Contributor List: By Company

Asia Confidential

James Gruber Asia Confidential Founder

Asianomics Limited

Jim Walker Asianomics Limited Founder and Managing Director

Rick Sharga Executive Vice President

Bearing Asset Management

Bill Laggner Bearing Asset Management Co-Founder

Bianco Research, L.L.C.

James Bianco Bianco Research, L.L.C. President

Rawlson King Contributing Editor

Blackhorse Asset Management

Richard Duncan Blackhorse Asset Management Chief Economist

BMF Investments, Inc.

Barry Ferguson BMF Investments, Inc. Fee-based Investment Advisory Firm

Bollinger Capital Management Inc

John Bollinger CFA CMT Bollinger Capital Management Inc President and Founder

Boston University

Laurence J Kotlikoff Boston University Professor of Economics

Jeffrey Rosen PhD Chief Economist
Patrick O'Hare Chief Market Analyst

Brotherhood of the Balloon

Bob Marckini Brotherhood of the Balloon Founder

Brown Brothers Harriman

Marc Chandler Brown Brothers Harriman Author; Global Head of Currency Strategy

Bullion Management Group Inc

Nick Barisheff Bullion Management Group Inc CEO

Adrian Ash Head of Research

Cambria Investment Management

Mebane Faber Cambria Investment Management Portfolio Manager

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Michael Pettis Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Senior Associate

Casey Research LLC

Alex Daley Casey Research LLC Senior Editor
Bud Conrad Casey Research LLC Chief Economist