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Jason Goepfert

May 7 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Jason Goepfert, President and CEO at Sundial Capital Research and publisher of the widely-followed Jason explains what current sentiment data is showing for stocks, bonds, gold and commodities in the weeks and months ahead.

Reva Bhalla

May 6 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Reva Bhalla, VP of Global Analysis at Stratfor, to discuss some of the main geopolitical issues facing investors in the coming months with Greece, China, negotiations between the US and Iran, as well as...

Jared Dillian

May 5 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Jared Dillian, Editor of Bull’s Eye Investor at Mauldin Economics. We’re six years into a bull market and Wall Street traders and brokers are having a hard time making money or even keeping their jobs. Why?

Jeremy Walston Md

May 4 – In a special reprise edition of the Lifetime Income Series, Jim and John cover a topic of great importance to most retirees; retirement plan distributions. The majority of Americans have some kind of retirement plan, whether it is a 401(k), 403(b), 457, IRA or Roth IRA.

Chris Puplava

May 2 – This week Cris Sheridan interviews Chris Puplava. Chris believes the long predicted top in the USD is finally in, and the catalyst is a bottoming in global growth which is likely to have widespread investment implications.

Gary Dorsch

May 2 – Ryan Puplava welcomes technician Gary Dorsch, editor of the Global Money Trends newsletter. Gary discusses the current weakness in the dollar, and its negative effect on the German stock market, as well as his views on...

Ken Goldstein

May 1 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Ken Goldstein, an economist at The Conference Board. The Conference Board’s Leading Economic Index for the US is followed by many market strategists around the globe given its value in...

Dan Steffens

Apr 30 – Jim welcomes Dan Steffens, President of Energy Prospectus Group in Houston. Jim and Dan cover the oil markets, starting with Dan’s assessment of the current price, and where it may go for the balance of 2015. They discuss...

Jim O'Sullivan

Apr 29 – Cris Sheridan welcomes Jim O’Sullivan, Chief U.S. Economist at High Frequency Economics. The US economy has run into a wall in the first quarter in recent years, and it happened again this year. Will the US economy...

John Mauldin

Apr 28 – John Mauldin, Chairman of Mauldin Economics, talks about the “Economic Singularity” and the timeline for when he thinks large unpayable debts around the globe finally come home to roost. He also discusses...