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The rising price of copper is probably a good sign that the global economy is non-recessionary. When copper has risen, so has GDP. But the converse is not true: falling copper prices have not signaled a slump in the economy.

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They’re calling it the Great Revolution, and rightfully so. Donald Trump’s earth-shattering victory over Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8 must surely rate as one of the greatest political upsets in U.S. history. It stretches the mind to recall the last time a true political outsider...

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After an initial wobble, the markets have stabilized as two themes emerge: reflation and the spread of populism. The shift away from monetary policy towards fiscal policy had already begun, and both US presidential candidates...

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Gold prices held at $1280 per ounce in London dealing as US voters went to the polls Tuesday to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, trading above the moving average of the metal's last 200 days – a key level...

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Do you have sweaty palms? Heart palpitations? Recent trouble sleeping at night? If so, you’re not alone. This has been one of the most divisive campaigns ever, and many people are reporting elevated levels of stress.

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Since the 2000 election, I have been tracking how the presidential election poll numbers follow in the footsteps of the stock market, with the key insight that we can gauge how the popular vote is likely to turn out based on how the stock...

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The macro data from the past month continues to mostly point to positive growth. On balance, the evidence suggests the imminent onset of a recession is unlikely. That said, there are some signs of weakness creeping into the data.

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Today’s employment report shows an increase of 161,000 jobs. So far this year, job gains for the nation have averaged 181,000 per month, compared to an average monthly increase of 229,000 in 2015.

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Gold prices whipped $20 per ounce lower Thursday morning in London, dropping 1.5% from near 1-month Dollar highs even as the US currency fell on the FX market amid central-bank forecasts of rising inflation, new opinion polls...

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Within 15 years the western world entitlement tsunami enlarged by aging demographics should swamp the global economy during a deeper than normal cyclical contraction, but the tea leaves guiding current economic cycles can be...