When is QE not QE?

Why quantitative easing is inevitable

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Financial Sense Newshour Guest Frank Barbera CMT

Market technician Frank Barbera joins Jim on Financial Sense Newshour this week and sees gold prices set to soar.

Frank is the editor of the Gold Stock Technician (GST) Newsletter which originally started publication in 1993. As editor of the GST Letter, Mr. Barbera employs technical indicators to bring market timing to bear on the highly volatile gold stocks. In addition to writing the Gold Stock Technician Newsletter, Mr. Barbera has also managed private equity capital for a number of years. In his role as a hedge fund manager, Frank sought to regularly trade precious metals, energy, currencies along with the broad stock market indices. Frank began his career in the early 1980s working with Financial News Network in Los Angeles and later, as the "on air" analyst for KWHY TV.

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