Grey Swans Leading to Black Swans

All Roads Pointing to Commodities

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John Butler

Jim is pleased to welcome back to Financial Sense Newshour John Butler of Amphora Commodities Alpha Fund in London to discuss "Grey Swans leading to Black Swans" and how all roads are pointing to commodities.

John Butler has 18 years experience in the global financial industry, having worked for European and US investment banks in London, New York and Germany. Prior to launching the Amphora Commodities Alpha Fund he was Managing Director and Head of the Index Strategies Group at Deutsche Bank in London, where he was responsible for the development and marketing of proprietary, systematic quantitative strategies for global interest rate markets. Prior to joining DB in 2007, John was Managing Director and Head of European Interest Rate Strategy at Lehman Brothers in London, where he and his team were voted #1 in the Institutional Investor research survey. In addition to other research, he publishes the Amphora Report newsletter which appears on several major financial websites.

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