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Last Friday we talked about economic cycles and I mentioned that there are indications that the current expansion is not yet over. Let's go into a bit more detail. Bull markets don't die of old age. You've probably heard...

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On Tuesday the National Bureau of Statistics released China’s 2014 GDP growth numbers and reported growth consistent with what the government has been widely promoting as the “new normal”.

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What is the ECB going to do? The ECB is widely expected to announce that it will accelerate and broaden its efforts to expand its balance sheet. How will it do this? The ECB is currently buying two types of assets...

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“Rocky Horror Picture Show” was a satirical film production done as a tribute to the science and horror “B” movies of the late 1930s through the 1970s. I was reminded of the flick last week when one portfolio manager I saw...

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During the previous year, the stock markets of the developed world consolidated whereas the majority of the developing nations performed poorly. In 2014, the European stock markets essentially traded sideways, Japan...

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The old joke is, “(with a Russian accent) In America, you correct newspaper, but in Soviet Union, newspaper corrects you.” Switzerland is now experiencing the bond market equivalent. In America, the government pays...

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I believe the decision yesterday by the Swiss Central Bank to end its pegged link to the Euro and change its interest rate to a negative .75% is as a seismic event in the history of European monetary integration.

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The Preliminary University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment for January came in at 98.1, a strong surge from last month's final reading of 93.6. This is the highest level of sentiment in eleven years. Today's sentiment level...

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The market is still trying to make sense of yesterday's bombshell by the Swiss National Bank to abandon its franc cap, which affirmed as an integral part of the central bank's monetary policy a few short days ago.

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Gold and the Yen appear to be strengthening together and given how oversold both are this countertrend move could have some near-term legs to it. With the recent Swiss National Bank announcement to remove the cap to the Euro, this is also adding fuel to gold’s rally.