Joe Dancy: Tight Oil Inventories Support Record Prices

IEA Energy Outlook sees clear fundamental support for “stubbornly high prices”

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Joseph Dancy

Joe Dancy joins Jim to talk about energy and sees global inventories and supply/demand metrics supporting continued high oil prices. In real terms, 2011 will have the highest average oil price in 147 years.

Joseph R Dancy is manager of the LSGI Technology Venture Fund LP, a private mutual fund for SEC accredited investors formed to focus on the most inefficient part of the equity market. He is a Trustee on the Michigan Tech Foundation, and is on the Finance Committee which oversees the management of that institutions endowment funds. He is also employed as an Adjunct Professor of Law by SMU School of Law in Dallas, Texas, teaching Oil & Gas Law, Oil & Gas Environmental Law, and Environmental Law.

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