Contributor List: By Company

Street Smart Report

Sy Harding Street Smart Report Editor

Streettalk Advisors

Lance Roberts Streettalk Advisors General Partner & CEO

Tangent Capital Partners

Chris Whalen Tangent Capital Partners Senior Managing Director

Tangent Capital Partners LLC

Jim Rickards Tangent Capital Partners LLC Senior Managing Director

Tatro Capital LLC

Quint Tatro Tatro Capital LLC President & Founder

TD Ameritrade

Hamid Benbrahim TD Ameritrade Managing Director and Chief Data Scientist

Texas Tech University

Michael Finke PhD Texas Tech University Professor and Director of Retirement Planning and Living

The American College

Wade Pfau PhD CFA The American College Professor of Retirement Income

The Atlas Society

David Kelley The Atlas Society Executive Director

The Automatic Earth

Nicole M Foss The Automatic Earth Co-Editor

The Browning Newsletter

Evelyn Browning Garriss The Browning Newsletter Editor

The Chart Store

Ronald Griess The Chart Store Founder

The Conference Board

Ken Goldstein The Conference Board Economist

The Council on Foreign Relations in New York

Benn Steil The Council on Foreign Relations in New York Director of International Economics

The Cultural Economist

Ronald Cooke The Cultural Economist Analyst

The Dines Letter

James Dines The Dines Letter Editor & Publisher

The Economist

Greg Ip The Economist US Economics Editor

The Federal Assembly - The Swiss Parliament

Luzi Stamm The Federal Assembly - The Swiss Parliament Nationalrat Kanton Aargau

The Fitch Pitch

Urban Carmel The Fitch Pitch Writer/Analyst

The Johns Hopkins University

Steve Hanke The Johns Hopkins University Professor of Applied Economics