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Here is how I view employment: When margins get squeezed and sales slow, one of the first ways businesses respond is by slowing down temp hiring. Then, as trends continue to worsen, businesses start to let go of their temp employees altogether while cutting hours...

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The question confronting investors right now is whether the lateral trading range in the major indices represents consolidation of the long-term uptrend, which precedes an eventual upside breakout from the range?

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Vancouver hopes to burst its massive property bubble that was fueled by foreign buying, mostly from China. In July, British Columbia imposed a 15% tax on foreign sales for the Vancouver region, effective August. Tax rates on...

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In the world of uncharted monetary policy, Japan has become the leader in exotic policies. They’re further along the easing curve than anyone else and represent a live case study on the limits of central bank intervention.

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The end of US dollar dominance may be unfolding in front of our eyes. No, we don't think China's ascent is the key threat; instead, key to understanding the US dollar may be to understand the money market fund you might hold.

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Which blocs/nations are most likely to face banking/liquidity crises in the next year? Hating the US dollar offers the same rewards as hating a dominant sports team: it feels righteous to root for the underdogs, but it's generally unwise...

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Inquiring minds may be interested in a cornucopia of relevant numbers on Deutsche Bank including market cap, leverage, capitalization, deposits, liquidity, derivatives multiple ways, and systemic risk. Systemic risk numbers are from...

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If you’ve ever played a team sport, you’ve experienced a game that was a mismatch on paper. Now usually that game goes according to form. The better team scores early and often, and the inferior team doesn’t sniff a win.

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When there is a big disagreement between the value of the spot VIX Index and the prices of its futures contracts, that carries important information about trader sentiment. As of the close on Sep. 28, 2016, the spot VIX was well below...

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We don't just deserve an affordable, sustainable healthcare system—we're doomed to bankruptcy without one. What is blindingly obvious to employers but apparently invisible to the average zero-business-experience mainstream...