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Deutsche Bank shares have collapsed to lows deep under crisis lows and collapse of Lehman in the Great Financial Crisis. What’s going on? An investigation of Deutsche Bank’s “Passion to Perform” balance sheet provides the clues.

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While the stock market appears to be brushing off the shock of UK’s momentous vote to leave the EU last week, a large number of concerning economic trends were recently discussed on our podcast between Chief Investment Officers Brian Pretti of Capital Planning Advisors and Chris Puplava of our parent company, PFS Group.

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Stocks have staged an impressive rally off the recent Brexit low, which may turn into a push to higher highs. However, as noted on Twitter, the S&P 500’s chart currently contains two lower highs, and a recently printed new multi-month low.

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Five out of the twelve Federal Reserve Regional Districts currently publish monthly data on regional manufacturing: Dallas, Kansas City, New York, Richmond, and Philadelphia. Regional manufacturing surveys are a measure of local...

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It’s quiz time. I will list a statement. You decide who said it. The correct answer is either Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton.

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We’re going to talk about bonds today but before we get to that, I want to briefly point out why the Brexit event is impacting US markets so heavily. As we’ve discussed many times here at DTL, the strength of the US dollar dictates...

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With Venezuela facing an unprecedented economic crisis, time is running out to enact much-needed reforms and avoid a drawn-out catastrophe. Venezuela is a time bomb. The opposition, led by former presidential candidate Enrique Capriles...

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Everywhere one turns there is evidence of widespread rage and frustration. The peoples of Europe and the Americas in particular are aggrieved at their political lot and are becoming increasingly angry. What was once a simmering...

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This process of withdrawal into the relative safety of internally cohesive groups and group identities is intrinsically messy in globalized, multicultural societies. A great many narratives are drifting around the Brexit pool: a return to sovereignty...

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The latest Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index was released this morning based on data collected through June 16. The headline number of 98.0, was an increase from the May final reading of 92.4, which is a downward revision from 92.6. Today's number was above the Investing.comforecast of 93.3.