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China has been investing large sums of money into clean energy – in fact, more than any other country in the world. The reasons for this are strategic, and can have widespread consequences. China has a woeful environmental...

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The two biggest topics I wrote about in the first quarter of the year was to expect a correction in the USD and a trough in global economic growth this spring, both of which are occurring right now. The three main points for why...

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Oil prices are showing some signs of life as key indicators start pointing in a bullish direction. One of the big indicators to watch that will determine which way oil prices are heading is the rate at which oil producers are storing oil.

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We are now in the second term of President Obama’s term in office. While the Presidential Cycle Pattern shows similarities among all presidential terms in the stock market’s behavior, it is poorly appreciated how the 2nd term is...

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Don't worry. The First Quarter GDP Disaster, released this morning is transitory. How do I know? The Fed says so. Here is the FOMC Statement from today. Emphasis mine.

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Back in the early days of my investing career in the late ’90s, I used to have pretty much all my money in index funds. When I started working on Wall Street, I had a separate pile that I used to speculate on individual stocks...

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China’s role in the global financial system has recently caught the media’s attention more than usual, as Beijing’s financial aspirations create significant diplomatic tensions among Western countries.

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Press reports suggest that the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is considering unconventional monetary policies, including direct purchases of local government bonds and/or some sort of long-term refinancing operation (LTRO) using...

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Increased oil output in the US has kept World oil output from declining over the past few years and a major question is how long this can continue. Poor estimates by both the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) and...

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The soft GDP read this morning sets the stage for the Fed announcement later this afternoon, with investors trying to handicap whether the Central Bank will start the tightening cycle in September or delay it further.