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Around the world, a change that has been slowly gathering momentum seems to be accelerating: everywhere we look, we see the public revelation of political and economic corruption. The abuse of political power for personal gain has...

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The largest economic boom in the history of the world is now hitting a brick wall, says Richard Duncan, well-known author, market strategist, and publisher of the widely-watched video newsletter Macro Watch. “Non-performing loans are skyrocketing...and China has hit the point...”

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There are four key issues that are having an impact on baby boomer retirement in ways that are catching many retirees off guard. They are are longer lifespans, growing medical expenses, financial repression or low/negative interest rates, and stagnant economic conditions...

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The Belgian-Brazilian Conglomerate that owns Budweiser will help “Make America Great” again by renaming Budweiser to “America”. Gee, this almost makes me want to stand up and salute.

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While it’s hard to make much sense of the market’s day-to-day movements at present, there is no such issue with what is expected to happen to Disney (DIS) and Macy’s (M) shares in today’s session. They both missed the mark in...

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I spent a lot of time in 2015 warning that at year-end we would see a huge decline in crude oil reserves. As I have explained in the past, the reason I expected this is because of the relationship between proved oil reserves and oil prices.

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In the six years since the recovery began, there has been endless debate over the strength of the US economy. There are basically two sides of the debate. Those taking the positive side maintain the economy has almost returned to...

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State-owned Saudi Aramco is officially planning to increase output, despite the prevailing glut and depressed oil prices, citing an expected rise in demand this year. The announcement, which is likely to result in another dip in oil...

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Last week we talked about trend alignment and before moving on, I want to briefly apply that perspective to the broader stock market. We’ll do this by taking a quick look at daily, weekly and monthly charts of the S&P 500.

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If you want the bank to hold your money in Japan, it will cost you. In fact, any bond an investor buys up to a 10-year duration carries a negative interest rate. Japan has been the most aggressive first world country on the planet printing...