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Eurozone Equities: Political Risks versus Strong Macro Crosscurrents
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The recovery in the Eurozone economies is firming with respect to private consumption and investment, with higher employment and labor income, according to the European Central Bank (ECB). Yet financial markets are on...

The Reflationary Window: Open How Wide For How Long?
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The global manufacturing purchasing manager index is comfortably above the 50 threshold signaling expansion. Importantly, the upturn is fairly synchronized, with improvement visible in the US, Europe, and Asia. This corroborates the upward...

Estate Planning for Asset Protection
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“If our legacy is what we can pass to our children, the sooner we pass it to them where it can’t be taken from us (or them) the better,” Morgan said. In Morgan’s view, everyone can benefit from asset protection to some degree. “If the value of your assets are capable...

Solar Installations Surge 95% In 2016
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The solar industry posted its best year on record in 2016, obliterating previous records by installing a smashing 14.6 gigawatts of new solar in the US That is a 95 percent increase from the 7.4 GW installed in 2015, which happened to...

US Manufacturing Jumps to 33-Year High
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The Philly Fed's Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey is a monthly report for the Third Federal Reserve District, covers eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware. While it focuses exclusively on business in this district...

Trump and the Fed
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President Trump could appoint up to six members to the Fed’s Board of Governors, which will affect the direction of US monetary policy for several years. The Fed’s Board of Governors consists of seven members appointed for a fourteen-year term.

Why Not Replace Bureaucrats with Robots?
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Over the years, MyGovCost has told many stories of bureaucrats behaving badly, but technology may have finally advanced enough to provide a real solution for bad bureaucrats: we can replace them with robots! That possibility is now being discussed...

Sales and Earnings Back At Highs, But So Are Valuations
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In the past year, S&P profits have grown 46% yoy. Sales are 4.5% higher. By some measures, profit margins are back at their prior highs. This is a remarkable turnaround from a year ago when profits had declined by 15% and most investors...

Ken Fisher on Double-Digit Returns and Beating the Consensus
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“On balance, the things that professional forecasters represent … are a compilation of all widely known information, which is exactly what markets discount and pre-price,” he said. At the beginning of any year, professional forecasters lay out their views and have already placed their bets. These predictions are therefore pre-priced.

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Is the Flynn–Russia–Trump leaks–Russian missile ball of wax a distraction that is causing market agents to think more about other things than economic issues? You bet. When Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) takes to doing interviews...