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Do you remember the old Soviet Union? Dubbed as "The Evil Empire" by Ronald Reagan in 1983, it disappeared in a puff of smoke in 1991, crushed under a mountain of debts. The origins of the financial collapse of the Soviet Union are rather well known: it was related to the fall of the oil prices which, in 1985...

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The number of U.S. job openings is now running materially above the pre-recession levels. One would think the nation's unemployment rates should be at pre-2008 levels as well.

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Corrective forces continue to grip the foreign exchange market. Many expect the dollar's downside correction/consolidation to end today. Technically-inspired short-term participants often see 3-4 day counter-trend moves to be typical of market moves.

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In August Fed Chair Janet Yellen delivered an extended analysis of "Labor Market Dynamics and Monetary Policy" at the annual Jackson Hole Symposium. Her speech essentially reviewed the ongoing debate over the cyclical versus structural factors in employment since the Great Recession.

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California has just entered its fourth year of drought — a slow-rolling crisis that is showing no signs of abating. All of California is now affected, with more than half of the state considered to be in “exceptional” drought, the worst designation handed out by the U.S. Drought Monitor.

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Growth worries about Europe and Ebola headlines provide the unsettling backdrop for today’s stock market action. Stock have faltered lately, with a combination of global growth worries and Fed policy uncertainty weighing on sentiment.

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Today the dollar gave up much of its Friday's gains that were driven by stronger than expected U.S. employment situation report. We haven't seen such volatility in currency markets in some time. What happened?

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The ongoing tax inversion debate in the U.S. can be summed up in two phrases: “patriotic duty” and “competitive for business.” But after Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew released new tax rules to govern tax inversions, it became clear that tax inversions are really about something else.

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When it comes to the stock market, there are some justifications for the level we are at. My first response to those who don't believe we've had any type of recovery, or that the stock market shouldn't be this high, is to bring up corporate profits.

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Near-term caution on the market was echoed again by our most recent technician on the show, Louise Yamada, as the major indexes attempt to stabilize. She sees “continued deterioration” in a number of key indicators beyond what we’ve seen so far this year and believes this may be the start of a cyclical correction of around 10%.