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Energy analyst Kurt Wulff of McDep.com says the massive billion-dollar buyout of BG Group by Royal Dutch Shell is a sign that the energy industry believes we’ve seen a turn in oil; Michael Lewitt of The Credit Strategist says the bull market ends when...

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If anything, gold bulls are continuously looking to confirm their bullish outlook. Most precious metals websites are filled with stories, news and developments from the gold market, accompanied by the implication that they will...

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Weakness out of Europe and a couple of mixed earnings reports provide the backdrop for today’s action, with the major indexes all trading in the red. Next week will be big on the earnings front, with almost 150 S&P 500 members on...

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In order to maintain a grip on market share by pushing U.S. shale producers out of the market, Saudi Arabia (and OPEC) is willing to use up its spare capacity. That could lead to a price spike. Saudi Arabia produced 10.3 million...

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Let’s face it; the strong U.S. Dollar and weakness in the price of oil are hurting corporate earnings in the U.S. and it is conceivable that both sales and profits for the S&P500 Index may decline during the first half of the year.

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Russia is making a concerted effort to increase its military and security presence throughout Central Asia, just not for the reasons it would have you think. Though the Kremlin is concerned with the threat of spillover violence from...

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Vice spending is one of the most seldom used, but surprisingly accurate leading gauges of consumer strength and the economy. Everyone knows that when consumers have more money in hand, they spend it on fun and luxury goods.

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An entire new feedback loop of accreditation is needed, and fortunately that feedback is within our control: it's a process I call accredit yourself. Economist Michael Spence developed the job market signaling model of...

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Jobless claims clung to a higher rung of its 275K-300K range by posting initial claims of 294K for the week. This is an increase of 12K from the previous week, which was further revised up 1K. The 4-week moving average,

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I have been pretty adamant — some may say stubbornly so — about my expectations for crude prices this year. I have argued against the notion that oil prices were going to fall to $20 or $30/bbl for several reasons.