Louise Yamada CMT


03/12/2016 Louise Yamada: This Is a Bear Market Rally – Until Proven Otherwise Technician, Newshour
12/12/2015 Louise Yamada: Market in an Evolving Topping Process – Remain Cautious Technician, Newshour
09/19/2015 Louise Yamada: The Markets Becoming More Fragile – Wait for the Dust to... Technician, Newshour
07/04/2015 Louise Yamada: Indicators Not Constructive – We May See a Corrective Trend... Technician, Newshour
03/21/2015 Technician Louise Yamada: Breakouts in Small and Mid-Cap Stocks a Good Sign Technician, Newshour
12/13/2014 Technician Louise Yamada: Small Caps Could Be Signaling a Corrective Phase... Technician, Newshour
10/04/2014 Louise Yamada: Cyclical Correction Likely in Stocks - New Bull Market... Technician, Newshour
07/26/2014 Louise Yamada: Market Still Climbing a Wall of Worry – Backed by the Fed’s... Technician, Newshour
04/19/2014 Technician Louise Yamada: 2014 Will Be a Bumpy Ride For Investors – Stay... Technician, Newshour
02/08/2014 Technician Louise Yamada: Momentum Divergences - No Dow Theory Sell Signal... Technician, Newshour
11/16/2013 Technician Louise Yamada: Dow Stocks Breaking Out of Ten Year Bases Technician, Newshour
09/21/2013 Technician Louise Yamada: Major Indexes At New Highs - 32 Year Bull Market... Technician, Newshour
07/06/2013 Louise Yamada: Bull Market in Stocks Ahead - The Bear Market in Bonds Has... Technician, Newshour
04/06/2013 Technician Louise Yamada: Short-Term Consolidation Upon Us; Markets Ready... Technician, Newshour
04/06/2013 Louise Yamada CMT on the Dow/Gold Ratio Newshour, Extra
01/26/2013 Technician Louise Yamada: All Systems Go- We May Be Seeing Early Signs of... Technician, Newshour
11/03/2012 Technician Louise Yamada: Time To Be Cautious Until Uncertainties Are... Technician, Newshour
07/28/2012 Technician Louise Yamada: It’s A Very Difficult Market−You Don’t Want To... Technician, Newshour
05/19/2012 Technician Louise Yamada: Be Defensive If You Are In The Markets Technician, Newshour
03/10/2012 Technician Louise Yamada: Gold Correction Healthy; Nasdaq Emerging From 10... Technician, Newshour
01/07/2012 Technician Louise Yamada: Stay in the US, Stay with Quality Stocks, Use a... Technician, Newshour
10/29/2011 Technician Louise Yamada: Stay Defensive for Now; New Bear Market in Bonds... Technician, Newshour
06/18/2011 Jim Puplava on the Big Picture: Time to Worry or Time for Opportunity? Big Picture, Newshour
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