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I recently completed a Bankrate survey of market analysts. It contained a number of questions, one of which asked to assign a probability of a bear market occurring over the next 12 months. My response was...

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A number of Southeast Asian countries are seeking to update their rail networks to high-speed lines. This is expected to significantly benefit state and regional economies. For some states, however, the costs might outweigh the benefits.

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The first drop in equities was more than a month ago, yet price has not come within even 2% of the original low since then. Despite this, bearish sentiment continues to rise as if new lows were being formed. The infamous month of October arrives this week...

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The growth of gig work promises to have a profound impact on the economy at large. On the one hand, employers have less reason than ever to invest in their talent, and workers are no longer certain where their next paycheck is coming from. But on the other hand...

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Driving today’s gains are comments from Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen that indicate the lift-off option is very much on the table later this year. Many thought that market participants would push stocks higher if the Fed...

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The emission scandal at the world's second largest auto maker, Volkswagen, has reportedly "rocked" the German political and business elites. Some have argued that it will rival the refugee challenge for Germany.

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Oil analysts were mostly caught flat-footed by the price decline that began to unfold in June of last year, which has become one of six such drops of greater than 30 percent over the past three decades. Oil price forecasting

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Given how strongly the service-based sector of the economy is performing, I see little to no odds of a recession on the near-term horizon. That said, we can have a technical bear market (20% or more decline) without a recession as we saw in 2011...

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Recent reports suggest a Russian military build-up in Syria as President Vladimir Putin searches for new venues to stoke both domestic and international legitimacy — an expanded foray into the Middle East with global geopolitical implications.

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Those looking for "lift off" material for Fed hikes will not find it in the latest Durable Goods report from the US Department of Commerce. Durable Goods orders declined 2.0% in line with Bloomberg Consensus Estimates...