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Patrick Nipper

Oct 16 – Cris welcomes Renaissance Macro’s Senior Technical Analyst Patrick Nipper CMT CFA, who offers his technical outlook on stocks, energy, the US dollar, and commodities. Patrick notes that investors should be holding...

Andrew McAfee

Oct 15 – Cris and Andrew discuss his 2014 best-selling book, The Second Machine Age, and the impact of technology on society, the economy, and why it should be at least as profound as the “first machine age” (or Industrial Revolution) since, in this case, we are seeing...

Michael Lewitt

Oct 14 – Earlier this year, Michael Lewitt, author of the widely read newsletter The Credit Strategist, warned our listeners of the coming dangers of negative interest rates, why this destroys the very fabric of capitalism, and how...

John Butler

Oct 13 – Drawing upon Thomas Kuhn's monumental work, "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions," Cris and John discuss his latest article where he argues that the dollar-based monetary order is undergoing a similar process and transition that will lead to...

Frank Iszak

Oct 12 – This week Jim and John combine a number of recent retirement topics, and share the stories of what many retirees have said about their own retirement experience. Hopefully this program will offer you...

James J Puplava CFP

Oct 10 – In this week’s first Big Picture topic, Jim and John discuss how to use fear and volatility to your advantage when it comes to investing. It basically comes down to using the mistakes made by the herd to your benefit.

Tom McClellan

Oct 10 – Jim welcomes back Tom McClellan, Editor of McClellan Financial Publications. Tom’s technical work tells him we are in a bear market pattern which should last until at least April of next year. As a caveat however, he mentions...

Donald Coxe

Oct 9 – Jim welcomes back Donald Coxe, Chairman of Coxe Advisors. In a wide-ranging conversation, they discuss the economic situation in China, and the importance of the US-China relationship. Don also touches on...

Peter Boockvar

Oct 8 – Peter Boockvar of the Lindsey Group explains why he thinks the bull market in US stocks is over and why investors should be looking at contrarian plays like precious metals, commodities, and emerging markets.

Rick Sharga

Oct 7 – Rick Sharga of, the largest online marketplace for US real estate, provides an update on the housing market looking at affordability, interest rates, the impact of resetting home equity loans, rental rates, and more.