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Once breaking through its eight year declining trend from 1989 to 1997, the dollar rallied 50% until finally peaking with the tech bubble. Should the USD break out this time around, it is quite likely to have a strong bullish run going forward.

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Tech sites are buzzing right now about the new Apple smartwatch and iPhone. Having been a part of or close to the tech industry for a long time, the excitement that builds over new products doesn’t normally move me much.

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As part of our ongoing emphasis on tech innovations, we’ll mention a few stories that have caught our eye recently. Some are obviously tech-related, others less so. We continue to believe that such innovations — and the entrepreneurs who bring them from concept to reality...

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Ongoing tensions in Ukraine have recently settled with a ceasefire deal and Russian troops also pulling back from the area. This is certainly a positive development, though many still wonder whether we are witnessing the beginnings of a new Cold War or worse between Russia and the West.

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The beginning of the new school year heightens the anxiety over the rising cost of higher education. The cost of a college education is increasingly beyond the means of average American family. Tuition has risen faster than inflation, student debt has soared and jobs are difficult to secure.

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A referendum on Scotland’s independence, due to be held next week, could see Scotland leaving the union after 300 years of membership. Fiercely contested between the pro-independence campaign of Scotland’s nationalist party...

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All the chatter from the Fed about interest rate levels, forward guidance, tapering, etc. is largely noise. In a consumption driven economy, wage growth is the accelerant of consumption growth, not rising equity and real estate prices through the illusory "wealth effect".

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U.S. President Barack Obama said recently that he had no strategy as yet toward the Islamic State but that he would present a plan on Wednesday. It is important for a president to know when he has no strategy.

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I will tell you there has only been one false signal from Dow Theory (DT) over the past 15 years and that was a false “sell signal” generated by the Flash Crash in May of 2010; and, that was quickly reversed with a “buy signal.”

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The latest battleground for U.S. President Barack Obama’s so-called war on coal isn’t even in the lower forty-eight states. It’s across the border in British Columbia’s densely populated lower mainland where a recent proposal to...