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According to the Federal Reserve, "Industrial production increased 1.3 percent in November after edging up in October; output is now reported to have risen at a faster pace over the period from June through October than previously published.

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If Mario Draghi was lacking ammunition to initiate an outright quantitative easing program in the Eurozone, he certainly has it now. Even the staunchest opponents will have a tough time arguing against...

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The Financial Times ran a very interesting article last week called “China: Turning away from the dollar”. It got a lot of attention, at least among China analysts, and I was asked several times by friends and clients for my response. The authors, James Kynge and Josh Noble, begin...

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It came as a shock to most, and certainly to markets, when Greek PM Antonis Samaras announced that presidential elections would take place on December 17th rather than in March 2015. Athens benchmark stock index fell 12.8 percent on Tuesday after the announcement late Monday...

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It is fair to say that the decisions made (and not made) by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) have a tremendous influence on the behavior of the capital markets. Even though the FOMC is charged with adopting monetary policy that achieves maximum employment and...

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Matthew Kerkhoff at Dow Theory Letters explains how the banking system works and why QE never led to widely anticipated fears of hyperinflation; Joe Dancy says some of the smartest minds in the energy business believe oil may not get much above $75 for the next five years; and Peter Bookvar from the Lindsey Group warns...

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The cyclical bull market that began in 2009 has not ended. Enjoy it while it lasts because the long-term secular bear market that began in 2000 has also not ended. Secular markets are very long-term trends within in which cyclical market moves take place.

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In the green corner we have the U.S. shale producers. In the red corner we have the oil exporting countries of OPEC. Assuming the fight is fought to a conclusion, who wins?

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The Preliminary University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment for November came in at 93.8, a strong surge from last month. Today reading is a is a post-recession high and the highest level since January 2007, almost eight years ago.

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The U.S. dollar is trading within yesterday's ranges against the major currencies. The Canadian dollar is the main exception. It is pushing lower still, with the greenback pushing a little beyond CAD1.1550. The main development today is the continued drop in oil prices.