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I received an email from Jon Hartley, Researcher and Policy Analyst for Real Time Macroeconomics on the differences between JOLTS job openings and his research as discussed in BLS Says Jobs Openings Up; Actually, Openings Falling Fast!.

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Had I realized the Renewables 2016 Global Status Report (GSR) was about to be released by the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), I would have held off on my previous article The Solar Story Is Just...

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On recent earnings calls, restaurant chains were quick to declare that margins were safe thanks to a deflationary environment. For example, 40% of Denny’s (Nasdaq: DENN) non-labor costs are beef and eggs and the company has...

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The inevitable just seems to keep coming around. That over time food would become scarcer in our world has been well known for decades. Simply put, global demand for food continues to expand. The inevitable scarcity of food for the world is...

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The picture remains murky when it comes to U.S. equities, and market observers aren’t sure what to make of current conditions, noted Louise Yamada on Saturday. The current situation is hard to decipher, Yamada noted: “It’s very complicated for everybody, even...

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A policy-controlled market, whether it’s today’s investment environment or the 1930s or the 1870s, places enormous pressure on investors—for yield and consistent return, to be sure, but even more so for a resurrection

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With the release of Canadian banks’ second-quarter results, investors are beginning to measure the impact of the oil price collapse on the domestic financial industry. Widespread are the write-downs and other provisions...

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Since 2015 the number of online jobs listings has moved from leveling off to outright decline with Jon Hartley at Real Time Macroeconomics emailing us to say he is now "leaning toward forecasting a likely downturn/recessionary scenario" and said, "I don't think last week's poor jobs report was just a blip."

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Tiny oil rich Norway might be the last country one would expect to give a huge boost to Tesla, yet it appears that the wealthy Nordic nation is poised to make a dramatic change that could be the start of a trend.

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Bernanke blew it big-time, letting the "recovery" run seven years without any significant increase in rates. It is now painfully obvious that Ben Bernanke blew it big-time by not raising rates three years ago when the economy and...