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Kurt H. Wulff CFA

Jim welcomes back Kurt Wulff CFA, Independent Energy Analyst at McDep LLC. Kurt notes that there are still values in the energy sector, but not as many as there used to be. He believes the Canadian oil and gas stocks, as well as...

John Butler

Cris Sheridan, Senior Editor of Financial Sense, welcomes John Butler, Chief Investment Officer at Amphora Commodities Alpha Fund in London. John and Cris discuss recent geopolitical hot spots, and also the other variables that affect the commodity space.

Gary Small Md

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss the fears and worries that many retirees face today and offer some potential solutions. They address some of the real concerns retirees or those nearing retirement must deal with today; outliving their assets, higher inflation, lower returns on their assets, and rising medical expenses.

James J Puplava CFP

Jim’s first Big Picture topic this week is about the Federal Reserve, and how rising oil prices may threaten the Fed’s ability to control rate hikes and it’s taper policies. Jim discusses how high oil prices threaten economic growth. The next topic is a light-hearted Bull vs Bear “Debate” between Jim and John.

Robin Griffiths

Jim is pleased to welcome back Robin Griffiths, Technical Strategist at Cazenove Capital in London. Robin and Jim discuss a wide range of issues including the significant effect of QE on the markets. Robin sees the Federal Reserve “put” as distorting market risk. This is all part of the “new normal” that Robin believes is here to stay.

Marc Faber PhD

Jim welcomes back Marc Faber PhD, of Marc Faber Ltd in Hong Kong, and publisher of the well-known newsletter, The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. Dr. Faber surveys the global macro landscape and is cautious, at best, in his outlook.

Don Coxe

Jim welcomes back Donald Coxe, Chairman of Coxe Advisors LLP in Chicago. Don and Jim discuss the growing geopolitical vacuum as the US is seen as disengaging and ineffective, while Russia, China and Iran become more aggressive.

Eric Janszen

Jim welcomes back Eric Janszen, founder and president of Eric and Jim cover a number of global macro issues including the disruptive geopolitical events in the Middle East and their potential effects on the oil markets. Eric agrees that the US is still the best place to invest, in contrast to Europe or Asia.

Keith Weiner PhD

Cris Sheridan, Senior Editor of Financial Sense, welcomes Keith Weiner PhD, president of Gold Standard Institute USA, and CEO of Monetary Metals. In looking at the futures market, Keith explains there is no evidence for gold manipulation through naked short selling.

Drew Collins Nd

This week on the Lifetime Income Series, Jim is joined by John Loeffler to discuss what are likely your three most important financial decisions; planning for a home, college expenses and retirement.