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My GDP-weighted ISM PMI Employment (manufacturing and non-manufacturing combined) in October bounced to 53.3 after contracting for the first time in 17 months in September and falling to below 50 – the neutral level.

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The Eurozone’s descent into chaos is starting to get repetitive — though with each iteration the numbers do get scarier. Back in 2010, for instance, the crisis was already almost a year old and Spain looked like the most likely post-Greece domino.

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As a result of the protests, many protesters — including McKibben — were arrested. But President Obama could not ignore those protests, and his administration announced a delay in approving the pipeline until after the 2012 presidential election.

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The ECRI Weekly Leading Index (WLI) is an indicator I have tracked every Friday for the past few years. I'm often asked why I haven't accorded the same attention to the Conference Board's index of Leading Economic Indicators (LEI).

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Over the past week, we've heard all sorts of propositions that the European Central Bank (ECB) "must" begin printing money to bail out Italy and other countries, because "there is no other option."

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Both inter- and intra-market correlations have lately become extremely pronounced. In the stock market it has become very difficult for investors to produce 'alpha', this is to say outperformance based on judicious stock picking.

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Of late we’ve seen clever moves by some precious metals mining companies to link the dividends they pay to the income they achieve on a quarterly basis. These include Silver Wheaton, Newmont, Hecla – no doubt to be followed by many more.

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This comprehensive and eye-opening interview with Jim Rickards is being re-featured as it provides an excellent summary of his recently released book, Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.

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The American economy is set to recover, if only that huge 800-lb European gorilla won't squash everything.

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Since the beginning of 2011, nearly one out of every four purchasers of real estate in the Phoenix area has been a foreigner. Wealthy Chinese and Indian investors, among others, regularly visit the area, sometimes in “real estate investment tours.”