Contributor List: By Company

PFS Group

James J Puplava CFP PFS Group President, Chief Investment Strategist
Robert Bernard PFS Group Financial Advisor
Ryan Puplava CMT PFS Group Portfolio Manager, Technical Analyst
Thomas J Smith CFA PFS Group Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager

Piper Jaffray

Craig Johnson CMT CFA Piper Jaffray Principal and Senior Technical Research Analyst

Pretivm Resources

Robert Quartermain Pretivm Resources President & CEO, Director

Preventive Medicine Research Institute

Dean Ornish Md Preventive Medicine Research Institute President and Founder


Tana Cleaves ProFiduciary Licensed Professional Fiduciary

Purdue Agriculture

Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer PhD Purdue Agriculture Associate Dean and Director of IPIA/Professor Ag Econ

Puru Saxena Wealth Management

Puru Saxena Puru Saxena Wealth Management Founder and CEO

Qwest Investment Fund Management

Cam Hui Qwest Investment Fund Management Portfolio Manager

Raymond James Financial Inc

Jeffrey D Saut Raymond James Financial Inc Chief Investment Strategist

Real Estate Investment and Advisory Services

Dani Evanson Real Estate Investment and Advisory Services Managing Director

Real Time Macroeconomics LLC

Jon Hartley Real Time Macroeconomics LLC Co-founder

Reality Zone

G Edward Griffin Reality Zone Author, Writer and Documentary Film Producer

Recession Alert

Dwaine van Vuuren Recession Alert CEO

Renaissance Macro Research

Neil Dutta Renaissance Macro Research Head of U.S. Economics

Renaissance Macro Research, LLC.

Patrick Nipper CMT CFA Renaissance Macro Research, LLC. Technical Research

Renaissance Macro Securities, LLC.

Kim Wallace Renaissance Macro Securities, LLC. Head of Washington Policy

Resilient Systems, Inc..

Bruce Schneier Resilient Systems, Inc.. Chief Technology Officer