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It was a very interesting setup leading into the Fed meeting this week. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has been rising as of late. Expectations were that the Fed would tighten its language over interest rates and inflation as a result of the recent climb of CPI.

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The news stories about crude oil in the financial media have been all about how oil prices have been volatile based on the crisis in Ukraine, the crisis in Iraq, the crisis in Nigeria, the lack of a Keystone pipeline, etc.

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With the Fed committed to zero interest rates, significant moves in the stock market and economy are now largely influenced by changes in inflation. With four months now of accelerating inflation data, there is a heightened risk of an intermediate market peak and correction by the fall of this year.

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From the early 1980s until now China has grown at a pace not matched since the four decades Argentina enjoyed before the First World War. In spite of some fairly goofy attempts a few years ago, however...

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With yesterday's release of the May Consumer Price Index, we can now establish that Real Retail Sales for May showed no growth. The month-over-month change was a statistically insignificant -0.01 percent. Year-over-year growth is an anemic 2.07 percent.

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The U.S. is experiencing its biggest M&A boom since the Financial Crisis. This Great Graphic was posted on CNN by Jesse Solomon. It shows the dollar value of USA mergers and acquisitions announced from the start of this year through mid-June and the annual figures for the earlier years.

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Commodities are the most basic economic goods, providing essential inputs into progressively more complex goods at advanced stages of production. Yet the economic mainstream generally fails to understand commodities, treating them as distinct from the processes whereby they are created and...

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There’s a great scene in the 4th season of The Sopranos where Tony is upbraiding his crew for their lack of “production”, particularly in the traditionally lucrative field of loan sharking. The recession is no excuse, says Tony, for failing to make money from “our thing” — organized crime.

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I recalled this quip by Jeff Daniels from HBO’s hit series The Newsroom while taking last week off to think about recent events because I feel like I am living in Bizarro World. First named "Bizarro World" in DC Comic books, the term has come to mean a situation or setting that is weirdly inverted or opposite of expectations.

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In one sense, energy doesn’t matter all that much to what’s coming. Once debt reaches a certain level, oil can be $10 a barrel or $200, and either way we’re in trouble.