Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Black Swans and the Dragon King

Also, “Gold: A Beaten Up and Undervalued Asset Looking for a Catalyst” and “The Market’s Bill of Health”

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Jim Puplava

In this week’s first Big Picture topic, “Black Swans and the Dragon King” Jim discusses the work of recent FSN guest Didier Sornette, who distinguishes between “out-of-the-blue” Black Swan events, and those Sornette calls “Dragon Kings”. The demise of the dot.com and real estate bubbles were examples of Dragon Kings. In the second topic, Jim looks at the precious metals market and discusses if it’s time to invest, or remain patient and wait for a catalyst to reignite this beaten-up sector. In the last segment of this week’s Big Picture, Jim takes a look at the “Market’s Bill of Health” for this week. Last but never least, Jim takes your Q-Calls in this segment of the program. 

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