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Stocks today are expected to continue the positive momentum from last week, pushing the major indexes even deeper into record territory. Positive data out of Germany and more follow-through from China’s surprise rate-cut last week should help...

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The latest Reuters poll is showing 24 out of 43 economists projecting the first rate hike in the U.S. by June of next year. The futures market is pricing liftoff by September. Citi's latest analysis puts it in December.

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Financial Sense Newshour recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Gary Small, a neuroscientist and expert on brain aging and health. Small says that although neurodegenerative diseases are becoming a growing problem for older Americans...

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The Federal Reserve spent this year winding down its $85 billion a month QE stimulus program. With that task completed, the hot topic of analysts, and concern of markets, is how soon the Fed will take the next step in moving back toward normal monetary policies.

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Latest net foreign inflows to U.S. markets came in the highest on record as incoming data suggests U.S. economic growth to accelerate. The Russell 2000 and the junk bond market also appear to be stabilizing.

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As several market technicians have pointed out recently, price oscillators and sentiment indicators for the U.S. stock market point to an excessively “overbought” condition, both technically and psychologically.

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Gold prices popped to the highest level this month Friday lunchtime in London, trading back above the $1200 level after the People's Bank of China cut its key interest rate for the first time in two years.

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Despite wide-ranging estimates, consensus indicates that some degree of U.S. shale oil production would be impacted at around current levels. Whether this translates to a mere slowing in the rate of oil production growth due to lower future investments...

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Today’s market promises to be one of those nice global central bank-driven rallies that we have become accustomed to seeing in recent years. The Chinese central bank is the main driver today, though positive commentary from Mario Draghi is also adding to bullish sentiment.

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There is now a very interesting initiative on the Swiss ballot, which will require the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to hold 20 percent of its reserves in gold. The voters will decide on November 30. I won’t predict the vote, but I want to discuss the likely impact of a yes vote.