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Louise Yamada CMT

Jul 4 - Jim welcomes back Louise Yamada CMT, Managing Director of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors. Louise remains cautious as her indicators show the market may be entering a corrective trend. She believes...

Worth Wray

Jul 3 – China is going to shake the world. Will you be ready? The world’s second largest economy is on the edge of a great transformation… or an epic disaster. It has enormous implications for the global economy either way.

David Rosenberg

Jul 2 – With the potential for a Greek default rattling the markets, what is the growth potential for Europe and the US looking ahead to the second half of the year? Jim welcomes David Rosenberg, Chief Economist & Strategist at...

Steve Hanke

Jul 1 – Greece has been in a deep depression since the financial crisis began and the future now looks even darker. Cris welcomes Steve Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University and a former Senior Economist on...

Steve Keen

Jun 30 – Steve Keen discusses two fundamental flaws of current economic thinking and how market complexity (including the role of money, debt, and banks) are forcing a Copernican Revolution on what some refer to as...

Adam Sherry

Jun 29 – This week Jim and John address The Hamilton Project, a report on retirement issued by the Brookings Institution. Most households in the United States find retirement planning a daunting challenge, with good reason. Rising life...

James J Puplava CFP

Jun 27 – This week on the Big Picture Jim continues the theme that has the market’s undivided attention; the coming rate rising cycle by the Federal Reserve. Much of the economic recovery has centered on Fed policy, which has...

David P Nicoski CMT

Jun 27 – Jim welcomes David Nicoski CMT, Director of Research at Vermilion Technical Research. Dave believes we are in a period of rotation and uncertainty in the overall market, and historically it is likely to continue to move higher.

Frances Coppola

Jun 26 – Greece, like so many other nations and governments after the 2008 financial crisis, received a series of large bailouts as its economy sank into disarray. Now, years later, Greece’s creditors are asking for those loans to be paid back...

Steven Kotler

Jun 25 – Exponential technology is having a major impact on our world. Steven Kotler likens it to an asteroid hitting the earth, “extinguishing the large and lumbering” and “clearing a giant path for the quick and nimble.”