Bert Dohmen


02/21/2015 Bert Dohmen: We Are In Global Deflation Due to a Mountain of Debt Technician, Newshour
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10/05/2013 Technician Bert Dohmen: The Big Unknown Is When Will Inflation Kick In Technician, Newshour
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02/09/2013 Bert Dohmen: Betting On A Crash? Think Again – Central Banks In Control... Technician, Newshour
12/14/2012 Technician Bert Dohmen: China’s Economy Still In Trouble Newshour, Guest Expert
11/20/2012 Bert Dohmen: Things Are Not Improving in the US, Europe or Japan Newshour, Guest Expert
08/10/2012 Bert Dohmen: Coming Up−The Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime in Gold Technician, Newshour
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06/01/2012 Technician Bert Dohmen: Markets Have Topped for the Year; China Headed for... Technician, Newshour
03/31/2012 Technician Bert Dohmen: Possible Correction Ahead–Nothing Major–It’s An... Technician, Newshour
02/11/2012 Bert Dohmen: Stocks and Gold Heading Higher; Gas Heading for $6 a Gallon Technician, Newshour
01/10/2012 Bert Dohmen: Expect More Volatility and Money Printing in 2012 Newshour, Guest Expert
12/10/2011 Technician Bert Dohmen: Year-End Rally Likely with More Central Bank Loose... Technician, Newshour
10/07/2011 Bert Dohmen: Recession, Dollar Rally, Trouble for China Ahead Technician, Newshour
08/06/2011 Bert Dohmen: The Next Perfect Financial Storm Technician, Newshour
06/10/2011 It's Déjà Vu in the Markets Big Picture, Newshour
04/22/2011 Bert Dohmen Says Stock Market Warning Flags Are Flying Big Picture, Newshour
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