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Martin Armstrong

Renowned economist Martin Armstrong and founder of Princeton Economics joins Jim Puplava in a wide-ranging discussion covering issues such as why economists get it wrong, the European credit mess, the culmination of the sovereign debt crisis by 2015, and why the next bull market will be in volatility.

Andrew Gavin Marshall

Jim Puplava is joined on Financial Sense Newshour by Andrew Gavin Marshall to discuss the Bilderbergs, "the high priests of Globalization."

Felix Zulauf

Jim Puplava welcomes Felix Zulauf on Financial Sense Newshour to discuss the growing sovereign debt crisis in Europe, other global imbalances, and why he is not optimistic about the future.

Jim Puplava

Jim Puplava and George Karahalios sit down for a broad-ranging macro discussion covering currency wars, government intervention, the peak oil business cycle, revenge of the free market, and could the US be the next Greece?

George Karahalios

In this segment Jim and George look at investment survival tactics for the new year and beyond. These include basic necessities, gold stocks, a discussion on when gold may be too precious, and lastly an exit strategy.

Marc Faber PhD

Dr. Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report joins Jim Puplava on Financial Sense Newshour in a wide-ranging interview to discuss Ben Bernanke, QE3, inflation, gold and much more.

William K Black PhD

Professor of Economics and Law William Black explains to Jim why no one has gone to jail four years after the beginning of the historic Credit Crisis. Professor Black believes that the level of corruption and fraud is so pervasive that very few of the guilty will ever be brought to justice.

Eric Sprott

Eric Sprott, Founder of Sprott Asset Management, discusses with Jim silver manipulation and why he sees silver as the investment for the next decade.

John Williams

On Financial Sense Newshour, John Williams discusses with Jim Puplava America's day of reckoning and hyperinflation.

Puru Saxena

Jim welcomes back Puru Saxena from Hong Kong to discuss the global economic outlook. Puru sees a culmination of the European debt crisis in the first half of 2012 and advises investors to remain cautious and avoid risk assets.