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Rawlson King

Dec 18 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Rawlson King, Contributing Editor at Cris and Rawlson talk about the latest developments and trends in the biometric technology space, which Biometric Research Group estimates to reach $15 billion by 2015.

Axel G Merk

Dec 17 – Jim welcomes back Axel Merk, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Merk Investments LLC. Axel notes that foreigners have bid up U.S. markets and the dollar this year. He believes turbulence will return to the markets next year with the end of QE by the Fed, and sees potential weakness in both the U.S. markets and the dollar.

Cam Hui

Dec 16 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Cam Hui CFA, Portfolio Manager at Qwest Investment Fund Management. Cam discusses the main bullish and bearish arguments being made for stocks right now. On the positive side, Cam and Cris discuss seasonality, U.S. economic growth, an earnings boost from lower oil prices, and still accommodative central banks.

Mark Farrin

Dec 15 – As we near the end of 2014, Jim and John discuss strategies to reduce your taxes now. Some of these moves take tax planning, while others are easy to accomplish. Jim reviews Congressional action on tax extenders and other tax policies.

James J Puplava CFP

Dec 13 – Last week in the Big Picture Jim delved into the causes of oil’s big decline. This week, Jim will follow up on this theme, discussing a number of important questions; is this trend in oil permanent? If not, how long will it last? What will be the impact on the economy, good or bad?

Louise Yamada CMT

Dec 13 – Jim welcomes back Louise Yamada CMT, Managing Director at Louise Yamada Advisors. Louise notes that the small cap stocks tend to lead the market, and they could be telling us a corrective phase is ahead. However, Louise sees no evidence of an emerging bear market at the moment, despite the collapse in energy prices.

Peter Boockvar

Dec 12 – Jim welcomes Peter Boockvar, Managing Director and Chief Market Analyst at The Lindsey Group LLC. Peter and Jim focus their discussion on market valuations. Peter sees nearly all asset prices as overvalued, with the bond market the most extreme case. Peter believes that we are in the final act of the central bankers ability to maintain high levels of asset prices.

Joseph Dancy

Dec 11 – Jim welcomes back Joseph Dancy, manager of the LSGI Technology Venture Fund LP, and a professor of oil & gas law at Southern Methodist University. Joe and Jim discuss the 40+% decline in the crude oil markets over the last five months, and why it took most analysts and investors by surprise.

Matthew Kerkhoff

Dec 10 – In part-two of Cris Sheridan’s interview with Matthew Kerkhoff of the Dow Theory Letters, Matthew explains why the commercial banking system has a much more profound effect on the prices of goods and services than central banking policy.

Matthew Kerkhoff

Dec 9 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Matthew Kerkhoff, Director of Research at Dow Theory Letters. Matthew believes that very few people have taken the time to understand how QE actually works. Most people believe the Fed is printing money and this would directly result in higher inflation, or even hyperinflation.