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The Investment Climate has taken a breather from its decline but is not positive for stocks at this time. I suspect that it will continue its descent before the end of the year. Ben Inker wrote in the GMO Quarterly Letter, “There is no panacea for the low returns...

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On July 13, the Fresno Bee reported California’s big pension fund sees flat earnings for a second year. CalPERS still maintains that its long-term track record of 7.5% returns is intact. Is it? Reader W.C Varones sorts it out in his article...

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Gold prices jumped and world stock markets rose with all major government bonds on Thursday after the Bank of England made its first change to UK interest rates in over 7 years by cutting to a new all-time low of 0.25%...

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Gold and silver prices rose as Asian and European stock markets fell on Tuesday, with gold touching 3-week highs at $1360 per ounce as major government bond prices also fell, driving borrowing yields higher from their recent new record lows.

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On Friday we learned that the economy grew at a measly 1.2% rate during the 2nd quarter, about half of what most economists were expecting. Worse, growth figures for the previous two quarters were lowered as well.

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This Great Graphic, created on Bloomberg, depicts the Federal Reserve's real broad trade-weighted index of the dollar. Real means that it is adjusted for inflation differentials. Broad means that it covers a wide number of US partners.

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Before you start furiously typing out a retort, hear me out. First, I want to make it clear what I am not skeptical about. I am not skeptical about electric vehicles (EVs) continuing to grow rapidly for the foreseeable future.

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The markets expected the Bank of Japan to unleash lower yields further into negative territory at its Friday policy meeting. Instead, the board voted to keep rates unchanged and to maintain existing monetary base targets.

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Gold and silver prices rose against a falling US Dollar after the Bank of Japan announced smaller-than-expected policy stimulus Friday and more analysts revised their forecasts sharply higher following this year's 26% and...

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Is the economy strong or weak? The safe answer is – both. GDP and median income growth have remained weak, but employment and consumer spending are healthy. Manufacturing and construction hiring and wage gains have been anemic...