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Future Bull
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Let me admit up front that this EVA has been rolling around in my mind for quite awhile. Its genesis may be directly related to the fact that I’ve been desperately yearning to write a bullish EVA — besides on Canadian REITs or income securities that get trounced by the Fed’s utterances.

How Much Longer Can the Global Trading System Last?
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My last blog entry inspired an old Brazilian friend of mine, with whom I hadn’t had any contact for years, to comment on this section of the interview...

How Rising Interest Rates Could Spell the End of the U.S. Energy Boom
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The winding down of extraordinary measures taken by the U.S. Federal Reserve to ameliorate the effects of the financial crisis could reverberate through energy markets.

Myths: Past, Present, and Future
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In past missives I have discussed why I do not believe the Cyclical Adjusted Price Earnings Ratio (CAPE) is a good measure of valuations. The problem is that the CAPE uses a 10-year backward looking average of earnings.

Why a Peak in the Bond Market May Be Near
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One of the factors contributing to treasury market's strong performance this year has been the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR), a Basel III-based requirement for banks. These rules go into effect in 2015 and are phased in gradually through 2017 in the United States

Why Stock Investors Should Care What Happens in the Junk Bond Market
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While Bill Gross is capturing headlines today, what carries far greater significance to the market is the action in the junk bond markets. Someone in the space yelled fire at the start of the year and investors have been heading for the exits.

Corporate Profits and Market Peaks - Are We There Yet?
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Corporate profit data was released today for the second quarter, showing a broad-based rebound from the weather-induced weakness seen at the beginning of the year. Here's a look at the trend from 2009 in addition to prior market peaks.

Consumer Sentiment Remains Strong
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The Final University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment for September came in at 84.6, unchanged from the September Preliminary reading but up from the 82.5 August final. This is the highest level since July of last year, 14 months ago. Today's number was a tick below the forecast of 84.7.

Grossly Distorted Procedures: Mish Proposal to Raise GDP Calculation
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Here's the question of the day: Does GDP stand for Gross Domestic Product or Grossly Distorted Procedures? One of the reasons I ask is the latest push by countries to include prostitution and drugs sales in GDP calculations.

Saut: Dow Theory Says Primary Trend Still Positive Though Short-Term Caution Advised
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In today’s podcast, Jeffrey Saut, the Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond James, tells Financial Sense Newshour that investors would do well to heed the message of the market, particularly by following Dow Theory buy and sell signals, which, he says, have been “pretty darn accurate” at identifying the major trend.