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This Great Graphic comes from the Wall Street Journal. It shows what is happening to the pay of the least compensated in the US. Their pay is going up at a pace that is exceeding the averages and inflation.

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Chair Yellen’s much-awaited Jackson Hole speech has been touted in the media as suggesting that there will soon be a second rate hike to follow the FOMC’s December 2015 move. However, many have noted that there...

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Today Fed Chair Janet Yellen gave a speech at the “Designing Resilient Monetary Policy Frameworks for the Future,” symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her speech was on The Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Toolkit: Past, Present, and Future.

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Our recent reports have worried about “short term” stock market froth in August as indicated by options trader sentiment showing relatively heavy Call buying. The additional anxiety over the contrasting US presidential candidates...

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We’re witnessing a very typical pattern right before recessions and market collapses. The market’s price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is currently at a level seen only before recessions. Before we flat out say there will be a recession, we need to dig...

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Housing-related stocks are seeing an earlier than called for a push to a higher high. But if lumber prices are right, there are lots more gains to come. By that, I am referring to the way that lumber prices tend to give a 1-year leading indication for...

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The Lidar (Light detection and ranging) systems on self-driving vehicles are big and generally expensive. MIT has a Lidar-on-a-chip solution that will fit on a dime and cost about $10 to manufacture.

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A fiery debate rages among investors over the question of central bank stimulus. The question is whether the stock market needs stimulus in order to advance, and is stimulus only creating a bubble which will burst at some point and...

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Central bank policy is center stage this week as the world turns its attention to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The symposium hosted by the Kansas City Fed has become the prime venue for discussing monetary policy.

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The economy remains weak, earnings are poised to continue contacting for the 6th quarter in a row yet stocks has broken out to new record highs in August from an important technical base. Without a strong rebound in earnings, we have...