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Periodically the S&P 500 will get extremely stretched, moving too far above or too far below its 50-day moving average indicated by the horizontal red and green lines. When this happens, we typically see an important top or bottom in the market take place...

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In 2015, we accumulated almost $71 billion in new credit card debt. And for the first time since the Great Recession, we broke the $900 billion level in total credit card debt so we are back on track in getting to $1 trillion...these numbers are huge...

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It's widely accepted that most tech startups will fail. Perhaps the core business proposition didn't pan out, or the execution was flawed, or the initial success

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On March 20th, President Barack Obama achieved yet another diplomatic milestone by becoming the first US leader to visit Cuba in 88 years. Obama’s visit has so far been the pinnacle of the US-Cuba rapprochement, which has produced...

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For a while, there in January and early February investors started to get genuinely nervous about the energy sector. Everyone knows the energy industry itself is in trouble, but earlier this year there was increased concern about energy...

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When it comes to anticipating Federal Reserve policy, there’s no better place to turn than former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke. No longer bound by an office, Mr. Bernanke is now free to write about monetary policy as an outsider.

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Eric Hadik of 40yearcycle.com and Insiide Track Trading discusses his outlook on the stock market, gold, and the possibility of food crises ahead using long-term historical cycles that he's identified going back hundreds of years....

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The markets (any market) are seldom surprised by shocking events. But during those rare instances when a surprise catches the market a panic may result. My definition of a panic is this: A panic is a collapse (triggered by fear and unforeseen...

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Author and real estate mogul Robert Kiyosaki, better known as “Rich Dad“, is predicting a stock market crash starting in 2016. Unlike others who perpetually predict crashes, Kiyosaki made his crash claim in his 2002 book “Rich Dad’s Prophecy”.

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Earlier this month, I hit my 19-year work anniversary at Briefing.com. It was yet another reminder of how fast time flies when you're doing something you love. So much has happened in that time for me, both personally and professionally.