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James J Puplava CFP

Nov 7 – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have made very different proposals when it comes to taxes, healthcare, and a number of issues that have a direct influence on every one of us. Jim Puplava explains the differences in...

James J Puplava CFP

Nov 5 – In today's Big Picture podcast, Jim explains how even though central banks are running the economy, the likelihood for a 2017 recession has increased. Then, Jim provides some investment strategy when the future is...

John Kosar CMT

Nov 5 – After this week's market wrap-up, John Kosar of Asbury Research discusses investor uncertainty ahead of the elections. Kosar gives his overall technical assessment and outlook when looking at fund flows and market sectors.

Carl Wright

Nov 4 – Carl Wright from TrapX discusses the emerging field of deception-based technologies, which are now being used by banks, the healthcare industry, and major corporations within the fifth domain of warfare called...

Pedro Domingos

Nov 3 – Pedro Domingos discusses his must-read book, “The Master Algorithm,” with FS Insider, taking listeners through all the different ways machine learning is impacting our world today, the five different technical approaches being...

Michael Mimoso

Nov 2 – Michael Mimoso of ThreatPost explains what a botnet is and how they are increasingly taking over the Internet of Things.

Jeff Kotterman

Nov 1 – Jeff Kotterman, the Director of the National Association of Sports Nutrition and also the founder of TriSystem, discusses why Americans are facing a “metabolic dilemma” and what that means in terms of exercise (especially corrective exercise), supplements, and nutrition.

James J Puplava CFP

Oct 31 – Healthcare premiums are set to rise next year. Jim Puplava explains what's driving the increases, the expected impacts this will have, three different outcomes for health insurance here in the US, and also goes through some of the financial planning implications.

Robin Griffiths

Oct 29 – Jim welcomes back Robin Griffiths, Chief Technical Strategist at the ECU Group in London, to discuss the Global Investment Roadmap. Robin offers a wide sweeping technical and economic outlook on various global markets and asset classes, highlighting a slowing global economy...

William White

Oct 29 – This is a special reprise edition of FS Insider which originally aired in September. Today we speak with William White, former Chief Economist at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and current chairman of the Economic and Development Review...

Chris Puplava

Oct 28 – PFS Group’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Puplava, offers his outlook on the US economy and discusses some of the topics he'll be presenting at tomorrow's Investment Strategy Conference at the San Diego Marriott in Del Mar.

Evelyn Browning Garriss

Oct 27 – Today, we speak with Evelyn and James Garriss of the Browning World Climate Bulletin to get an update on long-term weather trends and the expected impacts on commodities, the economy, and the world at large.

David Rosenberg

Oct 26 – Gluskin Sheff’s Chief Economist and Strategist, David Rosenberg, offers his outlook on the US economy, possibility for a cyclical upturn, and discusses the large number of political risks in the US and abroad.

Yolanda York

Oct 25 – If you need to apply for Social Security or Medicare, or plan on doing so at some point in the not-too-distant future, Yolanda York at the Social Security Administration explains the steps you need to make and common mistakes...

James J Puplava CFP

Oct 24 – We’ve been talking a lot about taxes lately and hopefully you’ve been paying attention. In today’s podcast, we cover the basics of a Roth IRA and why it can play an important role for minimizing taxes and planning...

James J Puplava CFP

Oct 22 – Our Investment Strategy Conference is taking place next week in San Diego, CA. The theme this year is “Approaching the Peak and the Next Financial Crisis.” Jim shares some of what he’ll be discussing at this free event at the San Diego...

Tom McClellan

Oct 22 – How does the stock market decide who wins this the presidential race this November? Tom McClellan explains why in today’s podcast. Also, Marc Chandler discusses the flash crash in the British Pound and why he’s...

Eric Hadik

Oct 21 – Can market cycles be used to predict certain events? Eric Hadik, editor and publisher of INSIIDE Track and The Weekly Re-Lay, says a cyclical analysis of the British pound helped to predict that the UK would vote to leave...

Lakshman Achuthan

Oct 20 – Lakshman Achuthan, co-founder of the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) and co-author of Beating the Business Cycle, discusses the current outlook for the US and how we are approaching an important turning point. Lakshman also offers...

Peter Boockvar

Oct 19 – Peter Boockvar, Chief Market Analyst for The Lindsey Group, believes we are witnessing the beginning stages of a multi-decade bond bubble that is about to pop. In this interview, Peter discusses the US stock...