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We agree with Professor Rogoff that Greece should have defaulted some time ago. Despite all the current efforts, Greece will default and that contagion will result in a global, banking crisis. Even if we’re wrong, the mountains of money that will be created and poured into the debt hole will benefit the gold and silver prices.

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Clueless TV Reporter explains gold sell-off, Germany approves bailout fund, Bernanke declares unemployment a 'national crisis', ...

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Possibly the best interview since Phil Donahue years ago.

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The Federal Reserve's "Operation Twist" represents a $400 billion assault on retirement investment portfolios, pension funds, corporate stock valuations and the financial viability of state and local governments.

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The following infographic shows how much the U.S. and each American taxpayer owes in debt to individual nations around the world. Can you afford to pay the bill?

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It is difficult to predict how the market will react to what is expected to be a favorable German vote Thursday approving the July 21 changes to the European bailout plan. However the early read as of 12:50 p.m. on Wednesday leans bearish. 

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The new book, Drilling Down, is not simply the story of the Gulf oil spill (although it does tell this story, quite well). Tainter and Patzek use the story of Gulf oil spill as the background for discussing the energy-complexity spiral, and its relationship to this accident.

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The more you hear about the extraordinary efforts that governments around the world are taking to promote economic growth, the less confident you can be in the result.

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There was a time that I hired a good number of FX and options traders. I was good at spotting those who had the “right stuff”.

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The world that Europe, the US and Japan are desperately trying to sustain is no longer possible in a world of too much debt and too expensive energy.