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The "summer months" start next week. The period from May through October is known as the "worst 6 months" of the year for stocks. True, the probability of a truly bad month is higher and the probability of a really great stretch...

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Last week China shut down iTunes Movies and iBooks, shocking many investors. While Apple has in the past managed to avoid the Beijing’s caprice, this latest development shows that Apple is not immune to the hazards of doing business in China.

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The first US LNG shipment will soon arrive in Europe, marking a new era for energy on the continent. Cheniere Energy’s newly completed Sabine Pass facility on the US Gulf Coast recently sent a shipment of American liquefied...

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One of the most successful investors in history received the only A+ from Professor Benjamin Graham (of Graham and Dodd “Security Analysis” fame) at Columbia: the chairman and chief executive officer at Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.,

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China found out early in the year that currency depreciation can no longer be used as a source of stimulus without causing panic in their equity markets and large capital outflows. The ECB and the BoJ later discovered that policy...

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It's dollar days for the market, yet nothing is really on sale. The only thing that looks remotely cheap is the cost to insure one's portfolio against downside risk. The CBOE Volatility Index is the tell there. It slumped as low as 12.50 in...

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Financial conditions were favorable for the stock market, confirming their upward trend, until around 2014. Since then, financial conditions have become increasingly less favorable, diverging from the stock market's higher highs, and finally went negative in 2016...

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The US dollar has had a rough few months. It has fallen against most major and emerging market currencies this year. A critical issue for global investors and policymakers is whether the dollar’s uptrend is over, or is this just a respite.

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As a symbolic and data-rich target, Wall Street faces a number of cyber threats. Regardless of the size of an attack, there remains the need for effective recovery and response mechanisms, underpinned by preventative measures.

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The 8th Year Presidential Cycle, as it is known, shows a decline in the stock market in the first couple months, a rally into April, and then further declines heading into the rest of the year. So far both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average have followed the pattern...