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James J Puplava CFP

Apr 17 – Contributions to pensions have been in a state of decline in the US since the Great Recession. Wealth disparity and pension plans are growing based on race, age, and education. Recessions and bear markets have had...


Jonathan Krinsky CMT

Apr 15 – Jonathan Krinsky, Chief Market Technician for MKM Partners, believes technology still maintains market leadership and that we are nowhere near a market top. He sees a short-term consolidation in stocks. The US dollar is in a primary

James J Puplava CFP

Apr 15 – Credit demand has been weak this recovery. The big puzzle right now is, with optimism at record levels along with the stock market, why is credit demand starting to fall? Despite business and consumer optimism, it hasn't translated into...



Apr 14 – If you haven’t yet heard about Microsoft’s new mixed-reality headset called the Hololens—listen up—because it’s going to be an absolute game changer! Financial Sense discusses this new device, which the public is just now...


Matthew Kerkhoff

Apr 13 – Many refer to the what’s taken place in the US stock market since Trump’s election as the “Trump rally,” but, according to Matthew Kerkhoff at Model Investing, the true driver behind stocks is reflation (higher growth and inflation)...


Adriano Bosoni

Apr 12 – UK Prime Minister Theresa May has officially started UK’s exit from the European Union, a.k.a. Brexit. This has never been done before and Stratfor’s Senior Europe Analyst, Adriano Bosoni, joins FS Insider today to discuss what we...


Laurence J Kotlikoff

Apr 11 – Jim’s guest this week is Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University. Professor Kotlikoff believes entitlements need to be fixed now if we are to preserve them. Wealthy individuals may see their benefits...


James J Puplava CFP

Apr 10 – Whether you are still working on your taxes or you just did them, we’re going to focus today on bringing those taxes down and, particularly, how to do so in the context of your overall investment portfolio. Areas discussed: tax brackets...


Gary Dorsch

Apr 8 – After this week’s wrap-up with Ryan Puplava, we are joined by Gary Dorsch of Global Money Trends who explains why the Fed is getting concerned and why, he thinks, the stock market is in the process of peaking. Then, afterwards...

James J Puplava CFP

Apr 8 – Today’s Big Picture is broken up into three topics: 1) How banks are making money but this is not being passed along to bank depositors through savings accounts. Why is that and will that change as the Fed raises interest rates?