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Given European growth is expected to decline well into 2015 we are likely to see another round of the Euro crisis occur which could derail strong bullish seasonal strength the U.S. market typically sees in the last two months of the year.

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Just as European nations are trying to wean themselves from an erratic supply of Russian natural gas, so Russia appears determined to reduce its reliance on European customers by signing a second enormous deal to supply gas to China.

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The truth on Obamacare is finally out: The bill was purposely written to trick the CBO (congressional Budget Office) into believing the bill was not a tax. Moreover, the bill also depended on the "Stupidity of the American Voter".

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Stocks lost ground in a big way about a month back, with global growth fears giving us the first major correction of the year. It didn’t last long, with investors gaining confidence that the strong U.S. economic momentum will be able to sustain itself without global growth support.

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Gary Dorsch of Global Money Trends expects the Dow and S&P 500 to hit 18,000 and 2100, respectively, between now and the end of January on strong seasonal market strength and a revived yen carry trade.

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Earlier this year commodities prices were fairly buoyant thanks in part to strong demand in Asia. The strength didn’t last long, however, and by summer weakness was evident in Europe and China.

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The Federal Reserve's third "quantitative easing" program officially ended last week. Many traders hold the view that equity markets have become addicted to central bank stimulus and that the end of QE3 will therefore result in a significant fall in equities...

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Once again, a great deal of confusion surrounds the European Central Bank's current policy objectives as well as the nearterm action expectations. Let's try to tackle the subject in a Q&A format.

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The euro has slipped to its lowest level against the Swiss franc since late 2012. It has come within about 20 pips of the floor that the SNB has imposed at CHF1.20. The referendum at the end of the month is capturing the attention of market participants.

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Countries across Africa and Latin America have expressed a desire to begin or expand the sale of government bonds. Markets seem willing to take them up on their offer.