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The S&P 500 is mostly flat for the year, but beneath the surface there has been a lot of movement. Some sectors, such as consumer discretionary, have pulled the major index up, while others are acting as a counterweight. The chart below shows YTD performance for each of the nine...

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The world made two discoveries last week. Everyone is aware of the first discovery – that ISIS is not “a junior varsity team” but an able protagonist in what Pope Francis quite rightly calls “a piecemeal third World War”. Very few are aware of the second discovery – the existence of...

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In response to the Paris terrorist attacks, President Obama essentially said terrorists are welcome here. ABC News reports Obama Vows to Veto Bill Increasing Screening for Refugees. "President Barack Obama is vowing to veto a bill from House Republicans that would increase ..."

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Soon after the Paris attacks, I picked up the phone to talk over the situation with my friend George Friedman. George is one of the truly world-class thought leaders on geopolitics. We had an animated 20-minute conversation. I didn’t particularly like what I heard.

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How much of a headwind is international exposure causing US-based companies? Factset did a study earlier this month, drawing on a combination of companies that had already reported Q3 earnings and used estimated results for those who had not reported.

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The last 15 years have been among the most turbulent on record. Since the year 2000, America has experienced two recessions (including a near depression), two stock market crashes, numerous selling panics, two terrorist attacks, and one of the slowest economic recoveries on record. Just when...

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Is US inflation setup to upset the markets? Motivation for considering this question begins with graph to right. Plotted in that chart is the year-to-year percentage change for the median US CPI. That measure is calculated monthly...

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The idea that technology is a tax on anyone is ridiculous. Technology always has, and always will enhance quality of life, with the exception of war-mongering technology. What is clearly a regressive tax on the poor is central banks' efforts to force inflation in a deflationary world.

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The global economy is slowing down rapidly and it is conceivable that the developed world may face a recession next year. Already, the Japanese economy is contracting and even Europe is barely growing. Across the pond, the US is still muddling through but the leading economic indicators and...

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China drove the recent economic boom, just as it is behind the recent malaise. A turnaround in Chinese demand would certainly change things but the current data does not look promising. For China’s trade partners, it means recession today. Only Germany and the US look...