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Financial Sense Newshour had the recent privilege to speak with Dr. Jim Walker, Founder and Managing Director of Asianomics Limited in Hong Kong. Dr. Walker discusses the macroeconomic outlook for Asia, specifically Japan and China, and says the global environment is too...

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Currency and commodity markets are having overdue technical countertrend moves after moving a long way in a short period of time. “One-way bets” are over. Price moves in the other direction will be violent given...

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There is an interesting swirl of optimism surrounding the stock market this morning in the wake of reports that Russia and Ukraine have reached a ceasefire agreement, effective February 15. It is an agreement that...

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It's conventional wisdom that new highs in indices should be confirmed by an expansion in breadth. In other words, you want to see the number of stocks trading above their moving averages expand as the index price moves higher.

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It is said that an image is worth a thousand words. This chart conveys a very important message when it comes to the future direction of the stock market and whether investors should be concerned about a coming bear market. We explain the chart in more detail below.

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Could U.S. shale rival Saudi Arabia when it comes to playing the role of swing producer? Saudi Arabia has long been the only real oil producer in the world that could ramp up or down its production at a moment’s notice.

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The Canadian housing market is very expensive. Median house price to median household income is higher in Vancouver than it is in Sydney, London, and New York. If rates rise or if commodity prices continue to...

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Greece is beginning to dominate global news once again as the newly elected party, Syriza, is trying to renegotiate the country's debt with its creditors, mainly the ECB. Both sides appear to be playing chicken which is...

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The biggest risk to the expansion is a dogmatic view of the neutral Fed funds rate on the part of the Federal Reserve. Markets are pricing in a secular stagnation story. The decline in long yields is also consistent with that story.

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During periods of major economic duress, escaping the financial markets entirely (or repositioning to profit from falling asset prices) can be wise. At other times, during less intense periods of duress, seeking exposure that...