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Although OPEC's decision to maintain current crude production quotas was not entirely unexpected, the market reaction was violent. WTI crude fell by 10% over the last two days of the week.

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The Chief Market Technician at MKM Partners recently told Financial Sense Newshour that he doesn’t see much evidence of a turnaround in the gold market, noting that it usually takes a long time—several quarters, if not years—to repair the type of “technical damage” that’s taken place.

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As oil prices continue to fall, OPEC faces a dilemma at its meeting in Vienna on 27 November. Members must decide between decreasing production that will support the oil prices but also consequently the U.S. shale oil industry, and...

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Renewable energy, by definition, is inexhaustible or, at least, it can tap the sun's energy for times that can be considered infinite from our viewpoint. However, renewable energy doesn't live of sun alone. It needs metals, semiconductors, ceramics and more.

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The Latest Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index was released this morning based on data collected through November 13. The headline number of 88.7 was a surprising drop from the revised October final reading of 94.1, a downward revision from 94.5. Today's number was well below the forecast of 95.9.

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A New York Fed research paper wonders, "What’s Keeping Millennials at Home? Is it Debt, Jobs, or Housing?" The paper says "it's a mystery" why the housing recovery did not have a bigger impact on millennials living at home.

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The positive GDP report should help the market maintain its positive momentum in today’s session. Stocks have been steadily building on their record level in recent sessions, and today will likely be no different.

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Interest rates are low, so stock valuations should be high. After all, a lower discount rate means that company cash flows are worth more; hence, a higher stock price. And the higher yield offered by equities makes them more attractive than low yielding treasuries, another reason to pay up for stocks.

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Economic growth in the U.S. will probably remain weak for another four years and interest rates are likely to fall even further, Gary Shilling recently told Financial Sense Newshour. The number one reason, he says, is “the overpowering reality of deleveraging″...

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When is this gold bear market going to end? There’s a question to which we’d all like to know the answer. I actually have gold and gold stocks on a short-term buy signal at the moment. They’re bouncing from oversold levels, as I suggested last week they would.