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Last week I watched a group of anti-Wall Street protestors as they paraded down the street. One of their signs said, “Corporate America is Guilty.” A sweeping generalization if there ever was one. If capitalism is guilty, what can we say about anti-capitalism?

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Can the 4-year cycle keep the financial market afloat until next year's presidential election? Or will further central bank intervention be required?  These questions are answered in this week's installment.

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Many people are beginning to either consider or take the necessary steps to make their home more self-sustainable. One person in particular, Nicole Foss, has undergone much of this process herself and shares some key insights and considerations in the following interview conducted last week.

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Back in June I highlighted some troubling developments occurring that suggested the global economy and financial markets were at risk. Some of those developments proved to be early warnings as to what lay ahead before the July-October swoon. I revisit those key items and chart the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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The real measure of sustained and sustainable improvement in the US economy isn't just total employment; it's full time employment. Part time jobs normally don't pay enough to even pay the rent (The rent is too damn high.) let alone support a family.

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The United States is one of only two countries, and the only major country, that taxes its citizens, no matter where they live. If you haven’t lived in the United States in decades, you must pay tax on your worldwide income as if you never left. Even “accidental” U.S. citizens born overseas with at least one U.S. parent, who never set foot in the United States, must file U.S. tax returns.

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The video below explores the current ratio of gold (GLD) to Treasuries (TLT). The ratio helps us monitor the battle between: 1) Inflation via GLD and deflation via TLT. 2) The bulls via GLD and bears via TLT.

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Over 10 years ago I developed an indicator called Dollar-Weighted Volume (DWV). It could be that I reinvented the wheel, but I am not aware of anyone else who uses this indicator. DWV is variation of On-Balance Volume (OBV), which was developed by Joe Granville. DWV is calculated by multiplying the daily volume of each stock in a given market index by the closing price, then adding (or subtracting, if the stock closes down) the result to the cumulative total of DWV for the index. The resulting indicator is an expression of the trend of money rather than just volume.

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Flush with a Pyrrhic victory over Greece (but not recognized as such just yet), Merkozy is stepping up the pressure on Italy. Expect more pressure on Spain and Portugal as well. Although reforms are badly needed, Greece, Spain and Portugal are already imploding and budget targets will be increasing hard to meet the more austerity measures are crammed down taxpayer throats.

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When the news broke earlier this week that Greek prime minister George Papandreou would seek a popular referendum on the bailout deal that had been so torturously negotiated over the previous months, financial panic quickly emerged.