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James J Puplava CFP

May 9 – If you are a parent with high school age children or a grandparent, you are probably thinking about where the kids will go to college, can the family afford it, and will the student be able to get a job when he or she graduates?

James J Puplava CFP

May 7 – In the first Big Picture topic this week, “Stall Speed”, Jim and John cover the recent economic numbers and look to the future. Jim notes that economic growth in recent years has been driven by monetary policy, not fiscal policy.

Tom McClellan

May 7 – Jim welcomes back Tom McClellan, Editor of McClellan Financial Publications. Tom sees the current pull-back in the S&P 500 as healthy, and after the consolidation is over, he believes we will have more market upside lasting into July.

James Bianco

May 6 – Jim Bianco, President of Bianco Research, offers his thoughts on the US election and says that global markets haven’t priced in the possibility of a Trump win. Jim also gives his outlook on gold (bullish), oil (bearish), and explains...

Carl Riccadonna

May 5 – Bloomberg’s Chief US Economist, Carl Riccadonna, tells Financial Sense Newshour that the US economy has years left before another recession, even though it’ll be limping along. In this podcast, he explains his reasons why...

Worth Wray

May 4 – Worth Wray, Chief Economist and Global Macro Strategist for STA Wealth Management, explains how we almost saw a global financial crisis heading into this year, what stopped it, and the ultimate long-term costs this...

Karen Pollack PhD

May 3 – Jim welcomes Karen Pollack PhD, Assistant Vice Provost for Online Undergraduate and Blended Programs at Penn State World Campus. Karen discusses the history of Penn State World Campus, and some of the factors in...

James J Puplava CFP

May 2 – Since the end of WW II, retirement income planning has centered on the three-legged stool of Social Security, Defined Contribution Plans (company pensions) and personal savings. Jim and John discuss the pros and cons of each of these legs...

James J Puplava CFP

Apr 30 – On a special edition of the Big Picture this week, Jim covers the silver markets and fundamentals with David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David makes the point that silver is at last confirming gold’s rise this year...

Jonathan Krinsky

Apr 30 – Jim welcomes back Jonathan Krinsky CMT, Chief Market Technician at MKM Partners. Jonathan notes that the market is extended, and it makes sense to see a pause here. But he also points out the strength of the current rally...