Contributor List: By Company

Gold News

Ben Traynor Gold News Editor

Gold Standard Institute USA and CEO of Monetary Metals

Keith Weiner Gold Standard Institute USA and CEO of Monetary Metals President

Gold Stock Analyst

John Doody PhD Gold Stock Analyst Editor

Gold Stock Technician Newsletter

Frank Barbera CMT Gold Stock Technician Newsletter Editor

Grant's Interest Rate Observer

James Grant Grant's Interest Rate Observer Founder; Editor

Guild Investment Management

Tony Danaher Guild Investment Management President

Guild Investment Management Inc.

Monty Guild Guild Investment Management Inc. Chief Investment Officer

Hayman Capital Management L.P.

Kyle Bass Hayman Capital Management L.P. Principal

Hera Research, LLC

Ron Hera Hera Research, LLC Founder

Hoisington Investment Management

Lacy Hunt PhD Hoisington Investment Management Executive Vice President

Honor In Office

Jerrol Lebaron Honor In Office Founder

Iacono Research, LLC

Tim Iacono Iacono Research, LLC Founder

Incrementum AG

Ronald Stoeferle Incrementum AG Managing Director

Innovative Pension Strategy & Design

Alison Farrin Innovative Pension Strategy & Design President
Mark Farrin Innovative Pension Strategy & Design Vice President


Lowell Smith Inspira President & Founder

Intelligence Research Ltd

JKC de Courcy Intelligence Research Ltd Chief Executive

Investment Management Associates Inc

Vitaliy Katsenelson Investment Management Associates Inc Chief Investment Officer

iTulip Inc

Eric Janszen iTulip Inc Founder & President

JANAS Consulting

Dick Gregerson JANAS Consulting President