Jim’s Big Picture: The Three D’s: Demographics, Debt & Deficits - the End Game

Also on the Big Picture: “Unfair & Unbalanced” and “Christmas Coming Early to Dividend Investors”

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James J Puplava CFP

On this week’s Big Picture, Jim looks at three topics, starting with “The Three D’s: Demographics, Debt & Deficits - the End Game”. Jim’s next topic is “Unfair & Unbalanced- What the Media isn’t telling you”. Jim takes a look at how the media portrays “fairness” and how it conveniently leaves out important facts in its reporting. Jim’s last topic is “Christmas coming early to dividend investors”. He discusses the recent increase in “special dividends” issued before year-end, their relation to the Fiscal Cliff, and if it’s really something companies should be doing.

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