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December Macro Update: Employment Growth Is Decelerating
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The macro data from the past month continues to mostly point to positive growth. On balance, the evidence suggests the imminent onset of a recession is unlikely. That said, there are some signs of weakness creeping into the data.

Dollar Comes Back Bid, but Still Vulnerable to Corrective Pressures
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After softening ahead of the weekend, the US dollar has begun the new week on a firm note. It is gaining against most major and emerging market currencies. Outside of what appears to be a staged call between US President Elect Trump...

Meet the 2017 FOMC
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Out with the old and in with the new. It happens every year with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and the regional bank presidents who have a vote on that committee. The turnover occurs January 1...

Italy: Prime Minister Resigns After Referendum Defeat
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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced his resignation shortly after midnight on Dec. 5 after his government was defeated in a referendum on constitutional reforms. According to early results, roughly 60 percent voted against...

Hope and Caution
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The debate raging in the media about faulty election — and economic — forecasts has reached a fever pitch. Everyone wants to know, why were so many “experts” wrong. This time on FS Insider, we spoke with Andrew Zatlin with Moneyball Economics...

Catalysts for Higher Global Bond Yields
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From the US, the most likely catalyst for sharply higher bond yields will be the Fed signaling that it will adopt a quicker pace of rate hikes. With inflation still below target and market-based measures of inflation compensation still depressed...

Deutsche Bank: De-Globalization Trend Not as Clear as It Seems
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It is not just recent “populist” elections in the UK and the US that is signaling a move towards de-globalization, but a decided downtrend in the ratio of global trade to GDP in recent years also points to this trend. But is the trend real? A Deutsche Bank report notes both...

Circadian Rhythms and the Microbiome
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We’ve known that bacteria live in our intestines as far back as the 1680s when Leeuwenhoek first looked through his microscope. Yogurt companies use that information in the sales pitch for their product, claiming it can help...

The Aftermath of the US Election And Its Implications Moving Forward
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The nomination of Donald Trump triggered a major see-saw reaction in the stock market. The S&P 500 immediately capsized 4% before recovering and surging 3%. A similar swing in the market was triggered by Brexit for the same...

Doom & Gloom? Perhaps Not
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What a month it has been...but before I continue, let’s set a few things straight. One, whether you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or Independent, let’s all agree that Mr. Trump needs to get rid of his Twitter account. And second, let’s acknowledge that the media...