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The Great Financial Crisis lingers. The fact that the world economy continues to grow does not change that fact. There are different lenses from which one can view the crisis and seek to understand its implications.

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All eyes are focused on Europe this week as another Greek drama plays itself out. I have to admit that in my student days I was forced to sit through a number of Greek dramas, which are admittedly a fine part of...

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Bob Dudley, the CEO of BP PLC, says he believes that the 7-month-old slump in oil prices isn’t likely to reverse itself for some time, perhaps years, because the problem seems to be deeply embedded in the very economics of oil.

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A number of analysts and advisory firms have recently made the case that Dow Theory has issued a sell signal, indicating that the major trend of the market is now down. Let's examine the price action driving these calls to...

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The price of oil has dropped 60% in little over a half year. In the past few days, the price has jumped 15%. It's the first significant rally in oil since the plunge began. So, has the drop in oil prices ended? Probably not.

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The biggest culprit for the weakness in the junk bond market is the energy sector, which has been one of the biggest issuers of junk bonds in recent years. While the argument makes sense I wanted to dig a little deeper to see if the warning from the junk bond market...

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Financial markets let out a sigh of relief when they learned that the new Greek leftist government led by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has put aside its earlier demands that a large share of its debt be written down...

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With the huge spotlight on Europe, Greece, the U.S. Dollar, Canada, Switzerland, and China, it's easy to lose track of major things outside of mainstream attention. Like what? Like Australia.

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Today’s Financial Times has an article discussing the travails of Greece’s new Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis as he takes on Germany. The European debt crisis is not a conflict among nations. All economic systems...

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Low interest rates are not popular with fund managers. A prominent bond fund manager, for example, thinks that "central banks are 'distorting' capitalism by keeping interest rates ultra low and causing returns on...