Financial Sense Newshour Archive


Art Berman

Aug 19 – Well-known geological consultant Art Berman offers a wide-sweeping view of the energy landscape, how it’s changed over the past two decades, and where he thinks things are headed. He discusses the topic of...


Chris Martenson PhD

Aug 18 – Chris Martenson Ph.D., co-founder of, discusses his latest book, “Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting,” the looming crisis facing public pension funds, and shares a fascinating and not...


Kurt Kallaus

Aug 17 – Kurt Kallaus, the author of Exec Spec, discusses the modest cyclical upturn we’ve seen in US economic data from the lows at the beginning of this year and how long he expects this to continue based on longer-term structural factors like...


Adam Sherry

Aug 16 – Jim welcomes back Adam Sherry, an estate planning attorney at Anderson & Yocum, APC. In a wide-ranging discussion on estate planning issues, Adam focuses on the side effects of holding property in joint tenancy...


James J Puplava CFP

Aug 15 – This week Jim and John cover the topic of retiring to another state, and how it can affect your retirement. There are three major expenses in retirement; shelter, medical costs, and taxes. All three can be affected by relocating out of state.


Robin Griffiths

Aug 13 – Jim welcomes back Robin Griffiths, Chief Technical Strategist at the ECU Group in London. Robin’s work indicates the US markets are overvalued and entering bubble territory. He stresses there is nothing wrong with the companies, just...

James J Puplava CFP

Aug 13 – This week on the Big Picture, Jim and John discuss “The New Abnormal – the Age of Uncertainty”. After the economic recovery in 2009, Bill Gross of Pimco termed it “the new normal” to describe the new environment in the markets and...


James Bianco

Aug 12 – In a wide-ranging interview with the President of Bianco Research, Jim Bianco explains how the shock Brexit vote actually turned out to be one of the most bullish catalysts for the stock market this year, what’s going on with...


Eric Hadik

Aug 11 – Eric Hadik, editor, and publisher of INSIIDE Track and The Weekly Re-Lay, discusses his approach to cyclical analysis, including “swarm events,” and also offers his outlook on the US stock market, a possible time window for...


Felix Zulauf

Aug 10 – Legendary fund manager Felix Zulauf provides his outlook on the global macro environment and how he believes this will affect the US stock market, gold, bonds, the US dollar, the euro and much, much more.