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Blogging will be light for another few weeks. We should be back with regular posts in early November. In four different posts in August and September, we laid out how we expected this correction to evolve. You can read...

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This is the concluding Epsilon Theory note of a trilogy on coping with the Golden Age of the Central Banker, where a policy-driven bull market has combined with a machine-driven market structure to play you false.

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A weak US Retail Sales reading and mixed start to the Q3 earnings season provide the backdrop for today’s session. The weaker-than-expected Retail Sales report for September reconfirms what we saw from the non-farm...

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Overall, fund managers' asset allocations in September indicated the strongest bearishness since 2012. Despite a rally since then, bearishness remains pervasive. This is a bullish tailwind for equities, especially in the US.

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Banks have become convinced the Fed simply isn't going to hike. So instead of waiting any longer, large banks like Wells Fargo are plowing billions of dollars into longer dated treasuries and agencies.

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The last few months have been unkind to stocks, but lately we’ve seen buyers step in and provide support. Dow Theory recently turned bearish, but looks to have reversed that signal on Friday. Below we see both averages...

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Decisions, decisions. Many Americans will have to make a big one in the next 60 days or so. How you decide will affect both your health and your wallet. Hospital management and doctors are seeing significant differences in...

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While some continue dancing, the music might have already stopped: are we already in a bear market in stocks? In this context, we study past bear markets to see whether gold may serve as a valuable diversifier for what's ahead.

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Denver is the home of the United States Geological Survey and a popular watering hole for geologists for many years has been the Rock Bottom Pub. Maybe it’s the micro-brews many geos I know are partial to; maybe it’s the...

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In last Thursday’s Morning Tack, Jeff Saut referenced an opinion piece onMarketWatch that was essentially the literary equivalent of someone shooing away a stray dog. The author scoffed at the recent Dow Theory...