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Robin Griffiths

Jan 17 – Jim welcomes back noted technician Robin Griffiths, Technical Strategist at Cazenove Capital in London. Robin sees U.S. stocks as not cheap, but believes they can go higher. He also sees the dollar rally continuing...

James J Puplava CFP

Jan 17 – This week on the Big Picture, Jim gives his annual outlook for the global economy and the markets. Jim starts by mentioning the positive tailwinds heading into this year; low interest rates, low inflation, oil prices...


Jeff Rubin: Massive Cap Ex Cuts Coming to the Energy Sector

Low Prices to Last Until North America Cuts Production

Jeff Rubin

Jan 16 – Jim welcomes back Jeff Rubin, author and economist. Jeff and Jim discuss the dramatic decline in the price of oil, which Jeff had predicted back in early October in his last interview with Jim. Jeff explains his views on...


Rick Santelli on Volatility: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

A Change in Central Bank Policy Could Lead to a Wild Ride this Year

Rick Santelli

Jan 15 – Jim welcomes back Rick Santelli, On-Air Editor at CNBC, reporting from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Rick sees more volatility and disruption in the markets this year, based on the expected transition in...


Kevin Kerr: The High Cost of Low Oil Prices

Steep Decline Has Created Instability in Russia, the Middle East and Hurt U.S. Shale Production

Kevin Kerr

Jan 14 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Kevin Kerr of Kerr Trading International. Kevin has been trading commodities professionally over 20 years. Kevin and Cris discuss the dramatic slide in the price of oil, and how low it could continue.


John Butler

Jan 13 – Cris Sheridan welcomes John Butler, Chief Investment Officer at Amphora Commodities Alpha Fund in London. In a wide-ranging interview, John and Cris discuss the parallels between market events in 1997-1998...


Lifetime Income Series: Getting Into Financial Shape

Special Guest: Elizabeth McCoy on Special Needs Trusts

Elizabeth McCoy

Jan 12 – This week Jim and John cover a New Year’s resolution that should be of great importance to just about everyone, getting into better financial shape. Jim notes that 70% of Americans have no retirement plan, and according to...


Technician Craig Johnson: Still Bullish for 2015 – S&P Target 2350

Also, Ryan Puplava, Erik Townsend and Rob Bernard

Craig Johnson CMT CFA

Jan 10 – Jim welcomes back Craig Johnson CFA, CMT, Principal and Senior Technical Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray. Craig looks ahead to 2015 with optimism, forecasting S&P 2350 as a year-end price. This follows his accurate forecast of 2100...

Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Forecast 2015 – The Consensus

What the Financial Experts Are Saying About the Year Ahead in the U.S., Europe, Japan and China

James J Puplava CFP

Jan 10 – In the first Big Picture program for the new year, Jim takes a look at the consensus of what the experts are saying about the year ahead. Will the consensus be right or wrong? Will the bull market continue? Stay tuned...


Satyajit Das

Jan 9 – Jim welcomes Satyajit Das, author, journalist and commentator at EconoMonitor. Das sees the financial headwinds starting to build, and doesn’t believe the markets have adequately priced in risk. They discuss some of those headwinds, and...