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The Lifetime Income Series: When Cash Is Trash – How to Survive 0% Interest Rates in Retirement

Special Guest: Attorney Roberta Robinson on Tax Planning Strategies

Roberta J Robinson

This week Jim and John address an issue facing many retirees and those contemplating retirement; how to generate adequate income when short-term interest rates are essentially zero, and likely to stay that way for at least the next few years. In looking at what retirees can do to survive, Jim discusses several strategies...


Ralph Acampora

Jim welcomes back legendary technician Ralph Acampora this week. Ralph believes the market professionals could be “head-faked” again, and sees the fourth quarter as a big opportunity. He notes that sector rotations are a function of every bull market, and currently he favors the technology and financial sectors.

James J Puplava CFP

Jim’s first topic this week on the Big Picture is “Ready or Not, Stocks Heading Higher”. While many investors have been waiting all year, or longer, for a significant correction, Jim currently believes the market will be heading higher. He lists a number of favorable factors right now, including...


Professor Alexander Motyl on Putin’s Chess Game With the West and the Prospect of War

Russia's Economy and Military Cannot Sustain a Major Conflict

Alexander Motyl

Cris Sheridan welcomes Alexander J. Motyl, Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University-Newark. Professor Motyl is a specialist on Ukraine, Russia, and the USSR, and on nationalism, revolutions and empires. He notes that Putin is calculated and responsive to cost-benefit analysis...


Mark Nestmann: New FATCA Laws Are Not the End of America

Be Cautious on Taking Drastic Measures

Mark Nestmann

Jim welcomes back Mark Nestmann, President of The Nestmann Group, Ltd., an international consultancy assisting individuals to achieve their wealth preservation goals. Mark and Jim discuss the complex and restrictive provisions of FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which came into total effect in July of this year.


Ned W Schmidt CFA

Jim welcomes back Ned Schmidt CFA, Publisher of The Agri-Food Value View and The Value View Gold Reports at Schmidt Management Company. Ned notes that 2014 has been a good year for consumers on balance, although beef and pork prices have remained high. Ned believes that a more normal weather situation next year will lead to higher agriculture prices.


Michael Pettis

In a special reprise edition of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan, Senior Editor of Financial Sense, welcomes Michael Pettis, a Beijing-based economic theorist and financial strategist. He is a professor of finance at Guanghua School of Management at Peking University in Beijing.


The Lifetime Income Series: Making a Move Make Money

Special Guest: Carolyn Rosenblatt on Loss of Financial Capacity

Carolyn Rosenblatt

In a special reprise edition of The Lifetime Income Series, Jim and Cathlyn discuss how where you live can have a great impact on your retirement. Jim looks at selecting an appropriate state in which to retire, taking into account the cost of housing, the cost of living, access to healthcare, weather, and of course taxes, be they income, sales, property or estate.


The Big Picture with Jim Puplava & Erik Townsend (Part 2)

“The Drivers Behind the Relentless Rise in Stocks” and “Financial Competence Critical for the Next President”

James J Puplava CFP

In part two of a special Big Picture conversation between Jim Puplava and Erik Townsend, they begin by discussing the key drivers behind the relentless rise in the stock market in recent years. Erik believes that Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve is the most important factor.

James J Puplava CFP

In a special Big Picture two-part series, “Advantage America – Transformational Changes Ahead”, Jim revisits interviews with prominent guests that have a surprisingly optimistic outlook for America in the decades ahead, particularly in comparison to other industrialized nations.