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It’s no secret President Trump is intent on reducing taxes, and with Republican control of the House and Senate, we’re likely to see changes soon. What does that mean for the individual investor and taxpayer? This time on our Lifetime Income podcast...

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Trump blames Mexico, China, and even Germany for taking US jobs and for US trade imbalances. His message resonated with voters. People can believe whatever “fake news” they want, but Trump’s theory on manufacturing jobs falls...

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Gold prices rose to $1240 per ounce in London on Wednesday, regaining almost half of their post-US election slump as Euro stock markets slipped and government bond prices rose amid fresh fears over the currency union's 2017 political outlook.

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Those looking for an inspiring story of entrepreneurship won’t find one in The Founder, the new biopic depicting Ray Kroc’s dogged pursuit of building the McDonald’s Corp into an iconic brand and food-industry juggernaut. According to the screenwriter...

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President Donald Trump’s scheme to build a “big, beautiful, impenetrable” wall on the southwestern border – and force Mexico to pay for it – is wildly unrealistic and won’t be effective in keeping undocumented migrants out.

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"I've jokingly said that when it comes to the story with the Fed this year, it's that the Fed will raise rates in June and then Janet Yellen will be fired by Trump right after that. Her term is up in January 2018. What we've learned about Trump is what he says he means..."

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The new administration has made no bones about its dislike for past trade agreements, namely the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). President Trump signed an executive order...

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With four front-runners facing difficult sets of issues, the electoral campaign is likely to be tumultuous with continued weakening French institutions. On Sunday, January 29th the French Socialist Party (PS)

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One of the biggest contributors to losses for traders in the financial market is the temptation to sell short. Borrowing shares of a company that is not owned by the seller in the hopes of making a massive profit have shipwrecked...

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Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft—the largest publicly traded companies in the world—are banking their collective futures on the game-changing field of deep learning artificial intelligence. “They have entire research arms dedicated to unlocking...