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Alison Carnwath, chairman of one of the UK’s largest construction firms says the Era of Robots is at hand. Thousands of builders will lose jobs as machines take over building London skyscrapers. There are 2.3 million construction jobs in the UK.

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Despite a sketchy fundamental backdrop, an accommodative Fed is likely to support share prices for a while longer. The US equity market capitalization is larger than total GDP, yet profits are steadily losing share relative to GDP.

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Gold bullion held in a tight range Wednesday morning in London, trading $10 below the previous 3 sessions' floor of $1335 per ounce as European stock markets rose and government bonds eased back ahead of a raft of central banker...

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Sixty years ago, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist Joshua Lederberg shocked the world with the first serious scientific paper detailing the feasibility of human cloning. Four decades later, a sheep named Dolly — the first large mammal ever cloned — brought his prediction a step closer to becoming a reality.

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As the euro tumbles and optimism wanes from Algiers, oil prices are charging lower ahead of a likely build to crude inventories in tomorrow's weekly inventory report. Hark, here are five things to consider in energy markets...

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I thought Trump did poorly. Trump missed a chance to go after Hillary about Libya, especially her statement “we came, we saw, he died” in which she bragged about killing Gaddafi. Libya erupted in a civil war following that event and...

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The latest Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index was released this morning based on data collected through September 15. The headline number of 104.1 was an increase from the final reading of 101.8 for August...

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Groupthink can be a dangerous phenomenon in the financial markets, but it can also provide an advantage in some circumstances. If we know what key price levels other traders are watching, and how they’re likely to react if and when those levels are reached, then we can plan accordingly.

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At the beginning of the year, the entire financial world was obsessed with China, or more specifically, Chinese capital outflows. Betting against China became the #1 hot trade of 2016 during the first quarter.

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Since May 2007 Deutsche Bank shares have dropped from 150 US Dollars to around 12 US Dollars as we speak. Suddenly “the wires” are going viral with updates on the catastrophic state of the bank’s balance sheet. Here is what Kenny...