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Jim Rogers

Jim Puplava welcomes back legendary investor, author and commentator Jim Rogers. Rogers believes the US is one of the better places to invest this year. However, he is very concerned about 2013 and 2014, as he sees higher taxes and inflation taking a heavy toll. Rogers sees the commodity bull market continuing in either a strong or weak global economy.

Robert Prechter

Jim is joined this week by Robert Prechter, President of Elliott Wave International. Robert sees signs of a potential credit implosion, with borrowing and spending contractions in many foreign countries, as well as in US states and municipalities. He believes that the commercial bank "lending machine" is out of order, and the investment bank "leveraging machine" is at risk.

Erik Townsend

Jim welcomes Erik Townsend, a software entrepreneur and expatriate living abroad. In a riveting and thought-provoking interview, Erik discusses why he left the US and offers some interesting areas to consider overseas, but cautions there are no perfect locations. The USA of his youth no longer exists, neither in the US nor overseas. Erik sees many perils ahead, but opportunities as well.

John Williams

Jim welcomes economist John Williams, Executive Editor at Shadow Government Statistics. John discusses how we face a "devil’s choice" between inflation and deflation, and why he believes that hyperinflation is inevitable by 2014.

Quint Tatro

Jim welcomes back technician Quint Tatro this week. Quint is still cautious and concerned that the market is overextended. Ryan Puplava is more optimistic on stocks and sees multiple break-out candidates.

Ted Butler

Jim is pleased to welcome silver analyst Ted Butler of Butler Research LLC. Ted is noted for his comprehensive analysis on silver price manipulation and has been publishing unique precious metals commentaries on the internet since 1996.


In a "virtual" roundtable with Jim Puplava, Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management and David Morgan of each respond to excerpts from Jim’s earlier interview with CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton on silver price manipulation.

Martin Armstrong

Jim welcomes back Martin Armstrong of Martin believes "capital knows something is wrong" and we’re past the tipping point of the debt crisis. He sees the crisis rotating from Europe to Japan and finally reaching the US, with devastating results. As to gold, he believes the best thing for gold would be a correction this year and a healthy period of consolidation, setting the stage for a launch higher as the debt crisis worsens.

Michael B O'Higgins

Jim welcomes Michael O'Higgins, author of the best-selling book "Beating The Dow," and founder of O'Higgins Asset Management. Michael sees gold eventually reaching a 1-to-1 ratio with the Dow Jones Index. He is currently 40% invested in stocks, mostly in Europe and Russia. He still owns some bonds, prefers platinum over gold and stresses diversification in this very unpredictable market.

John Doody PhD

Jim welcomes back John Doody PhD, editor of the Gold Stock Analyst. John discusses the recent weakness in the gold stocks and sees opportunity in today’s market. He notes three factors that determine value when investing in a gold stock.