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The past year has seen its fair share of worries. From the China slowdown to the Brexit, successive waves of overseas fear have rolled onto our shores since 2015, yet none of them were the Tsunamis the bears had predicted.

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What makes me think the economy is slowing? Because that’s what corporate America is saying. We know that there’s an industrial recession going on… even if we remove those commodity impacted sectors like materials.

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As a general rule of thumb concerning Big Oil and heated presidential elections, the US oil and gas sector routinely donates to the Republican candidates, leaving the “greener” Democratic candidates out in the cold.

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Now that the US is a neoliberal selfie society, we have the worst of all possible worlds in terms of a failed, doomed democracy. Each individual's liberty to do whatever you want, be whatever you want, go wherever you want, etc.

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In this debate series, GRI asked: With increasing political risks and instability occurring in spots such as Turkey and Brazil, is there still an appetite for investors to invest heavily in these emerging markets? Analyst Eric Simmons says...

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Gold bars in London wholesale trade rose near 3-week highs against a weakening Dollar and touched 1-month highs against the Chinese Yuan on Wednesday, as poor US data saw traders cut their bets of a US Fed rate rise at the September...

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On February 17, 2005, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan testified before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. He noted that despite a recent 150 basis point increase in the federal funds rate...

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The European Central Bank’s ‘bazooka’ QE is causing some very strange movements in the European credit markets. The latest development is the falling yield on European BB rated bonds which could mean JUNK BONDS will soon...

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The US dollar was already trading with a heavier bias before the shockingly poor service ISM. The August non-manufacturing ISM tumbled to 51.4, a six-year low, from 55.5 in July. Markit, which does its own survey, showed a smaller decline...

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There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to energy markets and the idea of peak oil, according to Art Berman, a well-known geological consultant, director of Labyrinth Consulting Services and also director of the Association for the...