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A sharp note this morning by Barry Bannister (STIFEL) is worth sharing. We thank Barry for giving us permission. Despite all this posturing over Greece and “Grexit” risk, I doubt Greece will be allowed to leave the eurozone.

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The economy contracted 0.2% in the first quarter, based on the latest revision released last Wednesday. But as we know, a number of temporary factors including another harsh winter, the west coast port strike...

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With the second quarter coming to an end, that means another earnings reporting period is right around the corner. Clearly, the market isn't expecting the results of the coming reporting period to be as dour as...

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In 2014 the Saudis could no longer accept the loss of crude oil market share as the North American production levels shot up sharply over a three-year period.

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The potential ‘housing bubble’ in the real estate market in Australia is an economically and politically charged issue, both domestically and internationally. However, there is still no clear consensus on whether or...

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When the outlook appears cloudy, a weight-of-the-evidence approach is usually best. In that light, the first place to examine is the credit markets, which often give an early warning of coming trouble. So, let's take a look...

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Overnight markets were mixed, with China losing about 7%. The Shanghai Composite Index has now lost about 20% in the last nine sessions, though it is still 30% higher on the year (some of the other indices there are up even more).

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Let's see. Do we start with the 7.4% decline in China's Shanghai Composite on Friday or with the news that there is still no definitive news on a deal between Greece and its creditors? We'll go with the former since...

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Unlike other cards that sell gold at a premium then issue a debit card, BitGold is a gold-based settlement system in real time. It is also the first gold-based card of any kind available in the US.

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The common meme in today’s world is that we are slowly (or perhaps even rapidly in some instances) destroying our global environment. Not just by way of global warming, but pollution, over-farming, water usage...