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Encouraging data out of China and a mixed economic reading on the home front provide the backdrop for today’s trading action, with the major indexes appearing on track continue with the Greece-inspired momentum.

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Many in Europe continue to believe in the permanence of the Eurosystem. The Bank of Greece is controlled by the ECB and its assets and liabilities will always be consolidated into the Eurosystem. By this argument, the collateral...

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It appears the US economy is finally making a turn after a disappointing and negative first quarter. Recent data has been surprising to the upside and suggests along with leading economic indicators that the US economy will continue to expand and the risk...

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Circularity defines the policy environment. Example: Greece gets money from the IMF and uses it to pay the IMF. Result: a circle. Another option: Greece is refused money by the IMF and therefore fails to repay the IMF.

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What can they possibly be thinking? This is not the sort of thing I normally write about, but I have to say that if I had any say in the matter I would most strenuously oppose removing or ‘diminishing” Alexander...

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Every business cycle and market cycle is different, but avid market watchers understand a few basic premises that generally keep them on the right side of the market. We can apply these to the current environment.

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Interest rates moving up are either a good thing for the equity market (generally speaking) or a bad thing for the equity market (generally speaking). The distinction revolves around why interest rates are going up and...

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I am not sure if my heart was ever that much of an open book, but I like to think I’m still relatively young. Nevertheless, I must admit that sometimes I want to “give in and cry.” This is especially so when I look at...

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According to new data from the European Central Bank, and contrary to popular belief, weaker currencies do not boost exports, as many firms cannot react in time to take advantage of currency fluctuations.

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Noted market technician Tom McClellan believes stocks will put in a major peak this August. Here are his comments and charts for why he's making this prediction, which are to air this Saturday on the show.