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David Morgan

Jim welcomes back David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David believes the fundamentals are still strong for the precious metals markets, but investor sentiment is at or near rock bottom. He also sees the metals markets as the most manipulated of all markets. From his long experience, David knows that picking a bottom in the metals markets is extremely difficult. Accordingly, his advice in taking a position in either stocks or physical metal is to build your position gradually, and never buy all at once. 

David Saÿen

In this week’s edition of The Lifetime Income Series, Jim and Cathlyn look at the “4% Rule” for retirement withdrawals. They discuss what it is, why it isn’t working, and what you should do instead. Jim also gives a case study on corporate trustees.


Margin debt was recently reported at the third highest in history. This is overwhelmingly the big story for me. The Fed is accomplishing its mission of creating wealth by building yet another bubble ...

Alan Newman

Jim welcomes back technician Alan Newman, editor of Stock Market Crosscurrents. Alan notes that margin debt is at the third highest level in history and QE is the only thing holding markets together.

James J Puplava CFP

In the first Big Picture topic this week, Jim looks at those “Left Behind” in cash since the credit crisis of 2008. Jim notes that those who have remained in cash since 2008 have lost 25% of their purchasing power.

James J Puplava CFP

In this segment, Jim’s first topic is “Are we in a Recession?” Jim discusses a recent ECRI report that says yes, but Jim and The PFS Group say no, at least not yet. Jim notes that 60% of the leading economic indicators are still positive.

scott rickards waterfund

Jim welcomes Scott Rickards, founder and CEO of Waterfund LLC. Waterfund is pioneering a pricing benchmark for fresh water for actuarial purposes. The index will reflect the actual cost of producing and delivering water. The index will also allow for a hedge against the cost of water. Scott believes the index will unlock private capital to invest in water scarcity. Scott sees the users of the index as institutional investors, water retailers (such as water companies, miners and beverage firms) and governments and municipalities.

james koutoulas

Jim is pleased to welcome James Koutoulas of Typhon Capital Management. James has been a leading advocate in fighting to recover $1 billion for customers from the MF Global bankruptcy. James tells Jim that the bankruptcy system is broken, and the regulators are outmanned, out-lobbied and afraid of large financial entities. Furthermore, the media is woefully ignorant on financial matters and lacks true investigative journalists. James notes that by its lack of action, the government has stated, loud and clear, that it will not prosecute “well-connected” criminals.

Bud Conrad

Jim welcomes back Bud Conrad, Chief Economist at Casey Research. Bud lays out his case that federal government policies have distorted the economy, impoverished the middle class and greatly expanded the size of the federal bureaucracy. Bud also discusses how much longer the government can continue these policies, and what is the most likely endgame for a country with way too much debt.

Brian Pretti

Jim welcomes back Brian Pretti CFA, Managing Editor at Brian and Jim discuss the Fed’s current policy of pumping trillions of dollars into the markets. There are legitimate reasons to be pessimistic, but Brian believes you can’t sit on the sidelines when the Fed is aggressively printing money. He sees stocks as not cheap, but not expensive either. They also discuss the Sequester “crisis” which is seen as a phony and manufactured political exercise.