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Russia is making a concerted effort to increase its military and security presence throughout Central Asia, just not for the reasons it would have you think. Though the Kremlin is concerned with the threat of spillover violence from...

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Vice spending is one of the most seldom used, but surprisingly accurate leading gauges of consumer strength and the economy. Everyone knows that when consumers have more money in hand, they spend it on fun and luxury goods.

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An entire new feedback loop of accreditation is needed, and fortunately that feedback is within our control: it's a process I call accredit yourself. Economist Michael Spence developed the job market signaling model of...

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Jobless claims clung to a higher rung of its 275K-300K range by posting initial claims of 294K for the week. This is an increase of 12K from the previous week, which was further revised up 1K. The 4-week moving average,

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I have been pretty adamant — some may say stubbornly so — about my expectations for crude prices this year. I have argued against the notion that oil prices were going to fall to $20 or $30/bbl for several reasons.

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Seattle seeks to utilize its past reputation for innovation and frontier spirit to stay ahead competitively, while implementing welfare policies that buck the national trend. The city of Seattle has a population of 652,405, but...

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Here’s a very long-term chart of gold and the dollar going back to 1980 with the correlation between the two shown beneath. As with most inter-market relationships, the correlation is not fixed but changes over time, which is probably why there’s so much confusion...

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Heaven forbid consumers actually like something too much. If they do, they buy it or use it more than they buy or use competing products. And when that happens, well it must be "unfair" competition.

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The paradigm of a clear and unidirectional relationship between geopolitical factors and oil prices is breaking down. Gone are the days when geopolitics of the Middle East played an obvious role that simply raised...

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I think few people would argue with the observation that bull market tops are often accompanied by excessive enthusiasm, euphoria, and a late rush by retail investors to own stocks. The final phase of bull markets has...