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U.S. treasury bonds defied the experts last year. The consensus was that once the Fed began dialing back its massive bond-buying stimulus program last January, bond prices would have to begin plunging.

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Gold prices sank at the start of New York trade on Friday, dropping 2.5% to hit 3-week lows beneath $1235 per ounce after new U.S. jobs data came in much better than analysts forecast.

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Every week I post an update on new unemployment claims shortly after the BLS report is made available. My focus is the four-week moving average of this rather volatile indicator. The financial press generally takes...

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I received several requests to comment on an article written by Antal E. Fekete entitled the Counter-Productive Monetary Policy of the Fed. The subtitle of his article is "Sowing Inflation, Reaping Deflation".

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The jobs report reconfirms that the U.S. recovery is for real and here to stay. What this means is that the U.S. economy is more than capable of absorbing the coming Fed tightening cycle, notwithstanding...

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When I made my energy predictions for 2015, I made some very aggressive predictions. Perhaps the most aggressive was that the closing price of West Texas Intermediate would not fall below $40/barrel (bbl) in 2015.

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In recent years, the new radical right’s political discourse has attracted voters across Europe and experienced a substantial increase in electoral support. Unlike radical right parties throughout history, the ‘new’...

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Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief this week after a case of the jitters the last couple of weeks. Fears over a deflationary plunge in the euro zone had sparked an increased demand for safe haven assets, including gold and silver.

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The Great Financial Crisis lingers. The fact that the world economy continues to grow does not change that fact. There are different lenses from which one can view the crisis and seek to understand its implications.

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All eyes are focused on Europe this week as another Greek drama plays itself out. I have to admit that in my student days I was forced to sit through a number of Greek dramas, which are admittedly a fine part of...