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Iraq and oil majors BP (NYSE:BP), Shell (NYSE:RDS.A) and Lukoil have agreed to resume investments in oil fields the foreign groups are developing, which is expected to raise the country’s crude output by 250,000-...

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Today's seasonally adjusted 266K new claims, down 1K from last week's revised number, was above the Investing.com forecast of 265K. The four-week moving average is at 262,750, up from last week's number. Here is a close look at...

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Let’s turn our attention to the global economy. Last week the Bank of England said it would buy 60 billion pounds of government debt in order to cushion the economy against the impact of the recent Brexit vote. England and the European...

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The trend in equities continues to be higher, even a very short term basis. As equity prices move higher, volatility is compressing. That, on its own, is not bearish, as volatility can stay low for months as equities grind higher.

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Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that negative interest rates cannot occur naturally, can only occur with government or central bank intervention, have nothing to do with free markets, and must fail eventually.

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This past July 29, the Commerce Department surprised the economic cognoscenti by reporting that its advance estimate of second quarter real GDP annualized growth was a paltry 1.2%. The consensus estimate of Street economists was...

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Assisted in part by some improvement in China, emerging markets (EEM) recently cleared a resistance zone that had bounded prices for several months. A tick up in the market’s tolerance for risk can be seen in the chart below...

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If you’re having trouble understanding why the stock market keeps heading higher, try having a BEER. At the very least, it’ll give you a different perspective on the relative valuations of between stocks and bonds.

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Former Fed Chair Bernanke keeps a blog at Brookings. His latest post offers insight on how to think about the Federal Reserve’s and, in particular, Fed officials' understanding of the US economy.

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Can you believe the fix that the West is in? Interest rates lowered artificially to near-zero or negative to forestall deflation? Clinton lauded as the President under which the economy showed a surplus, though he and Bernanke birthed...