Jim’s Big Picture: Down Payment and the Grand Bargain in 2013 – Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff

Also, “The Debt Super Cycle - The Final Chapter” and “The IEA World Energy Outlook - Fact, Fiction or Hope?”

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James J Puplava CFP

Jim looks at three important Big Picture topics in this segment. In the first, “Down Payment and the Grand Bargain in 2013”, Jim discusses how the politicians will cut a deal to avoid falling off the “fiscal cliff” next year. Whether it will solve any problems is another matter. In the next topic, “The Debt Super Cycle - the Final Chapter”, Jim discusses how government debt will be resolved voluntarily through a program like Simpson-Bowles, or involuntarily by the markets, whereby the US could wind up looking like Greece. In the last topic, “The IEA World Energy Outlook - fact, fiction or hope”, Jim looks the IEA’s claim that the US will become the world’s largest oil producer by 2020. Jim also answers your Q-Calls in this segment.

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