Axel Merk: If Greeks Exit On Their Own, Expect Hyperinflation Next

The problem with Europe is a lack of leadership

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Axel G Merk

Jim welcomes back Axel Merk this week, Founder of Merk Investments LLC. Axel sees major problems with inflation if Greece leaves the Euro on its own, but not so bad with EU assistance. Axel doesn’t see the formation of a Eurobond market yet, but some form of deposit insurance may be next. Axel believes the problems in Europe stem from a general lack of leadership.

Axel is the Founder and President of Merk Investments LLC and the author of Sustainable Wealth: Achieve Financial Security in a Volatile World of Debt and Consumption. Merk is considered an expert, providing insights on macro trends, hard money, international investing and building sustainable wealth. An authority on currencies, he pioneered the use of strategic currency investing to seek diversification.

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