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It isn’t because it’s too far to work. Nor is it because it rains here in Hawaii nearly every day and I might get wet. It isn’t because the powerful automobile lobby has convinced me that driving a car to work is a better option for me. No, it’s a bit more fundamental than that.

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For seven years Ben Bernanke has played Master of the Universe, that is, has been Chairman of the Federal Reserve (Fed). Bernanke vehemently denies his actions put the US economy at risk. Au contraire, having prevented the US economy's collapse, the Fed's actions have yielded profits to taxpayers.

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The gloomy clouds of last year seem to be dissipating, as significant and positive trends in global resources and economic data take hold.

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When global central banks began to expand their balance sheets in an attempt to ward off the Great Recession of 2008-2009, their efforts were considered unprecedented.

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The busy economic and earnings calendar this week will give stocks a clear directional nudge after they reached milestone levels late last week. Rampant optimism, stemming from positive economic data and a decent Q4 earnings season, has pushed the S&P 500 to above 1500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average within a few hundred points of its all-time high.

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I left Zurich recently after a three-day visit. Not having visited the city in winter before, I saw a side of Zurich that I’d not previously encountered. Everything still works flawlessly, and the trains leave exactly on time–not even one minute late.

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How did the doomers get 2012 so wrong? They spied the Mayan calendar and saw end-times December 21. Less credulous eyes saw the 13th Mayan Baktun, each Baktun lasting 144,000 days, ending on December 21.

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Last July the 10-Yr UST yield fell to an all-time low of 1.379%. Since that time yields have been steadily rising with the 10-Yr yield hitting 1.947%. The rise in interest rates has been greater than the rise in inflation rates...

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The road to debt-serfdom is paved by the banks and enforced by the Central State.If there is any point that is lost on ideologues, Progressive and Conservative alike...

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Without a doubt, currency wars have ramped up to a new high. It's hard to say when or where this stops, but those who thought Shinzo Abe was bluffing, need think again.