James Dines: Gold to Challenge Last Year’s Highs in 2012 on the Way to $3,000 oz. and Beyond

Uranium and Rare Earth equities are the buys of a lifetime

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James Dines

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Jim is pleased to welcome back James Dines of The Dines Letter to discuss his forecast for 2012. In an interview covering many subjects, Mr. Dines believes gold shares will catch up to the gold price, Chinese growth won’t be enough to bail out the world’s economies, and that nothing will save the world until a currency link to gold is reinstated and enforced.

James Dines has become legendary for having made correct forecasts that were in complete contradiction to the rest of the financial community. For example, he recommended gold at $35/oz and silver at 92.5 cents/oz before they rose astronomically higher; he predicted that "China would dominate the 21st Century" after Mao died; he was the first to prominently recognize the bull market in Internet stocks; he predicted a "Uranium boom" when the metal was at $8/lb before it rose as high as $138/lb; and a proponent of rare earth metals at their proverbial rock bottom before they skyrocketed. Mr. Dines has recently completed his latest book on gold, Goldbug!, which is his third and final gold book based on his earlier classic, The Invisible Crash, in which he predicted a great inflation, followed by a deflation echoing the 1930s.

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