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Why the Fed's threat to withdrawal stimulus later this year will usher in deflation in 2014, courtesy of the 120-year cycle.

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We have been discussing now for nearly two months that we expect the U.S. economy to accelerate in the second half of the year. The main catalysts we see to propel the economy higher are a fading of the sequester, adaption to the payroll tax hike, increased capital spending by corporations, and falling commodity prices that boost discretionary income and corporate profit margins.

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A recent gut feeling about a global unraveling has forced the Prince of Darkness to issue the following statement regarding the economic climate (as well as provide an open invite to the annual Dark Side summer soiree)...

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Curve Watchers Anonymous has its eye on global interest rates that are heading North practically everywhere.

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Ah, grasshopper, that's the problem you see. It appears that Mario Draghi may have been involved up to his neck in hinky derivative deals -- perhaps dating back a very long time.

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We seem to be on track for a positive start in the stock market today, with growing hope that the Chinese authorities know what they are doing in dealing with that country’s interbank funding issue.

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Among the first things we learn in school are the rules of grammar — the building blocks of proper communication which underpin the English language.

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Bond market and equity market weakness in Asia and Europe is a reflection of deflationary pressure from the 120-year mega cycle. This deflation will soon be exported to the U.S.

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“We’ve been expecting you Mr. Bond.” The phrase is itself a variant and joins the phrase “Play it again Sam” as a phrase attributed to a film or TV series. 

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Investors are painfully aware of the comments regarding the potential end of Quantitative Easing made by Fed Chairman Bernanke in the middle of June. Could it really be that after systematically creating an environment where obtaining any type of yield is only to be achieved by increasing investment risk...