Contributor List: By Company

Notes from the Rabbit Hole

Gary Tanashian Notes from the Rabbit Hole Editor

Ocean Energy Institute

Matthew R Simmons Ocean Energy Institute Founder

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Chris Collins Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Associate Director, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin

Keith Schaefer Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin Editor and Publisher

Oil Price

Oil Price Oil Price Analyst


David Marsh OMFIF Managing Director and Co-Founder

Online Trading Academy

Gabe Velazquez Online Trading Academy Trader Mentor and Author
John O’Donnell Online Trading Academy Chief Knowledge Officer & PTW Presenter
Larry Jacobson Online Trading Academy Instructor
Sam Seiden Online Trading Academy Vice President of Education

Optimal MRM Advisors Inc

Gregory Hajjar CFA Optimal MRM Advisors Inc Founder

Options Trading Signals

JW Jones Options Trading Signals Analyst

Peak Prosperity

Adam Taggart Peak Prosperity Co-founder

Penida Capital Advisors Ltd

Edward Gustely Penida Capital Advisors Ltd Managing Director

Perth Mint

Bron Suchecki Perth Mint Manager, Analysis, and Strategy

PFS Group

Chris Puplava PFS Group Portfolio Manager
James J Puplava CFP PFS Group President, Chief Investment Strategist
Robert Bernard PFS Group Financial Advisor
Ryan Puplava CMT PFS Group Portfolio Manager, Technical Analyst
Thomas J Smith CFA PFS Group Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager