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Bill Powers

Jim is pleased to have Bill Powers, editor of Powers Energy Investor on the program this week. Bill believes a combination of Middle East tensions and central bank money-printing will drive energy prices higher. Bill sees oil stocks as undervalued, with the royalty trusts representing the best value in the sector.

Stan Weinstein

Jim welcomes back technician Stan Weinstein this week. Stan sees the intermediate outlook remaining positive, with any corrections likely to be controlled and fairly brief. He is also bullish on gold, especially once it breaks through $1,925 oz.

James J Puplava CFP

In this segment, Jim takes on two Big Picture topics, "$5 gasoline, the petro business cycle, and the education of Bill O’Reilly" as well as "When crises become catalysts higher stock prices occur." Jim also takes your Q-Calls this segment.

Keith Barron

Jim welcomes back famed geologist Dr. Keith Barron for a wide-ranging discussion this week. Keith discusses junior take-out candidates, why gold is going over $2,000 oz., what you need to know about numismatic coins and why they are appreciating so much, as well as why you should own uranium stocks in your portfolio.

Greg Weldon

Jim welcomes back Greg Weldon, CEO of Weldon Financial, for another wide-ranging discussion. Greg sees Japan cranking up the money-printing in 2012, as a tsunami of sovereign debt matures in Japan. Greg is bullish on gold, as well as commodities, and sees a coming breakout in silver.

Alan K Simpson

Jim welcomes back former United States Senator Alan Simpson to the program. Mr. Simpson sees the spiraling debt and trillion-dollar budget deficits as a problem that must be solved, or America’s finished. His message: "Wake up America!" (CLICK HERE FOR TRANSCRIPT)

Randy Smallwood

Jim is pleased to welcome back Silver Wheaton CEO Randy Smallwood this week. Randy believes that investor demand is the key to the silver story, and the gold/silver ratio will shift to favor silver. In terms of Silver Wheaton, Randy expects growth in silver production to advance by 70% and the dividend payout to triple by the fourth quarter of this year. (CLICK HERE FOR TRANSCRIPT)

Axel Merk

Jim is joined by Axel Merk, Founder and Portfolio Manager at Merk Investments LLC. Axel sees the Federal Reserve and the ECB continuing to print money in staggering amounts, which bodes well for gold.

Frank Barbera

Popular technician Frank Barbera joins Jim on the program this week. Frank sees gold stocks poised for a strong advance and the dollar ready to roll over and move significantly lower. In addition, Ryan Puplava joins John with his market update, and Rob Bernard joins Jim for the Fixed Income Report.

James J Puplava CFP

In his first Big Picture topic this week, Jim looks at the implications of the Greek credit crisis in "Our Big Fat Greek Deficit." Jim also takes your Q-Calls.