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Charles Hugh Smith from OfTwoMinds.com says Fed policy and its direct influence on wealth inequality in the US has now become a mainstream issue; Russell Napier says to expect another deflationary shock in the next couple years followed by a massive reflation by China...

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Leading up to the September peak in the markets we were seeing new highs in the market being met by smaller and smaller spikes in new 52-week highs. This indicated market breadth was deteriorating and we were on shaky ground. However, since the October lows we've now seen...

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Healthcare stocks, along with the stocks of food and drink companies are often recommended as defensive holdings for bear markets, on the premise that no matter what happens people will always have to eat, drink, and take their medicine.

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The dollar continued its upward path against the major currencies this week, and gold and silver prices suffered accordingly. The bears have maintained the upper hand, as shown in the following charts of Comex prices and Open Interest.

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Today's report of 214K new nonfarm jobs was a bit lower than most economists had forecast, but the lower number was more than offset by upward revisions to the new jobs for August (from 180K to 203K) and September (from 248K to 256K). The unemployment rate dropped a notch from 5.9% to 5.8%.

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The jobs report may have missed estimates, but it provides plenty of confirmation that the U.S. economy can sustain its growth momentum despite the sub-par outlook for its trading partners in Europe, Japan and China.

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Last week I wrote about a rather unique way to look at the sentiment data from the weekly Investors Intelligence survey. This week, I want to expand on that topic a little bit more, and cover the one piece of data in that weekly report which gets the least attention.

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What would you say to the frequent criticism from listeners that you are too “Pollyanna” on the markets and the economy? Jim Puplava: "To be honest, I began to receive this criticism on a regular basis after I wrote The Great Reflation..."

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In the wake of falling oil prices, tensions in Ukraine, and sanction madness that hurts both Russia and the Eurozone, the ruble has been on a huge slide.

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Contrary to the leaks, ECB President Draghi stuck to his intent that the ECB's balance sheet move back toward the 2012 levels. He clearly confirmed that this was unanimous. This was the first time such a reference was made in the introductory remarks, which gives it more gravitas.