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This bull market began in March 2009. That makes it 66-months old. Is it running then on borrowed time? The answer could be: yes, no, and maybe.

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When it comes to new oil and gas frontiers, today it’s all about Africa. And more specifically, it’s all about the eastern coast, with Kenya the clear darling

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In this report, I present a plan, inspired by the ‘Scottish Enlightenment’ of the 18th century, that would enable the Scots, probably in less than six years, to become the most prosperous Anglosphere region in the world. It won’t be easy, but then the easy isn’t for the brave.

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After a huge 75% rally from November 2012 through May of 2013, the TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) has largely been consolidating since. Recent signs of life, however, suggest the TOPIX could be setting up for another strong run.

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For readers seeking to understand what is going on, we are providing a comprehensive view on the gold market. We take all perspectives into account: price and chart patterns, the technical picture, sentiment...

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In a recent interview with Financial Sense Newshour, the Senior Market Strategist for Lowry Research, Richard Dickson, said that investors are getting nervous about chasing stocks at these levels, but not nervous enough to sell. He also said that "we're certainly not seeing any signs of a major top."

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As things get dicier globally, assets in periphery nations typically get dumped as mobile capital flees risk and migrates to lower risk core nations and currencies.

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A number of economists now believe that given the worsening economic crisis in Ukraine, the country's public debt problem is simply unsustainable and default is becoming increasingly likely.

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This Great Graphic was on Reuters. It shows cumulative GDP growth for G7 countries over two five-year periods. The first covers the five-year period through the end of 2007. The second period covers the most recent five-year period.

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With the three fascinations of the week, the Fed’s FOMC statement, the separation vote in Scotland, and the Alibaba IPO, now history, will investors re-focus on the economy? Given what the Fed actually said in its statement, and some recent economic reports, it might be a good idea.