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The New York Stock Exchange publishes end-of-month data for margin debt on the NYXdata website, where we can also find historical data back to 1959. Let's examine the numbers and study the relationship between margin debt and the market...

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ISIL’s recent territorial gains pose a significant threat to the security and stability of Iraq and its neighbors. For Iran, however, ISIL threatens to topple its most significant regional trading partner and economic lifeline.

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No one, or at least hardly anyone, expects the U.S. economy is sliding into a recession, which would require two straight quarters of negative growth. The sharp plunge in first quarter GDP, to negative 2.9%, should...

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California Bill AB-129 Lawful Money passed the California Senate on June 19, and the Assembly on June 23. The bill now awaits signing by Governor Jerry Brown.

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In case you haven’t heard already, another report has been released showing that central banks around the world are becoming new long-term buyers in the stock market.

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The FOMC has continued to "taper" the monthly amounts of its purchases of Treasury bonds and Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), but the Federal Reserve is still pumping money into the banking system at a high rate. Purchases in June are to total $45 billion, and it goes down to $35 billion in July 2014.

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In this timeless and re-released article Jim outlines three major powershifts of the 21st century stemming from the ongoing struggle of resource scarcity. Both historical and forward looking, "Oil, Money, and War" analyzes the dynamic relationship between these three forces and...

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In the 1970s, the big bull market was in gold. That was the place to be. In the Eighties, it was Japan. In the Nineties, it was tech. And in the 2000s, it was commodities. But what about the Tens?

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Another day, another weak read from the economy. But stock market investors are an optimistic bunch; they wouldn’t let anything hold them down. They like good news, but they have taught themselves to like bad news as well.

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The global appetite for fixed income remains strong, driven by ongoing accommodation from central banks. The 10-year Bund yield touched fresh lows for the year today. The situation is similar for shorter maturities.