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Energy Update

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Kurt Wulff sees much higher oil and gas prices next year and advises building a portfolio of selected large cap, small cap and royalty energy stocks.

Colin Campbell PhD

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Peak Oil pioneer Dr. Colin Campbell joins Jim to discuss the sunset of the Oil Age and the growing importance of living a more local life.

Chris Skrebowski

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Energy analyst and Peak Oil expert Chris Skrebowski joins Jim Puplava to discuss his doubts regarding OPEC’s spare capacity and the potential for a severe energy crunch.

Neil Howe

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This week on the Financial Sense Newshour mid-week edition, Jim Puplava speaks with Neil Howe, historian, economist, and demographer about the Fourth Turning: the Age of Conflict vs. Compromise.

Robin Griffiths

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Robin Griffiths of Cazenove Capital in London joins Jim and sees weakness ahead for equities and a weak second half. Also, Jim discusses "Stagflation, Recession and No Second Half Recovery" in his first Big Picture segment. Ryan Puplava goes over sector performance and the default threat.

united states debt

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This is a busy week on the Big Picture, and in this hour of the program, Jim looks at two important issues, "How the US will Default on its Debt” and “Finding Income when Interest Rates are Zero Bound." Jim also answers your Q-Calls.

John R Ing

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John Ing of Maison Placements Canada joins Jim Puplava to discuss why he prefers precious metals stocks over bullion.


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In a special silver roundtable, Jim Puplava is joined by Jason Burack and Mo Dawoud to discuss their research report, "Treasure Hunting for Precious Metals Stocks."

Jeffrey Christian

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In a special week of interviews on silver, CPM Group founder Jeff Christian joins Jim to discuss why he believes the silver market is not manipulated.

Eric Sprott

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Eric Sprott, founder of Sprott Asset Management discusses silver manipulation, and why he sees silver as the investment for the next decade.