Technician Bert Dohmen: Libor Scandal Will Spread−Resulting in Billion Dollar Settlements

Also, Ryan Puplava with this week’s Market Wrap-up, and Rob Bernard with the Fixed Income Report

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Bert Dohmen

Jim welcomes technician Bert Dohmen, founder of the Wellington Letter, back to the program. Bert discusses major economic issues not covered in the presidential campaign, and sees the Libor scandal getting much bigger. He also mentions one of his most interesting charts at the moment represents sovereign bond yields, especially Japan and Germany. Bert also advises against shorting or day-trading this market, as the high-frequency traders (HFT) will run circles around you every time.

Ryan Puplava joined PFS Group in 1995. He is Senior Trading Manager and works closely with Jim Puplava on PFS Group's Growth investment objective. He also contributes a monthly Market Observation to Financial Sense and co-authors In the Know—a weekly communication for Jim Puplava's clients only—with other members of the trading staff.

Bert Dohmen is president and founder of Dohmen Capital Research Institute, Inc. (DCRI). He has achieved an international reputation for his expertise in forecasting the major investment markets, interest rates, and economic trends.

Rob Bernard joined PFS Group in 2011 as an independent broker. With over 30 years of experience in the investment management industry, Mr. Bernard's expertise includes: Income strategies, diversification strategies, specialized high-level corporate executive strategies, particularly with SEC Rule 144-related services, long-term care insurance and variable annuities.

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