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Patrick Nipper CMT CFA

Sep 16 – Bond guru Jeff Gundlach believes we are a major turning point for bond yields but RenMac’s Pat Nipper says we’re not quite there yet, believing Treasuries still have room to decline. Pat also discusses the current state of the credit...


Andrew Zatlin

Sep 15 – Moneyball Economics’ Andrew Zatlin, one of America's top-rated economic forecasters, gives an update on his economically-sensitive Vice Index and explains why he believes “we’re in the eye of a hurricane” according to his forecast...


Charles Bolin

Sep 14 – Charles Bolin, a mining engineer and contributor at Seeking Alpha, unpacks his latest Investment Outlook, which includes a detailed view of household income, consumption, production, and corporate health trends.


Karen Covy

Sep 13 – Following yesterday’s broadcast on "grey-haired" divorce, we speak with divorce lawyer, mediator, and educator Karen Covy to cover her book, When Happily Ever After Ends: How to Survive Your Divorce Emotionally, Financially and Legally.


James J Puplava CFP

Sep 12 – Divorce is becoming more common, though not just for younger couples but for "grey-haired" ones as well. Jim discusses the unique challenges older individuals face, from financial impacts to major lifestyle considerations...


Craig Johnson CMT CFA

Sep 10 – After Ryan Puplava’s weekly market wrap-up, Jim interviews Craig Johnson, Senior Technical Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray, who explains why he’s sticking to his bullish call on stocks, what sectors he favors, and...

James J Puplava CFP

Sep 10 – There’s a wide range of sectors either in or approaching recession but the US stock market has been holding near all-time highs. What’s going on? In the first part of today’s Big Picture, Jim answers this question looking at the LEIs...


Matthew Kerkhoff

Sep 9 – "Secular stagnation" is a popular topic in financial and economic circles to describe the seemingly neverending slow growth environment we find ourselves in today. Though many will search for its causes, it's pretty clear to Matthew Kerkhoff that...


Ben Hunt Ph.D.

Sep 8 – Are econometric models like spells? No! According to Ben Hunt, author of Epsilon Theory, they ARE spells…just like those used by witchdoctors and shamanic priests of old. Today, they are called the Gaussian Copula and...


Brian Reynolds CFA

Sep 7 – Brian Reynolds, Chief Market Strategist for New Albion Partners discusses the three major themes or drivers of this current bull market and why he doesn’t think the current run is likely to end for still another 3 years or more.