Lifetime Income Series

Adam Sherry

Apr 27 – This week Jim and John continue the tax strategy theme. At this time of year you still have eight months to plan, so it’s not too late to take steps to reduce your 2015 taxes. This week they look at broader tax planning techniques.

Dr. Gary Small

Apr 20 – This week’s program is a warning about procrastination. You’ve just filed your taxes and may have received some unwelcome surprises. What will you do about next year’s taxes? There are major changes coming to...

Kim Fichera CPA

Apr 13 – With the culmination of tax season dead ahead, the topic this week is everyone’s favorite subject: taxes. Jim and John discuss how to reduce your annual tax bill, especially now that we are seeing tax rates on the rise. As the government takes more...

Ronald Greenwald

Apr 6 – This week Jim and John pick up on a recent theme with Part 2 of “So You Think You Can Retire?” and raise even more questions. They will “reverse engineer” retirement to get you to think about where you are today and look realistically...

Mitch Anthony

Mar 30 – This week Jim and John focus on three generations; the Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. They will discuss how to become a millionaire by retirement using consistent savings, and the magic of compound interest. Jim will show how...

Drew Collins Nd

Mar 23 – This week Jim and John ask if you are really prepared to retire. The aging baby boomers are bombarded daily with television ads for retirement, making it look easy. Jim stresses that many baby boomers could be...

Roberta J Robinson

Mar 16 – This week Jim and John discuss estate tax planning, and the tax changes of which few are aware. Heirs of larger estates may be subject to capital gains taxes, and this program highlights the major issues involved.

Tana Cleaves

Mar 9 – This week Jim and John discuss how a successful retirement is about more than just one number. They discuss the importance of knowing your marginal tax bracket, the number (assets) you need to retire, your monthly budget number, and also the three phases of retirement.

Yolanda York

Mar 2 – This week Jim and John explain practical steps to help you navigate zero bound interest rates and make it through retirement. With the cost of living likely to continue to rise, and retirees living longer due to...

Adam Sherry

Feb 23 – This week Jim and John look at the subject of how to plan for a large estate, in excess of five million dollars. Jim covers the basics of estate taxes and exemptions, which only go so far with large estates.