Financial Sense Newshour Archive


Jeffrey M Christian

Apr 20 – CPM Group’s Jeff Christian has been one of the most accurate forecasters on the gold market. In this comprehensive interview, Jeff provides his short and long-term outlook on the precious metals sector, including...


Rick Sharga

Apr 19 – Jim welcomes Rick Sharga, Chief Marketing Officer at 10-X , formerly Rick is an expert on all things real estate and will discuss how the wave of millions of retiring baby boomers will affect the real estate market in...


James J Puplava CFP

Apr 18 – This week Jim and John tackle four key issues that are having a major impact on boomer retirements in ways that are catching many retirees off guard. The subject matter of this program was prompted by a case study that Jim will discuss later...


John Kosar CMT

Apr 16 – Jim welcomes back John Kosar CMT, Director of Research at Asbury Research LLC. John believes we are vulnerable to a pullback near term, as momentum is stretched and the market is up against overhead resistance. John is more...

James J Puplava CFP

Apr 16 – This week on the Big Picture, Jim and John cover the only game in town; central banks. We read about economic weakness and that corporate profits have peaked, yet the Fed is still talking about raising rates this year.


George Mobus

Apr 15 – Can money be thought of in terms of energy and the laws of thermodynamics? Dr. George Mobus, co-author of Principles of Systems Science and an associate professor at the University of Washington’s Institute of Technology, explains biophysical economics...


Jacob Olidort

Apr 14 – In today’s broadcast, Dr. Jacob Olidort explains the game theory of terrorism, the roots of ISIS’ beliefs, how they differ from other Islamist organizations, and the implications in terms of strategic planning and the use of military force.


Jon Hartley

Apr 13 – What is online web-scraped data from firms across the US saying about the economy? Real Time Macroeconomics LLC is a group of economic researchers and statisticians creating new economic indicators using online data such as...


Dick Gregerson

Apr 12 – Jim welcomes Dick Gregerson, President of JANAS Consulting. For those that wish to sell their business and retire, there is planning that needs to be done. Dick explains some of the strategies involved, and how they may differ...


James J Puplava CFP

Apr 11 – This week Jim and John cover an important topic for those who are nearing retirement or just retired; protecting your savings and investments from the next downturn. For many baby boomers, their retirement plans have...