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Gold has once again begun to assert its safe haven value after the recent drop in equity prices. Last week’s Argentina bond default scare coupled with rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine have combined to spook global equity markets.

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By now most who follow the stock market know that the first two years of each presidential term are basically flat, but the good times come in the 3rd year which is nearly always an up year.

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A slew of negative economic surprises across the Eurozone is pointing to significant challenges the area faces on its road to recovery.

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A new study from the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank, argues that using solar and wind energy may be the most expensive alternatives to carbon-based electricity generation, even though they require no expenditures for fuel.

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Here are four “big picture” charts or indicators to help determine whether the markets and economy are topping out and ready to roll over. Although certain events can always take the markets by surprise and lead to a correction, in general, most major turning points...

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One of the reasons why we have secular cycles is due to the time-tested principle that people don’t change. The two greatest emotions that every investor has battled with are fear and greed. We see euphoria and rampant greed at secular bull market tops and outright despair and fear at...

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Walgreen's decision to go ahead and buy the 55% of Alliance-Boots that it does not own, but not move their headquarters may mark the beginning of the end of the so-called inversion boom. Inversion is simply when a U.S. business buys a foreign company in a lower tax country and moves its headquarters there.

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Soft economic data out of Europe is again raising doubts about the region’s economic outlook. Threatening moves by Russia in its ongoing face-off over Ukraine are also keeping market participants on edge. As a result, safe-haven trades into U.S. treasuries are pushing yields to the lowest levels of the year, offsetting Fed fears of recent days.

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Contrary to what the editors of The Economist and many mainstream economic analysts assert (but don’t verify), QE has not boosted the American economy by lowering corporate bond yields.

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Based on capitulation-like selling in both the small cap equity and junk bond segments of the market, it is quite likely that last Friday marked a low. While the recent pullback was not fun it also wasn’t the beginning of a bear market as many bearish pundits claimed.