Technician Charles Nenner on Bond Funds: Get Out Now While You Can

Also, Ryan Puplava with the Market Wrap-up, Erik Townsend on Commodities, and Rob Bernard on Fixed Income

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Charles Nenner

Jim welcomes back noted technician Charles Nenner this week. Charles sees a new stock market high into late April or early May. He also sees the economy picking up until the end of the year, but risk is also rising as well. Charles sees late April as a high risk period for the markets in terms of a correction. He is also very bearish on bond funds, and urges investors to get out of them as soon as possible. Charles is also out of gold in the short term, as he sees a rally in the US dollar ahead. Also in this segment, Ryan Puplava wraps up this week in the markets, Erik Townsend covers commodities, and Rob Bernard has the Fixed Income Report.

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