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Eric Sprott

Eric Sprott, Founder of Sprott Asset Management, discusses with Jim silver manipulation and why he sees silver as the investment for the next decade.

John Williams

On Financial Sense Newshour, John Williams discusses with Jim Puplava America's day of reckoning and hyperinflation.

Puru Saxena

Jim welcomes back Puru Saxena from Hong Kong to discuss the global economic outlook. Puru sees a culmination of the European debt crisis in the first half of 2012 and advises investors to remain cautious and avoid risk assets.

Nicole M Foss

In her discussions with Jim Puplava, Nicole Foss believes we will see the peaking of oil prices, the next bout of deflation and a looming depression. She sees resource wars as inevitable, given this deflationary scenario.

Frank Barbera

Jim is pleased to welcome back popular technician Frank Barbera to the program this week. Frank advises investors to stay defensive, or "in the bunker." Ryan Puplava analyzes this week’s market activity and Rob Bernard joins the program to speak about...

James J Puplava CFP

In this segment Jim addresses two very important subjects, "The Gathering Storm" regarding the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, and why he believes the Fed will launch QE3 in response next year.

John Doody PhD

Jim looks at what triggered the recent sharp decline in gold. His Big Picture analysis contrasts the paper gold market versus the physical gold market and why you need to understand the difference. John Doody of the Gold Stock Analyst joins Jim to also discuss the recent gold declines, as well as give his analysis on the direction of gold and gold & silver stocks looking ahead. Lastly, Jim takes more of your Q-Calls.

Bill Powers

Jim welcomes back energy expert Bill Powers of the Powers Energy Investor newsletter. Bill discusses Daniel Yergin (Chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates) Exxon and Fracking, and explains how all three are related.

Robert L Hirsch PhD

Dr. Robert Hirsch, Senior Energy Advisor at MISI, joins Jim to discuss an energy storm heading our way in the next two to three years. Dr. Hirsch believes Peak Oil is on our doorstep, nobody is taking notice, and we have no "Plan B."

Chris Skrebowski

Jim is pleased to welcome back Chris Skrebowski, a London-based expert on the global oil supply and founder of the Global Oil Megaprojects Database. Chris sees oil depletion overriding new oil supply, leading to higher prices in 2012 and beyond.