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Grant Williams

Jim is pleased to welcome back Grant Williams, Portfolio and Strategy Advisor for Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore and writer of the popular (and free) investment blog 'Things That Make You Go Hmmm...' This week Jim and Grant discuss oil, interest rates and China. Grant is watching the bond market closely, and says when the bubble finally pops, nothing will be able to stop it.

David Morgan

Jim is pleased to welcome back David Morgan this week. David discusses why the silver stocks are undervalued, as well as what could be the next trend in dividends, payment in physical precious metals.

Michael Lewitt

Jim welcomes Michael Lewitt, editor of The Credit Strategist this week. Michael believes Europe is still a mess, and will continue to print money. He also believes the US is on a dangerous path with the government’s "deeply flawed" tax and anti-growth policy proposals. Finally, Michael believes investors have no business owning Treasuries at this time.

Ned Schmidt

Ned Schmidt CFA, publisher of the Value View Gold Report, sees gold going through a normal corrective phase. He advises investors to just relax and build some cash. Ned believes the year-over-year comparisons for the gold companies will be poor, which will lead to better buying opportunities in the summer.

Joseph Dancy

Jim welcomes back Joe Dancy to discuss the energy sector. Joe notes the recent IEA report citing shrinking spare capacity in OPEC countries, as well as recent unrest in Sudan, Libya, Syria, Nigeria and Yemen leading to supply disruptions.

Alan Newman

Technician Alan Newman joins Jim this week and discusses the corruption involved in naked short-selling. He also explains why he likes gold. Ryan Puplava updates this week in the markets, and Rob Bernard joins Jim with his Fixed Income Report. Jim also takes Q-Calls this segment.

James J Puplava CFP

In this segment Jim looks at two important topics in the Big Picture. In "Good Will Spending: Closed for Business" Jim examines the abysmal business and employment environment in California, and why things have come to this.

Jim Rogers

Jim Puplava welcomes back legendary investor, author and commentator Jim Rogers. Rogers believes the US is one of the better places to invest this year. However, he is very concerned about 2013 and 2014, as he sees higher taxes and inflation taking a heavy toll. Rogers sees the commodity bull market continuing in either a strong or weak global economy.

Robert Prechter

Jim is joined this week by Robert Prechter, President of Elliott Wave International. Robert sees signs of a potential credit implosion, with borrowing and spending contractions in many foreign countries, as well as in US states and municipalities. He believes that the commercial bank "lending machine" is out of order, and the investment bank "leveraging machine" is at risk.

Erik Townsend

Jim welcomes Erik Townsend, a software entrepreneur and expatriate living abroad. In a riveting and thought-provoking interview, Erik discusses why he left the US and offers some interesting areas to consider overseas, but cautions there are no perfect locations. The USA of his youth no longer exists, neither in the US nor overseas. Erik sees many perils ahead, but opportunities as well.