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Patterns in the stock market primarily persist for a reason. For example, downtrends are frequently reversed on Tuesdays. Why? Spooked investors may not want to hold risk over the weekend, so they sell on Friday.

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Our belief is that it will take some time until the price will move back in line with these fundamental trends. Until then, gold or silver owners can rest assured that the gold and silver market is not as bad as some would like to...

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With short rates held at zero, continued declines in the yield on longer dated maturities are acting to flatten the yield curve. In the chart below, the red line shows the current state of the yield curve. The black "trail" shows where the yield curve has been recently...

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What does Canada’s economy look like with oil prices at $40 a barrel? Certainly it won’t be the energy superpower envisioned by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. If $40 a barrel still seems a ways off...

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As I've frequently pointed out, these indicators aren't useful as short-term signals of market direction. Periods of over- and under-valuation can last for many years. But they can play a role in framing longer-term expectations of investment returns. At present...

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On January 22, ECB president Mario Draghi is expected to announce a plan of action to stimulate Europe via a QE policy of purchasing government bonds. Details were supposed to be hush-hush but the options are out of the bag in bright daylight.

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Stocks started today’s session on a positive note, with another strong labor market reading reconfirming the improved U.S. economic picture. The weak inflation data out of Europe is helping sentiment as well, as it is interpreted as increasing the odds of...

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Fears of Russia’s declining ruble led Belarus’ government to impose a 30 percent commission on the purchase of foreign currency on December 19th. It comes just weeks before both former Soviet states are set to upgrade the current customs union into the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

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Recent dollar strength has been a surprise to many but a strong dollar was also a key component of the Asian currency crises of 1997-98. These contributed to sharply lower oil prices, which in turn helped to trigger the 1998 Russian debt default...

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The Middle East is one of the most volatile regions in the world — it is no stranger to upheaval. The 2009 uprisings in Iran and the brinksmanship of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government were followed by the chaos of the Arab Spring,