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Silver's bull market shows no sign of slowing - its price is touching new highs again. But it is a very frustrating metal for investors, and is notoriously volatile in price. So should you buy, sell or hold right now? Dominic Frisby explains how you should play silver's bull run.

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On one hand of the spectrum, the bears believe that China is a train-wreck and that its economic growth is unsustainable. These sceptics love to highlight the property bubble in China and they never miss the opportunity to mention the fact that fixed asset investment accounts for a disproportionately large chunk of the Chinese economy. According to the bearish camp, China’s economy is not real

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Civil revolt is currently spreading across the Arab world. What began in Tunisia has now metastasized into Bahrain, Egypt and Libya. Though two dictators have been ousted, the chances that these regimes will fundamentally transform from autocracy to a system of free markets and property rights are also up in the air.

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Recent news this week in the housing sector reinforces the argument that a double-dip in real estate is here. Increasingly, I am also noticing a growing amount of real estate realism by industry professionals, a development I find encouraging.

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A large part of my newsletter earlier this week discussed emergent scandals in the railway industry and their implications for the overinvestment debate, and this was even before the Alibaba scandals broke, but I think a lot more interest this week surrounded the inflation numbers.

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For 2010, the year just ended, the IEA estimates that global crude oil and natural gas liquids demand was around 87.8 million barrels a day — an incredible 2.8 million barrel per day increase from year earlier levels, one of the largest increases in consumption in several decades! China alone added almost one million barrels per day to its daily petroleum demand. The increase was almost double what the IEA originally forecast.

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To reach an integrated understanding of current events in the Mideast and North Africa, we must place them in these broad contexts.

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Today's surging youth-led revolution in the Arab world has common points with the 1968 student's revolt that rocked developed countries including the USA, France and several other European countries, with lasting sequels – of student and youth unrest – in Latin America, the then-USSR, Japan, developed countries in East and SE Asia, and even Africa during the 1960s and 1970s.

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The United States government and other nations have increasingly adopted an official economic policy of cheating their own savers, with particular damage inflicted on long-term retirement investors that follow conventional investment practices.

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One of my best friends recently discovered, to his shock and dismay, that five one-ounce gold coins had been stolen from his home. I feel especially bad because I had encouraged him to buy some physical metal, giving him some tips and pointing him to the better dealers.