catalyst, gold prices have languished in recent weeks after a failed turnaround attempt earlier this month. Gold’s primary form of price propulsion is fear and uncertainty; as long as investors are worried what the future might hold...

The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped From America's Grasp
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The story of energy is the story of human expansion. From the days when we roamed the African savanna, we tamed first fire and then other forms of energy, using them as tools to control our environment and improve our lives. The control of energy has always been at the heart of the human story.

GDP Numbers Bear Out Fed Decision
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The strong GDP report and a flood of Q3 earnings results provide the backdrop for today’s trading action. Stocks aren’t expected to do much in today’s session either, but the market’s overall reaction to Wednesday’s Fed announcement has largely been constructive.

Europe: Building a Banking Union
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The recent stress tests by the European Central Bank offered few surprises and did not cause any significant political or financial reactions in the Continent. However, these tests were only the beginning of a complex process to build a banking union in the European Union.