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silver bar

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In a special broadcast, Jim is joined by famed exploration geologist Dr. Keith Barron, Dr. Leanne Baker, Managing Director of Investor Resources LLC, silver expert David Morgan of the Stone Investment Group, analyst and metals newsletter editor Chen Lin, and silver expert and editor of David Bond to discuss recent fraud allegations against several silver companies, particularly Silvercorp Metals.


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Jim is joined by Lorne Waldman of Silvercorp Metals to respond directly to the fraud allegations leveled at the company. In addition, two other top silver executives, Robert Archer, President and CEO of Great Panther Silver, and Jason Reid, President of Gold Resource Corp. join Jim to discuss allegations made against their companies and how they addressed them.

chris nelder

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Jim is joined by energy analyst Chris Nelder to discuss how most governments around the world are ignoring recent Peak Oil research studies, including one by the German military.

Mark Nestmann

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Jim Puplava welcomes Mark Nestmann, president of the Nestmann Group Ltd. to discuss the likelihood of capital controls, dual passports, and if expatriation makes sense.

William K Black PhD

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William Black, Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri–Kansas City, explains why no one has gone to jail four years after the beginning of the historic Credit Crisis. Professor Black believes that the level of corruption and fraud is so pervasive that very few of the guilty will ever be brought to justice.

Ned Schmidt

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Commodities expert Ned Schmidt CFA joins Jim this week and notes that traders are looking at the wrong data. He advises stocking up on beef, chicken and pork now, as he believes prices are going to double.

Nick Barisheff

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Nick Barisheff, CEO at Bullion Management Group Inc, joins Jim to discuss the gold market, and explain why gold is not in a bubble.

Peter Eliades

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Technician Peter Eliades joins Jim this week and advises investors to be cautious, as he sees more downside risk ahead. Jim also discusses "Seven Roads to Recession" on the Big Picture.

Jim Puplava

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Jim looks at two more topics on the Big Picture this week, "Ready to Launch: all roads leading to Gold" and "Policy Response" analyzing President Obama’s speech on jobs, and potential next moves for the Federal Reserve.

The Era of Uncertainty

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'Institutional Investor Magazine' has rated Francois Trahan the #1 Portfolio Strategist for the past 3 years and #1 in 5 of the past 6 years.