Financial Sense Newshour Archive


Callum Thomas

Feb 10 – Callum Thomas of discusses the global macro backdrop 2016 vs. today, the three C’s defining the current investment environment—China, Commodities, and Currencies—and then focuses on the investment...


Lakshman Achuthan

Feb 9 – For two years, the US and global economy was caught in a growth slowdown, which narrowly averted recession last year. Today, however, Lakshman Achuthan, co-founder of the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI), says...


James Bianco

Feb 8 – Jim Bianco of Bianco Research joins FS Insider today to discuss the large divergence in “hard” vs. “soft” economic data, his outlook for stocks and bonds in looking at futures market data, the big changes Trump is going to make...


Paul Horn CFP

Feb 7 – Paul Horn, financial planner at PFS Group, discusses the importance of discussing money with your family, the proper way to do so, common challenges and problems faced when it is not done correctly or at all, and key...


James J Puplava CFP

Feb 6 – What steps should you be taking to make sure the emotional and financial transition to retirement goes as smoothly as possible? Today, we discuss the various stages of retirement and three most important questions...


Louise Yamada

Feb 4 – In the first half of today’s broadcast, Louise Yamada from LY Advisors offers her technical outlook on US stocks, bonds, interest rates, and gold. David Morgan of the Morgan Report discusses gold, silver, the miners, and what...

James J Puplava CFP

Feb 4 – According to a recent BofA Global Fund Survey, one of the greatest concerns on the minds of large institutional investors right now is a policy mistake by the Trump administration, which could lead to any number of...


Clif Droke

Feb 3 – Clif Droke, editor of the Momentum Strategies Report, discusses his New Economy Index, the technical backdrop for the market, a decennial rhythm for possible euphoria then panic later this year, and, lastly, how he’s invested currently given his outlook.


William Messner

Feb 2 – William Messner, who participated in DARPA’s Grand Challenges in the early to mid-2000s, explains just how far driverless car technology has come since then and why more and more driverless cars will be on the...


Jay Zagorsky

Feb 1 – The Dow Jones industrial average just recently hit the 20,000 mark. Is this important? Not according to Jay Sagorsky since, among other things people don't know, the Dow at 10,000 is not the Dow we know today.