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Official recession calls are the responsibility of the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee, which is understandably vague about the specific indicators on which they base their decisions. This committee statement is about as close as they...

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Incoming data continues to support the narrative that the US economy is not, I repeat, not, slipping into recession. Instead, the US economy is most likely continuing to chug along around 2 percent year over year.

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Real Time Macroeconomics aggregates "economically intuitive online data using computer code to create indicators that are helpful to economists, policymakers, and financial market participants." One such indicator they provide is New US Monthly Job Listings, which shows...

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"We're starting to see some heaviness and breaking down in some of the more aggressive names and I don't think that bodes well," Ralph Acampora told Financial Sense Newshour this Saturday. A strong and defensive rotation into the utility sector, a continued breakdown...

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Was the financial crisis a watershed event that marked a structural shift in attitudes toward debt? History suggests that major credit busts trigger lasting shifts in credit behavior. The chart included shows that US consumers have become much more focused on saving since the financial crisis.

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As technical analysts, we can easily become mired in price charts, forgetting that things like corporate profits and economic data can help fill in the back story behind the price action. Sometimes we forget that when we buy shares of stock...

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Hiding funds through unreported accounts, shell companies, transfer pricing, corporate inversions and other practices presents a high cost to national treasuries. Governments are now taking steps to combat the problem.

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For most American households, everything is fine. But for more and more households, things are not so good. The industrial sector’s recession has spread and it’s getting more impactful. That’s one leak. Another is that income growth is slowing.

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Thirty-one years after Michael Jordan was named Rookie of the Year in the NBA, and supply outages are ensuring that a rally is a slam dunk for oil today. Here are seven things to consider in the crude complex...

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In addition to competing GDP “Nowcasts” between the Atlanta Fed and the New York Fed, at least three financial sites offer a “Brexit Tracker” using that name. Let’s dive in with a look at the three models, all based on polls.