Peter Eliades: Bear Market Still Intact--Further Downside Ahead

Also Jim’s Big Picture, “Seven Roads to Recession”

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Peter Eliades

Jim is pleased to welcome to Financial Sense Newshour technician Peter Eliades. Peter advises investors to be cautious, as he sees more downside risk ahead. Jim also discusses "Seven Roads to Recession" on the Big Picture.

Mr. Eliades’ theory of price movement in the stock market relates to repeating cycles rhythms. Fundamental news has no effect on market timing and affects only long-term trends. In over 16 years of uninterrupted market letters, he has rarely mentioned a fundamental news story in relation to the market. Mr. Eliades’ analysis is 100% cyclically and technically oriented.

Stockmarket Cycles provides market timing for the more important intermediate to long term trends for mutual fund switching. Short-term timing is also provided for stock index futures and index options via the daily telephone updates.

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