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Apple may beat its numbers, but long-term the company’s market share will keep slipping. On the latest earnings report, Apple showed growth where it counts because it gamed the system. This time last year, the numbers were US-centric. This year, they include...

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Now that the Dow Industrials and the S&P 500 index have rallied back to the February-July resistance zones, should we expect a resumption of the selling pressure that plagued the market this summer?  Or should we rather expect a period of consolidation...

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We are likely to have worldwide near-zero short-term interest rates for at least another two years, maybe three or four. The implications for stocks, bonds, and currency exchange rates are huge, as we will explain below.

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Many people have constructed alternative inflation measures to correct what they consider flawed and/or manipulated government statistics. Shadow Stats is a well-known example. Publisher John Williams believes the 1990s introduction of hedonic adjustments...

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One casualty of the oil price downturn could be the megaproject. For years, as conventional oil reserves depleted and became increasingly hard to find, oil companies ventured into far-flung locales

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The market’s impressive comeback over the past month has helped erase all of the late-summer losses. Driving the gains is hope of continued Fed support on the back of a softer domestic economic backdrop.

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The first estimate for the 3rd quarter came in at 1.5%, eliciting comments of a slowdown from the 2nd quarter’s 3.9% growth. But beneath the surface, key drivers of the economy remained strong. Excluding the trade and...

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With China’s economy slowing and exports weak, a devaluation could be a way to restore economic vigor. Many accounts in the western financial press tried placing the depreciation of the yuan in this context, but it is mistaken.

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My model is telegraphing a trading top for this week. Unfortunately, the weight of the evidence is confirming my model with the large capitalization stocks in “blow-off” mode, while the small/mid-caps are not confirming the upside. Meanwhile, sentiment is too bullish...

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The major indices came storming back from a lousy month in September, riding a policy rate bandwagon that got increasingly crowded with some spooky, if not altogether scary, economic data. The biggest ghost of all was the September employment report...