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The possibility that Japan might launch helicopter money stimulus sent global stock markets soaring in a paroxysm of pleasurable anticipation. But exactly what is helicopter money and what connection does it have to stock valuations, if any?

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It’s been a while since discussing robots. Here are three new robot stories. Fusion reports Robots Cheaper than a Security Guard. Starship Technology, founded by Skype co-founders introduces local delivery Robots. LiveLeak reports US...

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Not too warm, not too cold, can describe many aspects of the U.S. economy. Take last week’s jobs report as an example. According to estimates, 287,000 jobs were created, but this did little more than balance out the previous...

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Vice spending is telling us that good times are still here, but it’s also signaling that we’re peaking. There is very little growth left and it’s likely that things will get a bit wobbly at year-end. This means a lot of Central Bank intervention...

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In 2008, the $10 trillion asset class of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) was entirely based on the Common Knowledge that it was impossible to have a nationwide decline in U.S. home prices. When that Narrative failed, the entire inverted pyramid came crashing...

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While crude oil price movements have been a sensitive leading indicator to economic conditions and financial markets since late 2014, the British Pound collapse has now become a leading indicator for many commodities since the June 23rd UK referendum...

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The last year has been a scary time to be an investor. In 2015, the slowdown in China’s economy caused undue apprehension to investors and contributed to a nausea-inducing rollercoaster ride which began last July and has continued until now.

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Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy for Saxo Bank says Chinese day traders are what’s behind the limit move up on silver, yesterday. Please consider Chinese Day traders Love Silver — As Long it Behaves.

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The conventional wisdom among fixed-income traders is that the bond market is smarter than the stock market when it comes to forecasting where the economy is headed. Considering that many of the smartest stock traders agree with...

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The conventional narrative has it backward. It worries about the threats to stability emanating from the periphery of Europe. Policymakers, investors, and economists still refer to the "Greek, Irish, Portugal and Cyprus' bailouts.”