Contributor List: By Company

The Nestmann Group Ltd

Mark Nestmann The Nestmann Group Ltd President

The Nolan Financial Group

Michael Nolan The Nolan Financial Group President and CEO

The Paleo Solution

Robb Wolf The Paleo Solution Author

The Street

Jim Cramer The Street Founder

The Washington Post

Neil Irwin The Washington Post Columnist

Themis Trading LLC

Joseph Saluzzi Themis Trading LLC Co-Founder &

Stan Luxenberg & Freelance Writer

Treece Investments

Dock Treece Treece Investments Vice President

TrimTabs Investment Research

Charles Biderman TrimTabs Investment Research Founder & CEO


Jeff Kotterman TriSystem Founder and Nutritionist

U.S. Senate Budget Committee

Mike Lofgren U.S. Senate Budget Committee Retired Staff Member

U308 Corp

Keith M Barron PhD U308 Corp Director, Founder; Exploration Geologist

UCSD Health System

Atul Malhotra Md UCSD Health System Director of Sleep Medicine & Professor of Medicine

UCSD Moores Cancer Center

Georgia Sadler PhD UCSD Moores Cancer Center Clinical Professor of Surgery

University of California, Berkeley

Barry Eichengreen University of California, Berkeley Professor of Political Science & Economics

University of California, San Diego

James D Hamilton PhD University of California, San Diego Professor of Economics

University of Florence, Italy

Ugo Bardi University of Florence, Italy Professor of Chemistry, Analyst

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law

William K Black PhD University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law Professor of Economics and Law

University of Oregon

Tim Duy PhD University of Oregon Professor of Economics

US Global Investors

Frank Holmes US Global Investors CEO