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The price of oil has risen more than 20% over the past month. It is being driven by ideas that OPEC (and Russia) may implement a freeze or an output cut at the end of next month. At the same time, US crude stocks trended lower.

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A lot of things happen in the last half of October every year. Leaves fall from the trees; temperatures drop, and a Major League team are on its way to becoming the World Series champion. Something else that unfolds in the last half of...

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Balance sheet recessions often take decades to recover from. The current budget deficit is less than 3% and not excessive by historical standards. He describes a trade-off in balance sheet recessions between higher debt/GDP ratios and severe recessions or depressions...

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Brazil's northern state of Roraima, which shares a lengthy border with Venezuela, will create an emergency Cabinet to address the issues stemming from the influx of some 30,000 Venezuelans who are fleeing deteriorating economic...

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America’s economic condition is truly a “tale of two cities.” Upper middle class and wealthy earners have never been more flush thanks in large part to the record liquidity creation of the last eight years as well as to their financial market exposure.

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The other week I was driving in downtown Los Angeles, late for an appointment. The road I needed to turn onto was just past the freeway overpass, but I got confused and turned onto the freeway on-ramp.

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The Energy Information Administration tipped markets towards bear territory when it reported that US crude oil inventories had jumped by 4.9 million barrels in the week to October 7. The total of 474 million barrels remains higher...

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A December Fed rate hike, uncertainty regarding the US presidential elections, weak earnings growth, diminished buyback activity and concerns about European banks pose near-term risks to global equities.

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Many investors are still expecting oil prices to rebound back toward their highs but, according to some experts, this may not happen for another 20 years. This time on FS Insider, Roberto Aguilera, adjunct research fellow at Curtin University in Australia and co-author...

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Dave Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s former budget director told Fox News the “Media Destroyed Trump” and “This Election is Over” Is that the case?