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The markets (any market) are seldom surprised by shocking events. But during those rare instances when a surprise catches the market a panic may result. My definition of a panic is this: A panic is a collapse (triggered by fear and unforeseen...

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Author and real estate mogul Robert Kiyosaki, better known as “Rich Dad“, is predicting a stock market crash starting in 2016. Unlike others who perpetually predict crashes, Kiyosaki made his crash claim in his 2002 book “Rich Dad’s Prophecy”.

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Helicopter money is the rage. Central banks are talking about it. Economists are debating it. The media is rife with coverage. While it sounds important, it is not precisely clear what helicopter money means.

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The latest numbers out of Investors Intelligence show that bulls are now up to 47.4% in their survey of newsletter writers and investment advisors, and bears are now down to 27.8%. That takes the bull-bear spread up to its largest value since...

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Schiff laid out improbable strawman arguments based on tax consequences that as a practical matter do not exist in the real world. Ironically, his tax arguments would equally apply to “SchiffGold” purchases. Usability and ownership are the...

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Five consecutive weeks of gains makes it hard to argue that we’re in a bear market. While it may not seem like much has changed since the markets last swooned, a few key developments remain supportive of stock prices. In particular...

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An ill-conceived strategy undermined by mismanagement and bad fortune is increasing the risks that the UK votes to leave the EU in June. Nearly everything that could have gone wrong for UK Prime Minister Cameron.

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As of last Friday, equities rose for a fifth week in a row. In many important ways, the current uptrend does not fit the profile of a bear market rally. That means that further gains lie ahead and a return to the February low is unlikely. On a shorter...

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The payroll slowdown has jumped from being an energy sector problem to an all-industry problem. Industrial companies are currently in a defensive posture because they expect little or even slightly negative revenue growth this year.

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Axel Merk, President & CIO, Merk Investments LLC, pinged me on March 16 with his thoughts regarding “Peak Dollar“. He is not referring to the number of dollars, but rather, the intermediate-term value of the dollar compared to...