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That was the word Jackie Gleason used to characterize the proposed reprisal of ‘Minnesota Fats’ in The Color of Money, 1986’s sequel to The Hustler. Chances are Paul Newman himself, who had at least 36 script conferences with the screenwriter...

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Japan stands out with industrial production in Nov. rising 1.5%, which is the most it has raised in five months. It was a little less than expected, but the expectations for Dec. (2%) and Jan. (2.2%) are constructive.

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It will be the middle class that accepted the notion that "real estate is the foundation of family wealth" that will be stripmined by higher taxes on immobile assets such as real estate. 

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The convulsions to come in 2017 are the political manifestations of much deeper forces in play. In much of the developed world, the trend of aging demographics and declining productivity is layered with technological innovation and...

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During the post-election stock market rally, there has been a huge push into ETFs, and especially into SPY. It is the largest of the ETFs tied to the SP500 Index. It is normal to see fluctuations over time, with total shares outstanding...

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Outgoing President Barack Obama is about to invoke a 1953 law in a bid to protect the Arctic and Atlantic shelf of the United States from the claws of the oil and gas industry, but below the surface it may just be theoretical.

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Official recession calls are the responsibility of the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee, which is understandably vague about the specific indicators on which they base their decisions. This committee statement is about as close as they get to identifying their method.

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The BEA released its Third Estimate of Third Quarter GDP today. In the third estimate, GDP rose at 3.5% annualized, up from 3.2%.

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The balance of power in Southeast Asia has been quietly shifting in China's favor, and perhaps no country feels it more than Vietnam. In the span of a few months, Hanoi — once the staunchest advocate for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

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Each year, the average American family donates approximately 3.4 percent of its discretionary income to charity. Most of these charitable contributions are made from October to December, known as the “giving season” in the nonprofit sector.