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Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Disinflation – The Battle Between Inflation and Deflation

Also, “The Next Asset Bubble: Risk-On Trade Has More Time to Run”

James J Puplava CFP

Nov 22 – The first topic on the Big Picture this week is about the ongoing global battle between inflation and deflation. Despite trillions of dollars created by central banks, there are continuing reports of falling inflation around the globe.


James J Puplava CFP

Nov 15 – In this week’s Big Picture Jim gives an overview of the seven megatrends that will reshape the next decade. He also looks at the situation in Washington after the midterm elections and whether investors should expect the same level of political drama in years past.


Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Oil Wars - Risks and Opportunities

Is This the Beginning of a Return to Lower Oil Prices?

James J Puplava CFP

Nov 8 – This week on the Big Picture Jim and Erik Townsend join forces to cover a topic of crucial importance to the global economy, the “war” over oil and it’s price going forward. Many market observers thought there was an effective $100 floor under Brent crude.


Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Manias, Panics & Corrections

Also, “Surviving Financial Repression – Why Dividends Still Matter” and “The Fed’s Path to Normalization”

James J Puplava CFP

Nov 1 – In Jim’s first Big Picture topic, Jim discusses why we haven’t seen a market crash, and why the conditions aren’t there at present for a mania or a crash, outside of a rogue wave situation. He notes that conditions don’t favor a speculative boom and despite the Fed’s money printing...


James J Puplava CFP

Oct 25 – In Jim’s first Big Picture topic this week, he delves into shareholder yield, and shows why stock buybacks and dividend increases from stock ownership make so much sense in an era of financial repression and zero percent interest rates.


Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Stocks vs. Bonds – Do You Really Understand the Risk?

Also, “Oil Fundamentals – Risk or Opportunity?” and “A Look at Valuations: The Year 2000 and Today”

James J Puplava CFP

Oct 18 – In the first Big Picture topic this week, Jim compares the risk of stocks vs. bonds. Volatility has increased in the stock market and this week money was pouring into the bond market after stocks corrected, driving interest rates to the lowest levels since 2013.


Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: 2016-2017 - The Next Perfect Financial Storm

Also, “Fed Funds Rate Cycle, Phase 1 - Why Markets Are Correcting” and “A Sneak Peak at Q3 Earnings”

James J Puplava CFP

Oct 11 – This week Jim discusses the timeframe for the next financial storm on the horizon. A confluence of factors and events point to the period after the presidential elections of 2016, including rising interest rates, growing government debt, geopolitical turmoil and war, and the rising cost of Obamacare on consumers.


Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Trouble in the Oil Patch

Also, “Hong Kong - Significance for the Financial Markets” and “Time to Panic?”

James J Puplava CFP

Oct 4 – The first topic this week is “Trouble in the Oil Patch”. Jim looks at the weakness in oil prices over the last few months. He discusses seasonal factors, and the recent strength in the dollar. He sees the weakness lasting another month or so, but the weather forecast for a very cold winter will likely change that trend as the demand for energy ramps up.


Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: LEIs Signaling a Soft Patch Ahead

Also, “Paid to Adapt, Not Forecast”

James J Puplava CFP

Sep 27 – Jim’s first Big Picture topic is about the Leading Economic Indicators (LEIs) and why they are signaling a soft patch ahead. They indicate weakness in housing, mortgage applications and durable goods. Jim discusses the reasons behind the soft patch and why it will likely be temporary.


Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: The End of the Taper – When Will Rate Hikes Begin?

Also, “The End Game (Part 2) – It’s Easier to be Wrong than Right”

James J Puplava CFP

Sep 20 – Jim’s first Big Picture topic this week is about the Federal Reserve bring the tapering program to an end in October. Fed Chair Janet Yellen has stated that a “considerable time” until rate hikes begin is not a calendar event. However, there are more hawkish forces in the Fed, such as...