Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: The Fed’s Big Flip Flop

Also, “Checklist of The Wall of Worries” and “Big Ben’s Bewildering Bull or Bears”

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Jim Puplava

This week on the Big Picture, Jim addresses three topics. The first is “The Fed’s Big Flip Flop” in reference to it’s decision not to taper it’s monthly bond purchases, after announcing in May it would begin to taper this fall. Jim discusses the decision, it’s impact on the markets, as well as the likely announcement of Janet Yellen as the next Fed Chairperson. The next Big Picture topic, “Checklist of The Wall of Worries” refers to a discussion earlier in the month about the “Wall of Worry” hanging over the markets. Specifically, there were the issues of Syria, Fed Tapering and Summers vs. Yellen. These issues have either been resolved or have lessened in importance. The last topic is “Big Ben’s Bewildering Bull or Bears”. Jim takes a look at the markets and where they stand historically. Jim sees a correction as likely, but not a market crash. Jim also answers your Q-Calls in this segment.

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