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A year ago, we started a recurring monthly review of all the main economic data. For most of that time, the consensus view has been that growth in wages and employment would soon accelerate and that this would lead to...

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The likely coalition now is Tories plus Liberal Democrats and UKIP if needed. If Tories or Liberal Democrats do as much as one vote worse than exit polls show (assuming the gain is for Labour), the coalition will need UKIP.

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The jobs report shows that the labor market has started healing after the weak showing in the first quarter, likely giving some clarity and visibility to market expectations about Fed policy. This is a very positive report for...

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Elon Musk just unveiled something called the “Tesla Powerwall,” a means to store solar-created electricity in people’s homes… with the potential to put the entire utility industry out of business. As you probably know, Musk also...

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The Tax Foundation released its inaugural “International Tax Competitiveness Index” (ITCI) on September 15th, 2014. The United States was ranked an abysmal 32nd out of the 34 OECD member countries for the year 2014.

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This morning’s soft private-sector jobs report from ADP (ADP) adds to other recent economic readings that show that the Q1 slowdown has continued into the current period as well. We will know more after Friday’s...

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The change in the Greek negotiating team appears to have helped reinvigorate the talks with the official creditors. However, insufficient progress has been made that would allow a resumption of aid payments.

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In anticipation of higher U.S. rates and lower rates elsewhere, the greenback had enjoyed a dramatic rally. Has the tide turned, or is the dollar merely taking a breather? We believe there are threats and opportunities hidden...

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Gold prices rose sharply lunchtime Tuesday in London, with traders returning from the UK's long May Day weekend bidding gold 1.6% higher from where it ended last week on news of the worst US trade deficit in 6.5 years.

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Collaboration, innovation and risk are all intrinsic to adaptation. Without adaptation, every system eventually perishes once conditions change. One feature of capitalism that is rarely discussed is the premium placed on...