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As technical analysts, we can easily become mired in price charts, forgetting that things like corporate profits and economic data can help fill in the back story behind the price action. Sometimes we forget that when we buy shares of stock...

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For most American households, everything is fine. But for more and more households, things are not so good. The industrial sector’s recession has spread and it’s getting more impactful. That’s one leak. Another is that income growth is slowing.

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In addition to competing GDP “Nowcasts” between the Atlanta Fed and the New York Fed, at least three financial sites offer a “Brexit Tracker” using that name. Let’s dive in with a look at the three models, all based on polls.

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Our personal background expertise is exposed to the materials sector of manufacturing. We produce the tools and heavy duty machines for many industries all over the globe. In our parochial servicing of global demand, we continue to see...

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Retail department store sales are in a funk. Macys, Nordstrom, Dillards, Kohls, and Ralph Lauren have all reported dismal sales or profits. On Wednesday, Macy’s reported the worst quarterly sales since the recession. On Thursday, Nordstrom did the same.

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Friday the 13th may have negative historical connotations, but we have no reason to change our daily routines. Unless, of course, our livelihoods are directly tied to the traditional brick-and-mortar retail space, particularly department stores.

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The Belgian-Brazilian Conglomerate that owns Budweiser will help “Make America Great” again by renaming Budweiser to “America”. Gee, this almost makes me want to stand up and salute.

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While it’s hard to make much sense of the market’s day-to-day movements at present, there is no such issue with what is expected to happen to Disney (DIS) and Macy’s (M) shares in today’s session. They both missed the mark in...

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I spent a lot of time in 2015 warning that at year-end we would see a huge decline in crude oil reserves. As I have explained in the past, the reason I expected this is because of the relationship between proved oil reserves and oil prices.

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In the six years since the recovery began, there has been endless debate over the strength of the US economy. There are basically two sides of the debate. Those taking the positive side maintain the economy has almost returned to...