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David P Nicoski CMT

Nov 1 – Jim welcomes back David Nicoski CMT, Director of Research at Vermilion Technical Research. Dave believes the market is poised to continue higher and notes that typical market patterns seen at market tops are not in evidence today.

Bo Polny

Oct 31 – Jim welcomes Bo Polny, a precious metals cycle specialist. Bo’s work indicates that the next upcycle in gold will begin in November. Through his work with numbers and cycles, Bo has forecasted a number of significant gold and silver tops and bottoms in the last three years.

Richard Duncan

Oct 30 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Richard Duncan, Chief Economist at Blackhorse Asset Management in Singapore. Richard makes the case that since 2008 credit in the U.S. has been growing at less than 2% a year and the Fed has been printing money to create a wealth effect in financial assets in order to sustain the economy.

Satyajit Das

Oct 29 – Jim welcomes Satyajit Das, Author, Journalist and Commentator at They cover the global macro outlook, and Das sees inflexible economic and political structures in Europe and Japan leading to stagnating growth prospects.

David Marsh

Oct 28 – Cris Sheridan welcomes back David Marsh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of OMFIF (Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum) in London. David explains how the ECB is unlikely to launch a full-scale QE program in Europe with bonds near record highs. The ECB and Bundesbank don't want to run the risk of...

Yolanda York

Oct 27th – This week Jim and John address one of the greatest fears for those in or nearing retirement; outliving one’s assets, or “dying broke”. This is a much more complex subject today, given the current era of financial repression and 0% interest rates, as well as an extremely deep recession and two bear markets within a decade.

James J Puplava CFP

Oct 25 – In Jim’s first Big Picture topic this week, he delves into shareholder yield, and shows why stock buybacks and dividend increases from stock ownership make so much sense in an era of financial repression and zero percent interest rates.

Bert Dohmen

Oct 25 – Jim welcomes back Bert Dohmen, president and founder of Dohmen Capital Research Institute. Bert believes the recent market volatility was mainly caused by high frequency trading. He also sees a lot of leeway for the market to go higher.

Rick Santelli

Oct 24 – Jim welcomes back CNBC’s Rick Santelli, who reports from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Rick notes while the Federal Reserve was never designed to take the place of free markets, investors have to get up and dance as long as the Fed continues to play the music and keep interest rates at historically low levels.

Ben Hunt PhD

Oct 23 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Ben Hunt PhD, Chief Risk Officer at Salient Partners. They discuss the difference between AI (artificial intelligence) and a more cybernetic-oriented view of intelligence, and how we see the latter taking place in the use of Big Data for mass surveillance, tracking, and the prediction of human behavior.