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Jim Puplava on the Seven Megatrends That Will Shape the Next Decade

Catherine Austin Fitts Interviews Jim Puplava

Catherine Austin Fitts

In a special reprise edition of FS Insider, Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report interviews Jim on seven megatrends that will reshape America in the coming decade. Jim draws from an extensive number of interviews with authors, economists and other experts to compile his list.


The Collapse of Macroeconomics: An Interview With Dr. Woody Brock

U.S. Needs to Invest in Infrastructure Projects With Positive Rates of Return

Woody Brock PhD

In a special reprise edition of FS Insider, Cris Sheridan, Senior Editor of Financial Sense welcomes Dr. Horace “Woody” Brock, founder and president of Strategic Economic Decisions, an economic think tank. Dr. Brock has spent more than 25 years counseling global corporations and other institutions of ongoing structural changes in the global economy.


Howard Davidowitz: Retail Is Getting Amazoned!

One Half of the Retail Malls in the US Will Eventually Go Out of Business

Howard Davidowitz

In a special reprise edition of FS Insider, Jim welcomes Howard Davidowitz, Chairman of Davidowitz & Associates, Inc., a highly respected retail industry consulting and investment banking firm founded in 1981. Howard and Jim discuss the revolutionary effect that Amazon is having on the retail sector.


Professor Andrew Lo on the Cancer Mega-Fund – Will Financial Engineering Cure Cancer?

You Can Actually Make Money By Investing in a Cure for Cancer

Andrew W Lo PhD

In a special reprise edition of FS Insider, Jim welcomes back Dr. Andrew Lo, Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the director of MIT's Laboratory for Financial Engineering. They discuss Professor Lo’s proposal to use financial engineering to...


The Lifetime Income Series: When You’re Not Around: Setting Your Family Up for Success

Special Guest: Tim Prosch, Author of “The Other Talk: A Guide to Talking With Your Adult Children About the Rest of Your Life”

Tim Prosch

In a special reprise edition of The Lifetime Income Series, Jim and Cathlyn take on a very important, but often little-discussed topic; what will life be like for your family should you die or become incapacitated? They raise difficult but necessary questions: who will pay the bills? Who will manage the family’s money? Where will the income come from?


Gary Dorsch

Jim welcomes back Gary Dorsch, editor of Global Money Trends at Gary notes that we’ve seen a pull-back in the market recently, not a correction. This is the third pull-back so far this year. He believes this is a buying opportunity and the S&P will return to old highs, although he is cautious longer term.

Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: On The Record

John Loeffler Interviews Jim Puplava on a Broad Range of Economic Topics

James J Puplava CFP

In a special late summer edition of “On The Record”, John interviews Jim on a range of economic topics, starting with his views on the Crisis Window of 2014-2016, Peak Oil, and precious metals. Jim also gives his views on the theme of “Advantage America” and the growing manufacturing and energy renaissance in the U.S., as well as the rapid advances in...


Senator Alan Simpson: Future Entitlement Problems Haven’t Gone Away – Only a Crisis Will Force Congress to Act

U.S. Debt Will Reach $20 Trillion by the Time President Obama Leaves Office

Alan K Simpson

Jim welcomes back Alan K. Simpson, retired US Senator from Wyoming. Senator Simpson gives an update on the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and if the “kicking-the-can-down-the-road syndrome” will ever reach the end of the road.


Oliver Inderwildi PhD

Jim welcomes back Dr. Oliver Inderwildi, Senior Policy Fellow at Oxford University in England. Dr. Inderwildi discusses how rapid technological advancements are transforming the global energy landscape. He points to the unconventional energy revolution in the U.S. and how it is now fueling its economic recovery, and will...


Alex Daley

Jim welcomes back Alex Daley, senior editor of Casey’s Extraordinary Technology from Casey Research. Alex and Jim discuss the “Insourcing” trend of manufacturing coming back to the U.S., and what is driving this manufacturing renaissance. They also discuss the growing revolution in “additive manufacturing”, such as 3D printing and robotics.