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The word of the day is “ugly”. That’s how Steen Jakobsen, Saxo Bank CIO, and chief economist describes the US presidential campaign, broken social contracts, public debt, and productivity. Things are so ugly, Jakobsen says...

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The planned economy in China could lead to a cooling of the property market in certain cities, a Deutsche Bank report observed, pointing to a potential property bubble that might result in capital outflows.

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The US has been experiencing a growth slowdown for almost 2 years and, though a recession doesn't appear imminent, ECRI's Lakshman Achuthan says the Fed is on a collision course. In a recent interview with Financial Sense, Achuthan explains how the US...

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Philly Fed state coincident data came out today and more states across the country are starting to contract. Looking at the snapshot below, positively growing states still dominate the map (and don't give much of an alarming picture), but a different story emerges...

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We’re about to enter that time when financial commentators offer up their best guesses as to what investors can expect in the Near Year. It always makes for fun reading, but it also never fails to disappoint.

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The presence of armed drones is a reality of the modern battlefield, but only a limited group of countries has the technological ability to produce them or the military capacity to operate them. The United States once held the edge in...

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Over the past five quarters, corporate profits have been shrinking, but the stock market remains near all-time highs. This divergence can’t persist forever, and will eventually break one way or the other.

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There were two dogs that did not bark this year. The Japanese yen, which despite negative interest rates and an unprecedented expansion of the central bank's balance sheet, strengthened 15% against the dollar.

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Obama’s pivot should have represented a shift in US foreign policy. However, with the end of his presidency fast approaching and the mitigated results of the policy, the future of the pivot has been thrown into question.

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Startup Company Flirtey is making enormous progress in the drone industry, far sooner than some of the most prominent tech companies. The Australian based company has developed drones capable of carrying packages over vast...