Financial Sense Newshour Archive


Ralph Acampora

May 14 – Well-known technician Ralph Acampora provides his outlook on the market and explains why he is cautious. Also in this segment, Ryan Puplava has this week’s Market Wrap-up and Greg Weldon covers the commodities market...

James J Puplava CFP

May 14 – In the first Big Picture topic this week, “As Good As It Gets,” Jim and John discuss how the economy is slowing down, why stimulus in the pipeline may lead to a bump in the second quarter even though longer-term trends are facing south.


Gordon T Long

May 13 – Speculation abounds of a closed-door meeting between leaders of the world’s largest economies to take down the US dollar. The reason: to provide relief to commodities, oil, and emerging markets. Gordon Long...


Howard Davidowitz

May 12 – Amazon is hitting new all-time highs while major retailers are struggling to survive or going out of business. Howard Davidowitz, Chairman of the New York City-based retail consulting and investment banking firm Davidowtiz...


Richard Duncan

May 11 – China experienced the “greatest economic boom in the history of the world” based on an export-led and investment-driven growth model, says Macro Watch’s Richard Duncan. Unfortunately, with a slowing global economy and decreasing demand for...


Rob Franek

May 10 – Jim welcomes Rob Franek, Senior Vice President-Publisher at The Princeton Review. Rob discusses the 2016 edition of Colleges That Pay You Back: The 200 Schools That Give You the Best Bang for Your Tuition Buck. The Princeton Review...


James J Puplava CFP

May 9 – If you are a parent with high school age children or a grandparent, you are probably thinking about where the kids will go to college, can the family afford it, and will the student be able to get a job when he or she graduates?


Tom McClellan

May 7 – Jim welcomes back Tom McClellan, Editor of McClellan Financial Publications. Tom sees the current pull-back in the S&P 500 as healthy, and after the consolidation is over, he believes we will have more market upside lasting into July.

James J Puplava CFP

May 7 – In the first Big Picture topic this week, “Stall Speed”, Jim and John cover the recent economic numbers and look to the future. Jim notes that economic growth in recent years has been driven by monetary policy, not fiscal policy.


James Bianco

May 6 – Jim Bianco, President of Bianco Research, offers his thoughts on the US election and says that global markets haven’t priced in the possibility of a Trump win. Jim also gives his outlook on gold (bullish), oil (bearish), and explains...